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  1. Bobby stories would be welcome. Seemed like a good dude from what I've read. Lived really hard apparently. He wasn't Carmine Appice or anything technically, but I really liked his playing style/sound and how it fit the tunes.
  2. I thought it was relatively common knowledge, but the song is about getting brownnosed / screwed over by record industry execs/folks. The lyrics make a decent amount of sense from that perspective.
  3. Make it happen. I know he and some of his band (Bobby Chouinard) are from your original neck of the woods - did you run into him/them?
  4. Sounds like you did want to say goodbye and let these songs fade away. Too bad. You'll take your country fried pablum and like it!
  5. Things didn't work out so well for him on Battlestar Galactica. Take that Springfield!
  6. 4 of my 5 BarMitvah albums represented. I really don't think the 5th will show up in this countdown...
  7. All their hits are guilty pleasures in my book. As an aside, their drummer is the drummer I never want to look like when I play.
  8. How can you be the biggest hit of 1981 if you're not played before the opening kickoff of every NFL game?!?!?
  9. Doug Wilkerson, a 3 time all-pro and one of the best offensive linemen in Charger history died on Monday at 73 years old. He was a huge part of Air Coryell, keeping Fouts clean in the pocket.
  10. They got the clue early on. Trump coverage - positive or negative - gets great ratings. So Trump got tons of coverage - positive and negative, depending on the outlet.
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