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  1. Will they dump Badgley for UDFA Alex Kessman?!?! Gear up for riveting preseason drama.
  2. If Rogers goes to the Broncos and Watson is playing for the Texans again, the end of the season could be a problem.
  3. I think 3-4, 4-3 more likely. The only games of the first seven I think they have a high probability of losing are at KC and at BAL. The rest seem like toss ups or better. Definitely will be a good test of how competent the coaching is early on.
  4. Full Schedule: Sunday Sep. 12 at Washington FT 10:00am Sunday Sep. 19 Dallas Cowboys 1:25pm Sunday Sep. 26 at Kansas City Chiefs 10:00am Monday Oct. 4 Las Vegas Raiders 5:15pm Sunday Oct. 10 Cleveland Browns 1:05pm Sunday Oct. 17 at Baltimore Ravens 10:00am Sunday Oct. 24 BYE Sunday Oct. 31 New England Patriots 1:05pm Sunday Nov. 7 at Philadelphia Eagles 1:05pm Sunday Nov. 14 Minnesota Vikings 1:05pm Sunday Nov. 21 Pitsburgh Steelers 5:20pm Sunday Nov. 28 at Denver Broncos 1:05pm Sunday Dec. 5 at Cincinnati Bengals 10:00pm Sunday Dec. 12 New York G
  5. Chargers @DC week 1. Seems like a winnable game, though there is the east coast start time factor.
  6. The video's in Bracie's post. Always enjoy the shots of the band awkwardly standing around in that little room she just vacated.
  7. This is a great run of songs. "On the ground like a wild potato." Is one of those lyrics that makes me laugh every time I hear it, don't know why. I know plenty think it's "underground" and not "on the ground" but that's the way I hear it.
  8. Chargers signed FA DT Christian Covington. Don't know if he's any good, but at least it's an attempt to add some depth up front. Overly enthusiastic odds being posted for the Chargers to win it all IMO. Too many unknowns to have odds like that.
  9. I feel the same. I probably don't need to hear She Blinded Me With Science again, but I'll play the rest of Golden Age of Wireless end to end and never get tired of it. My favorite of his (and I've posted this before - forgive me for repetition), is probably a collaboration he did with George Clinton - Hot Sauce off of Aliens Ate My Buick.
  10. Chargers claim DB Kemon Hall off waivers, invite QB K.J. Costello to camp. Training camp fodder.
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