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  1. Sure. It's going to take a lot of love to make it through this list.
  2. Seems like you've fallen in love with some songs you shouldn't have fallen in love with.
  3. It's all Tom Cruise's fault. Most things are when you think about it.
  4. My wife's watching the Morning Show. I find it dreadful. I can handle a show where you're not really supposed to like any of the characters, but they're all so annoying, entitled, privileged, and running in an industry that isn't exactly one I'm inclined to have any base sympathy for its participants in the first place, I can't bring myself to care about what happens to any of them. Everyone's a selfish over the top ####### all the time - I've got no interest in paying attention to that. Also, and this is coming from someone who thinks Deadwood may have been the best T.V. show of all time, the constant use of the F word is jarringly distracting. Maybe that's how people on the inside of that industry really talk, but I find it inartful dialog. Whereas Milch built vulgarity into this bizarre but compelling Shakespearean style of speaking, and also employed the use of vulgarity or lack thereof as insight into the history and nature of his characters, here it comes off as just extra agitation and noise which the characters/show already have plenty of. I know they're immature maladjusted jerks already, a constant barrage of ####s and ####s just beats things into the ground.
  5. It felt like the heel turn was a bit too sudden, a bit too unearned, though they did try to build to it I don't think they gave it enough time. I understand it's tough to do that in 12 half hour episodes when there are so many other characters and plot lines to develop. I really like the show overall, you have to understand it's a gosh, golly, gee-whiz kind of thing and just go with it - I find it a refreshing alternative to much of what's out there right now.
  6. At this point, in his head, and in his heart, Simmons is not a basketball player. I wonder if he ever was, it seems like he was just taking the path of least resistance and riding his natural abilities as far as that would get him.
  7. I'm not familiar with the Astros pitching staff. Do they have 3 starters, or 3 sets of pitchers that can slow the Red Sox down? Granted, what the Red Sox are doing is ridiculous and I wouldn't expect this many runs per game regardless, but...
  8. Didn't get to see the game yesterday (glad I missed it as it turns out). I've read a few things and seen some "highlights" - anyone who watched have a post mortum to offer here? Seems like some of the things some of us were expressing concern about played into the bad performance.
  9. I thought we'd reached bottom in terms of inanity with the carping about the umpires, and yet...
  10. It was. I think someone posted a graphic showing something similar for DeGrom in one of the baseball threads around here - except it showed DeGrom does that with like 4 or 5 different pitches.
  11. O.k. so now they released Nate Hall, re-signed Andrew Brown (DLine - the guy they released this week to sign Hall), and also signed OT Foster Sarell. I don't know that any of those moves mean a whole lot except indicating Tranquill's injury isn't too bad and he'll probably only miss this week's game.
  12. Yeah, it'd be great to have James and Bosa available for most of the season. I hope they learned from last week and manage Bosa's snaps a bit more closely. He was completely gassed by the end of the game.
  13. Anyways... Aboushi is gone for the season. The Chargers signed Senio Kelmente off the 49ers practice squad. I guess some of the staff knows him from his days with the Saints. They also signed LB Nate Hall as it looks like Tranquill will miss this week's game with a pec injury.
  14. I'd expect the bolded to change, significantly, this week. I haven't seen the Ravens this year, I would have thought their defense would be better than you imply. If it is indeed not as good as years past, I'll have some hope the Chargers can win this one. Otherwise I'm thinking it's a Ravens win.
  15. The BMW / Alexa "can you stop time" commercial. The actors are bad, but the main sticking point is for whatever reason it annoys me that the kid in the house doesn't look anything like the parents in the car. Maybe he's adopted? Maybe they're not the parents at all but were playing their dance mix on the way to a home invasion and got caught by a 9 year standing at the window? It angers me that I spent enough time thinking about these possibilities in response to a friggin car / universal surveillance service commercial.
  16. I think Daboll is worth a look. He was one of a few I was hoping the chargers would hire.
  17. There are still several good candidates out there. Sounds like the raiders are avoiding the pitfall of moving Bradley up at least.
  18. I think, as others have already mentioned, this helps the raiders long term. As a charger fan I know I was happy to see them give gruden that 10 year deal.
  19. Maybe Bills, Chiefs, Cardinals, 49ers, cowboys, . Right now the Ravens and buccaneers are better, probably the browns and the Rams too. These are not firm convictions though.
  20. Haven't really thought about it. At this point, now that I'm out of ff, I really only know much about the chargers, I'm not paying much attention to other squads. I just know the weaknesses the chargers have now are chronic, spanning a decade. I think there's room for both optimism and criticism in relation to managements approach to the season.
  21. I'm totally being greedy - unapologetically. They're performing beyond expectations (mine anyway) so far. Given that, there's an opportunity here to not just make the playoffs, but advance IF they're strong enough across the board. The complaint I'm making is that they had obvious glaring deficiencies heading into the roster assembly portion of the season, and failed to address some of them at all, some not to the fullest extent possible. There's no guarantee that the DLine would be better if they'd played 3rd round roulette with some DTs instead of using those picks on positions they didn't really need and on guys that were reaches as well - but at least they'd have more options. As @Just Win Baby mentioned they left cap space on the table too. That's the lament. They do have a bright future, but with a little more front office acumen, the future could have been like right now. In the NFL you have to be prepared to take the opportunities when they're there. The future is never certain.
  22. 4-1 Woohoo!?!? 250 rushing yards given up Aboushi with a likely ACL injury. You know me, way more into the cloud than the silver lining. The dline sucks. It's criminal the front office didn't do more to shore it up in the offseason. And now we're heading back into Pipkins territory with the OL injuries - more front office failure. And then there's the ongoing kicker It's great the Herbert and the offense keep winning games, but eventually the lack of help in the other phases will catch up to them. Eventually they won't pick up one of these 4th downs and things'll be grim. And it's not a surprise either - they obviously didn't put enough emphasis on that stuff again this offseason, instead drafting 4th tight ends and 5th WRs. I'll leave it to the rest of you to say happy things about this win. No way I thought the Chargers would be 4-1 at this point.
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