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  1. Greg Rosenthal ranks Telesco 11th in his NFL GM power rankings. For some context about 10 GMs are unranked as they're new or on a new team.
  2. Who, if any, are likely trade down partners? Or is it just wait and see who panics on draft day to move up and reach for their guy?
  3. Technically, Dale herself was in Zappa's band as she did some vocals on Joe's Garage. Coincidentally Cuccurullo and O'Hearn played on that album too, but ex-husband Terry Bozzio didn't. Vinnie Colaiuta was the drummer on that one. At one point in the song "Catholic Girls" she name drops Warren and Vinnie (but not Terry) as Catholic Boys.
  4. Patrick O'Hearn (bass) also played in Zappa's band. On the flip side of Cuccurullo playing with Duran Duran, Terry Bosio played on Andy Taylor's solo album back in 86. Terry Bosio is one of the best drummers of all time that most people don't think of when talking about best drummers of all time. A drummer's drummer. The stuff he does with electronics is almost beyond drumming actually. For fun, it's worth checking out the video of their US festival gig. The sound quality isn't great, but Dale's outfit is.
  5. It wasn't as record breaking weird as this, but Talen Horton Tucker somehow had 11 assists last night, more than twice as much as any other Laker.
  6. I have no faith that Telesco will fix the offensive line through the draft. His track record indicates he's not capable of it.
  7. My favorite is probably Couple Days Off. Some nice guitar riffs/solos in there. I really enjoy the break towards the end with the acoustic guitar, they let that breathe the perfect amount of time before jumping into another nice solo. I've always thought Back In Time was one of the better made for soundtrack songs of the 80's. Pretty funky for these guys.
  8. A very plush lounge lizard version of Let's Dance by Roisin Murphy on the Jools Holland Hootnany from a few months back. Somehow they got Patrick MacNee on drums. Smooth.
  9. Forrest Lamp G signs with the Bills. I'm sure he'll never miss another game to injury the rest of his career now that he's not a Charger anymore, and in 2025 people will be making fun of the Bolts for letting him go.
  10. Man, I just went back and looked - nobody in here posted anything about Westbrook's 35, 21, 14, triple double last week. On the one hand, what the hell are we doing in here to gloss over something like that? On the other, at least we're not Stephen A. Smith.
  11. The other guy was Jack McKinney. Riley was Chick Hern's color commentator on the simulcasts at the time, then got an assistant coaching gig when Westhead became HC. A pretty crazy career path.
  12. An ownership transfer from the Spanoses to Bezos would be the greatest day in Charger history. That means it will never happen. Still rooting for Dea to get the Spanoses away from my favorite team.
  13. My favorite tune of theirs (and here the word "favorite" is being used very loosely) is Antarctica. Still poppy, but with more edge than those two bigger hits.
  14. I love Dickenson's voice in small doses. But I can't listen to him for hours on end. Still a great band. When I think of metal it's these guys, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath - then everyone else.
  15. Kalen Ballage signed with the Steelers. I figure the Chargers will need to bring in another RB somehow as Jackson and Kelly don't seem like a sufficient backup plan behind Ekeler. The Chargers signed Ryan Smith, ST/CB - 1 year 1.75M. Hope he can help spiff up the ST units.
  16. The Lakers have had trouble generating offense with the 2nd unit. I figure they'll see if he can help with that.
  17. Getting Linsley is a good start. I'm not sure about Fieler and Aboushi. Aboushi seems like a journeyman to me, not sure he's much of an upgrade over what they had last year. Feiler may be, but his body of work so far doesn't blow me away. Anyway, I was just talking about Williams. If you're a good GM you don't overpay for mediocrity just because some other teams are doing so in the open market - which is what that whole list looks like to me. I'd have liked to have seen the Chargers spend Williams's money on the lines (I'm still not sold on Joseph for instance, and they're moving to a 3-
  18. In other news, the Chargers sign Chase Daniels QB, terms unknown right now. Woo hoo?
  19. I don't recall too many of us Charger fans in here being thrilled with the Williams pick when it happened. I know I wasn't. For the most part I feel the same. He's been o.k. He's not worth $15.7M - the notion that other teams are overpaying for mediocre receivers so it's a good idea for the Chargers to do the same isn't a persuasive argument. We don't have to come up with every possible permutation of how else the Chargers could be spending that money to feel comfortable with this position either.
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