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  1. Hi..Please send my refund to the PayPal acct I sent to you.
  2. We can always have less teams this year. Those that plan on playing in ‘21 but not during “Coronaball” can give us their keepers before the auction and they will be frozen. Just an idea. Also rolling rosters over is fine too.
  3. I’m in and whatever the majority wants to do is fine with me.
  4. Yay. Everyone-Stay safe in these crazy times. Rodg- The email for you on yahoo is that the paypal email? Thanks.
  5. Keepers $102 S. Perez 2/8 R. Zimmerman 2/4 A. Rizzo 5/32 M. Moustakas 2/8 J. Bruce 2/10 N. Walker 2/6 JD Martinez 5/16 Y. Puig 2/3 D. Lamet 2/4 K. Herrera 4/11
  6. ESPN Sports and U of Georgia grad Mark Schlabach is a poor journalist! He ripped a whole college program and community(University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ) apart with heresay. Maybe University of Georgia should do a better job teaching journalism. Also ESPN analyst and former Duke Assistant Chris Spatola who is Coach K.'s son in law gave out some wrong info too. These "journalists" need to think better because they can ruin lives. I am not saying nothing happened but we don't know if something did or did not because no one heard the tapes or read a transcript of the tapes.
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