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  1. @hooter311whats the play with BTC related plays? Take some profits once it crosses $xx,xxx and expect a pullback at some point to rebuy cheaper?
  2. Thanks for the response. Do you think the miners have long term value or where does this end for them once a lot of the coins have been mined? Do they switch to other coins, do they make money in crypto trading or otherwise? For Ethereum, does HVBTF give you the right exposure (I believe it's ETH and BTC) or would you recommend something else? The other three are crypto/sympathy plays and they're really on the list thinking they could benefit from the run up as sympathy plays. Anything with crypto headlines just seems to go the last couple weeks. I can't imagine they'd be
  3. @hooter311thanks to some of your suggestions I’ve done quite well on crypto/btc related stocks this year. That said, I’m trying to simplify my portfolio and I’d like to reduce my list by a couple. Thoughts on which ones you hold vs let go? The main ones I have are GBTC, RIOT, HBVTF, and SI. Some lesser known crypto/sympathy plays that I have are SINO, EQOS, and NXTD.
  4. Buy 2/12 puts? Just looked, 2/12 $65 puts going for around $7.60. So in my opinion they’re fairly expensive and some of this is already priced in.
  5. It means that TD with their think or swim platform and a number of others had “scheduled maintenance” and other “issues” today during market hours while stock prices on these plays tanked. It was suspected that they were playing favorites with the big money. I know I couldn’t make trades on fidelity for an hour or two. People are pissed at Robinhood for similar. I believe some are flocking to Webull now. In general it fits the narrative that the average Joe is sick of the .01% screwing them. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend finding the Chamath interview on CNBC today. That dud
  6. And do you think that’s a load of garbage?
  7. Literally means nothing but a potential buying opportunity. Over 1.2 BILLION shares traded today. Less than 1% are AH.
  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. That’s completely bull crap and you and everyone else knows it. THE MAN lost and swung his big stick in a hissy fit. I bet WSB and others swing back hard tomorrow. Chamath, Barstool Sports, Elon Musk, and millions of others think so.
  9. That’s what it’s looking like. Up big last couple days, HUGE volume.
  10. RVP been on a run but the need for syringes is very real. Will be adding on any dips
  11. Yeah, HVBTF, SI, GBTC, and HUTMF have been quite ugly to look at on my screen the last 2 days.
  12. If it wasn’t for the $50 fee I would have probably sold 25% today, but decided to hold instead. Anyone with price targets here?
  13. In UVXY, getting real close to $10 again
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