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  1. Yeah, HVBTF, SI, GBTC, and HUTMF have been quite ugly to look at on my screen the last 2 days.
  2. If it wasn’t for the $50 fee I would have probably sold 25% today, but decided to hold instead. Anyone with price targets here?
  3. In UVXY, getting real close to $10 again
  4. sounds like basically the same thing but a lower expense ratio, or do I have that wrong? is there info available on how both GBTC and OBTC are valued/what % of a bitcoin they represent? I thought I read OBTC would be around 25% of GBTC but not sure how accurate that is.
  5. I can’t. What type of account did you buy in?
  6. I know nothing about this, but just looked and tin is around $9/lb or $18,000/ton currently, so that price point to develop new reserves doesn’t seem like a huge increase, unless I’m misunderstanding.
  7. Including employer matching, 529s, IRAs, etc probably $4-5 grand. Not sure what I’m doing on the IRAs yet...considering maxing mine and my wife’s now vs averaging through the year.
  8. One of the things id like to improve on this year is portfolio management/cleanliness. I imagine many of you have multiple accounts like I do (401k, iras, taxable, etc) and it gets burdensome to look through them all and I’m certain if my investments were more organized I’d benefit from it. Do any of you have specific strategies you follow? Long term stuff only in taxable accounts? Boom or bust home run plays in Roth to avoid taxes if it takes off? Set it and forget it mutual funds in certain accounts so that you don’t look at those very often? Deploy all your free cash from
  9. Agreed. Thanks @hooter311. You mentioned a crypto write up a little while back. Did you ever get around to that? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on owning coin vs miners, if it’s worth buying at these levels or if you would expect a pull back, etc.
  10. Don’t feel too bad, I don’t think people doubling up on the year is the norm (at least I hope not or I’ll feel extra horrible 😂). When you guys calculate your returns on the year or from the bottom do you include contributions in there or somehow exclude them? Also for anyone who has more or less doubled up, did you have a high % in a stock that was a 10 bagger, just kill it across the board on 40 different stocks this year, day trade the heck out of it, or something else?
  11. The answer is probably average in. Buy 25% or so now and fill it in in jan and feb. keep in mind I normally don’t follow my own advice.
  12. Agreed, @Bamboo Bill please let us know if your friend picks up any other stocks in his algorithm!
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