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  1. God, I remember playing a ton of Roblox when it first came out in the 2000s. Funny to see it become so popular over the last few years. Definitely going to try and get in on the IPO, might even have to play a little bit to see how the game has changed.
  2. In dollar terms, yesterday was my worst day ever. My losses so far today are 60% bigger than yesterday. Going to stop checking the markets until the dust settles, I think.
  3. I guess Lucid announced some production delays to boot. All happened during the 6-8 pm timeframe when Robinhood users are locked out of AH trading. Brutal.
  4. I think @Slapdash was big on banks and energy, haven't seen him in a while though. Hope all is well. Thanks for the tip on BNKU by the way, already up 22% despite the broader market dumpster fire.
  5. I've always shied away because of the price, but at some point I'm going to have to break down and try some. Heard so many people rave about it.
  6. SPACs are saving me today too. My SPAC account is green.
  7. @TripItUp Since you like DNMR, have you looked into AACQ? SPAC merging with Origin Materials, a company that’s also in the green plastics space. Just announced the acquisition last week and currently trading at $13. I’m holding this one as well.
  8. Picked up some of this at 10.60 a few weeks ago and it’s paid off. Given the performance of other space-related SPACs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it climb to the low-mid 20s over the next several months.
  9. Looking on twitter, seems like there's a rumor that GSAH, not CCIV, will be getting Lucid Motors? Can’t find the source of the rumor, just a thousand people saying that there is a rumor.
  10. For me, the answer was "spite." I finally couldn't take it any more and got out a couple days ago. Huge relief.
  11. Added some SVOK warrants at $1.815. The other day I also picked up some ROCC and BWAC, more sustainability SPAC plays.
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