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  1. Woof, just saw that a lot of the commons are down to $4 (and with so many asks at that level, you really need to list at $3 to sell). We’re on the cusp of the base packs becoming -EV, and this week’s reservation pack drop might be what pushes the market into that territory. Keeping packs sealed definitely seems like the smart move now — any clue when we’ll be able to sell them in the marketplace? Long term it feels like we’re headed towards the equilibrium seen in the sports card market, where the only moments worth much of anything will be those of top-tier rookies and the limited editi
  2. DFS was also really popular in here last spring, currently at 4.5X its pandemic lows. Traded away all my CCL/BLMN/MGM but at least I held onto that one.
  3. A small number of folks have been able to withdraw, but the site is in beta and it's not available to most people yet. I think the only reason people trust it is that the NBA is involved. Only funded my account with 15 bucks though, so if something happens I guess it's not the end of the world.
  4. Shams Charania @ShamsCharania Pelicans star Zion Williamson has a fractured left ring finger and will be sidelined indefinitely, team says. 4:04 PM · May 7, 2021
  5. There's quite a bit of variance but I've made money on every pack so far. Right now the crappiest base moments are going for $5, so with a $9 3-moment base pack your worst case scenario is turning a $6 profit (minus marketplace fees). This is probably going to change soon though as they continue to pump out more packs. My most lucrative moment was a 3-digit serial Trae Young moment that I found in a base pack and sold for $100.
  6. Michael Carter-Williams dunk # 4,691 / 35k James Harden assist # 15,586 / 35k Chuma Okeke dunk # 29,511 / 35k Wish my low serial was Harden or the rookie and not MCW ( ) but overall it looks like I'll get my money back again.
  7. No synergies? Seems like a bad sign IMO.
  8. I think I agree that patents are one of the problems with inadequate vaccine supply but probably not the binding constraint right now. We should probably be spending a lot more money ramping up vaccine production capacity. Nevertheless, I'm big fan of Bernie's prizes-not-patents legislation and I'm not going to miss this golden opportunity to plug it again. Doling out prize money for good inventions and then releasing that IP into the public domain would help increase supply and bring down costs of drugs for consumers while maintaining profit incentives for pharma companies. My guess is that t
  9. I think I'm only down 5.5% from my highs but it feels much worse. Fidelity should allow you to hide certain positions from view on your account page, I'd like to forget about BLDP and FLGT for a while and revisit in a few years.
  10. The ghost of Mfootguy is following me around as well. (Also, I've periodically been unable to like posts. Not sure if related)
  11. I’ve been getting the same error today (a few people posted about it in Joe’s moderation thread). Gotta wonder what Mr. Footguy did to get suspended so hard it broke the website.
  12. I’m getting it too. For the record, mods, I’m not the footguy.
  13. Had some serious deja vu with Nash not calling a timeout during an 18-1 Bucks run. Atkinson did this routinely, always let situations get out control. Get well soon Harden! P.S. Jordan is bootycheeks.
  14. Since you watch a lot of Wizards ball, what are your thoughts on Avdija? The box score stats seem to indicate a disappointing season but I don't think I actually saw him play at all. At the very least, did it look like he has a place in the NBA? Asking for a friend who "lucked" into an autographed rookie card of his.
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