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  1. Ran 6 miles at 9:32 pace this afternoon and my foot is holding up. Diet was solid outside the couple cookies I snacked on tonight. Had a couple beers while making dinner but still registered some excellent BP numbers tonight. Also had to tighten my belt another notch today.
  2. This is definitely the busiest I've ever seen the thread. Love to see it. Was a hectic day and almost forgot to post. My foot legitimately began to hurt again yesterday, but the compression sleeve arrived and is making a huge difference. Significantly reduced the pain immediately after putting it on. Ran 4 easy miles at 9:29 pace this morning and felt a little bit of soreness around lunchtime, but that's about it. The next big test will be my 6-miler scheduled for tomorrow. Diet has been very solid the last couple days, no major slipups. Blood pressure is the main indicator I'm worried about and alcohol seems to have the biggest effect on it, so I'm trying to zero in on an appropriate booze limit for myself. The week of 9/20 I had 7 or 8 drinks and that was too many. Last week I just had 2 and was fine. Going to try 4 drinks this week and see where I'm at on Monday (that's right, the beer I'm sipping on right now is for research purposes). Hope everyone else is doing well!
  3. Did another 4 easy miles at 9:28 pace and the foot is still holding up. Every so often I’ll get a small twinge of pain and think “OMG it’s back” but it never lasts. This thing has gotten to my head a little bit. Ordered a foot compression sleeve last night just to be safe. Diet has been uneventful which is always good. Measured my BP for the first time in a week, stone cold normal. Have a scheduled rest day tomorrow and then will get back to grinding (at a slow, responsible pace) on Thursday. Good to see some momentum picking up in here.
  4. Who let these Negative Nancies in here? I’ve been a regular in this thread for a whole 4 months and have already seen some incredible success stories. There’s definitely no shortage of effort around here. I also haven’t met a single health & fitness guru who hasn’t had a down week, a cheat day, a lack of motivation from time to time. Go on r/AdvancedRunning and you’ll find marathon runners making the same kind of Struggling With Motivation, Rough Week, Time to Rebound posts. What makes them top 1% athletes is that they DO rebound from those rough stretches, get back on track, and start kicking ### again. That’s what this thread helps us do. It’s harder to fall off the horse completely when there are some e-strangers out there waiting for a good report from you. It seems like a lot of us have gotten tripped up recently, but we’ll be back at it soon enough. Just a matter of time.
  5. Felt great to run again today, did 4 easy miles at 9:38 pace. Foot seemed to hold up well but I’m still a bit nervous — foam rolling and stretching it a ton just to make sure. This pain initially showed up the day after a workout, so if I wake up tomorrow feeling good I think I can safely resume all easy runs. Diet yesterday was actually passable! I’m getting back on track again, something I probably say in here at least once a month.
  6. I need to get running again, I hate this ####### elliptical. Perversely, my lack of running seems to have made it easier for me to just say "F it" and slip up on the diet stuff too. Ugh. On the bright side, my foot is feeling good enough that I might try running again soon. It didn't start hurting until that really fast run on Tuesday, so this week I'll see if I can get away with doing my usual ~16 miles just at 100% easy pace -- no quick stuff. Fingers crossed.
  7. Foot is already feeling a bit better today, but I'm definitely going to wait until it's 100% before running again. Was able to work out on the elliptical pain-free so I did that for 30 minutes. A lot less enjoyable than running, but better than nothing. On the diet side, things are going alright. My sugar intake has been a bit higher than I'd like, but nothing too crazy. Coming up on 2 weeks without booze. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  8. After yesterday's workout I was feeling super happy about my running progress, so naturally I started experiencing some foot pain today. Symptoms / area of pain make it seem a lot like tendonitis. Don't want this to become a big problem, so I think I need to cancel my running plans for the rest of the week at least. At the same time I don't want to lose the cardio fitness I've developed thus far, so I might try training on an elliptical (as long as I can do so painlessly) until this is healed. Huge bummer.
  9. Ate well and avoided booze yesterday. Tempo run this morning, 4 miles at 7:35 pace — I have a rest day scheduled for tomorrow and then some easy mileage on Thursday/Friday. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  10. Diet over the last couple days wasn't perfect, but I avoided booze and kept my BP steady. For a weekend, that's good enough. Put in another 4 easy miles at 9:41 pace this morning, hoping to make tomorrow my quick run.
  11. Avoided booze yesterday but had a little too much sodium and way too much sugar. I brought 20 cookies to a meeting yesterday and nobody really ate them—so I came back home with 15 and ate quite a few after dinner. I cannot have that stuff in the house. This morning I ran 6 miles at 9:46 pace though, putting me at 17 miles for the week. Knees/legs/etc. feeling good, shooting for 18 next week.
  12. Diet was very good and I avoided booze these last couple days. Put in another easy 4 miles at 9:49 pace this morning. Can already tell this new running plan is way easier on my legs, barely feel sore after most of my workouts.
  13. Used this calculator to determine that my "easy pace" right now is between 9:42 and 10:40, so this morning I did my 3 miles at 9:45 pace. Diet yesterday was good. BP had crept up after all my indulgences last week, but it was almost back to normal again yesterday. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  14. We've now filled that hole at SG on the all-covid team! PG: Kyrie SG: Beal SF: Wiggins PF: MPJ C; Isaac I think these guys could be serious contenders (if they were allowed to play in all 50 states).
  15. Thanks! Legs are feeling fresh after my recovery week, and it's nice to see the pace drop. Pretty solid improvement over my first 4-mile run (8:31 pace) just 25 days ago. That being said, I've been reading more about running plans and it seems like I actually need to take the pace down a few notches. I keep reading that 80-90% of your weekly mileage should be at an easy pace, and lately I've only been doing 40% or so (and even those "easy" runs have been a bit too fast). Going to try and fix that this week, since this is probably another factor in my "random" knee pain. With 4 fast miles already in the books, I think I'm relegated to easy runs for the rest of the week.
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