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  1. My SPAC account is an ugly, ugly sight at the moment. May try lowering my cost basis on some of them, I suppose.
  2. For anyone interested in (a little bit of) free money, FPAC and ETAC are trading below $10.
  3. Powell needs to get in front of a camera and say “stonks go up” ASAP. He’s our only hope.
  4. I see three big ones — March ‘20, Oct ‘20, Jan ‘21. That support line also held last week, although the “bounce” we got wasn’t very durable. I dunno.
  5. There’s been a “support” trendline that the S&P has bounced off of repeatedly over the last year. We’re approaching that line again and don’t want to fall through it.
  6. Adam Mancini @AdamMancini4 Quite a critical point here in #ES_F: At 3800-3805 we are once again testing the perfect rising trendline that has controlled the entire uptrend from the 2020 low (shown below). If it can't take off here, it would be the 1st important support break in a year, opening 3760, 3710. https://twitter.com/AdamMancini4/status/1367289273876176898
  7. Hey, I own some of that! Sentiment around SPACs has cooled off so much that I'll be really interested to see what kind of a pop this produces. If SPACmania isn't actually dead, this last week has been littered with fantastic buying opportunities. HZON was regarded as one of the better-managed SPACs and it closed at $10.12 today. Plenty of other good ones essentially trading at NAV.
  8. Update: Pretty tasty! I think I was most impressed with how fresh it tasted. I tried a spoonful of Rao’s and a spoonful of our usual Classico sauce to compare, and the Classico tasted noticeably artificial when put up against the good stuff.
  9. Alright, I have acquired the sauce: https://imgur.com/a/nurR75x Making spaghetti & meatballs with roasted broccoli tonight.
  10. The crazy thing about unpaid internships is that on average, they don't really help kids get better jobs or better pay once they graduate. The data on this is pretty damning: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/06/do-unpaid-internships-lead-to-jobs-not-for-college-students/276959/
  11. Up 3.5%. Still haven't recovered my losses from February but today was a lot of fun.
  12. Boulevard Single-Wide IPA KC Bier Hefeweizen Drumroll APA Really enjoyed all 3.
  13. Yeah, the only one I've lost quite a bit on is IPOE. Violated my own "don't buy above $11" rule and paid dearly. Should be fine long term, though.
  14. It's kind of depressing, seems like CCIV really shot a hole through the SPAC bubble (and the broader market downturn didn't help, either). Keeping all my SPACs for now though, I still believe!
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