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  1. GF’s bday was yesterday—went apple picking and ate a few homemade apple cider donuts, and finished the day off with some awesome pizza and cocktails. Fun day but I felt pretty crappy this morning. Ran 4 miles at 7:54 pace to get back on track.
  2. Saw Glass Animals in KC last night and it was fantastic. Huge crowd and high energy throughout. The band seemed to think so too.
  3. Well that's interesting timing. Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn Minnesota has dismissed GM Gersson Rosas, team says. 2:10 PM · Sep 22, 2021 All is well!
  4. Diet yesterday was great until I made my gf’s birthday dessert (chocolate chip cookies). I intentionally did not keep track of how much dough I ate during the process. Ran 4 miles at 8:00 pace this morning to burn some of that off.
  5. Diet was neither good nor bad this weekend. Overdid it a bit on snack foods but stuck with my usual healthy meals. My gf's birthday is this week, so there's definitely some booze & restaurant food in my future. Given all that, it might not be the best idea to also make this an exercise recovery week, but that is what I'm doing. I finally charted my running mileage totals and I think I'm absolutely due for a cutback week. Week of June 6 - July 11: Power walking only July 12: 2 miles run July 19: 3 mi July 26: 4.5 mi August 1: 6 mi August 8: 2 mi (vacation) August 15: 8 mi August 22: 9 mi August 29: 16 mi (!!) September 5: 16 mi September 12: 16 mi Had no idea I made such a sudden jump to 16 miles during the week of the 29th. No wonder I complained about my knees "randomly beginning to hurt again" that week. Plan is to only do a couple runs this week, maybe ~8 miles total, with some leg & core strengthening exercises on my rest days. Can go to 17 miles next week and slowly increase from there if everything's feeling good. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  6. Definitely CEH. Was hard to blame him for struggling last year given KC's terrible OL, but with the new line he's once again looking like a replacement-level RB. Goes down easy, doesn't create many missed tackles or get many yards after contact. Starting to look like another black mark on Brett Veach's draft record.
  7. My advice is to join a free cook group on Discord. Twitter bots and in-stock alerts from the store are pretty slow and sometimes don’t even catch the hot products that go in and out of stock in 10 seconds. A lot of Discord groups have retail monitors that can ping you the instant a product goes live. Still no guarantee you hit anything — the vast majority of people in my group missed out on Donruss this week — but it can increase your odds. If you’re interested, I can probably get you (and any other interested readers here) an invite to the group I’m in.
  8. Could be, or maybe it’s true and he was trying to craft an alibi? He made sure to tell the driver he’d been camping by himself for a few days, and giving her $200 would make it more memorable. I dunno.
  9. I'm really looking forward to Optic BB, praying that the stock quantities are big. For high-demand products, it seems like any stock smaller than 40k has become really hard for manual users to hit. Bots gamed the RedCard Exclusive system so badly that Target gave up on it. It's a constant cat and mouse game, and the big companies are almost always a step behind the smaller and more flexible bot developers.
  10. It's a grind. I don't bother getting up on Mondays, but they really like to drop between Tuesday and Thursday. 6 of the last 8 drops have been on Wednesday: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1arab-D12ETv7-323v-VTneVSffKqjzmaUzZ7oRvp3mI/edit?usp=sharing I got 3 Donruss blasters from this week's drop and opened 2 last night--major letdown. The rookie QBs I pulled were Sam Ehlinger, Kyle Trask, and Kellen Mond. Got a cool 1/25 Devin Singletary tri-color patch card, but it's not game-worn. No other cards were even worth putting in a toploader. Yuck.
  11. Diet yesterday wasn’t bad but could’ve been better. Didn’t really have dinner and was just grazing on snack food all evening. Also found 1 lonely beer at the back of the fridge and drank it. Ran 6 miles at 9:01 pace this morning, then proceeded to buy a pastry and some sugary mocha concoction at the local coffee shop. Fridays have consistently been my worst diet days lately. As long as my BP stays in a healthy range I won’t beat myself up too much though, that’s the main indicator I’m worried about at this point. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  12. Right in the middle, and it’s in the muscles not the spine itself (which is why I’m not too concerned at the moment). Bending over to stretch really hurts but does make it feel a bit better afterwards.
  13. No issues with my diet the last couple days, and ran 3 miles this morning at 7:50 pace. Blood pressure is keeping steady at 115/75. My back has felt extremely sore after these last couple runs, which is new. Might be a posture thing, might be an overuse thing, not sure. Trying lots of stretches but I may just be due for a recovery week before increasing my mileage further. Need to keep reminding myself that sustainability > short-term results.
  14. Diet was aces yesterday and I ran 4 miles at 8:01 pace this morning. Planning to give my legs some rest tomorrow before getting back at it on Thursday. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  15. Diet wasn’t atrocious this weekend but there were some big slip-ups. Went to a buddy’s house to watch some football on Saturday and I was able to resist the temptation of the unhealthy gameday snacks, but I wasn’t able to say no when he offered me a beer. Was only 1 drink and my BP is still at healthy levels, but I’m still kicking myself over that. I also got a couple bags of Sun Chips at the store after seeing that they were relatively low-sodium (110 mg per 16-chip serving). 1 serving may be low sodium, but an entire bag isn’t, and that’s what I ate during last night’s SNF game. Anyway, I ran 3 miles this morning at 7:51 pace and will be focusing on better portion control with my snacks. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  16. Last year we tried the Bud Light Christmas variety pack — I think it had Cranberry, Apple Crisp, Ginger Snap, and Peppermint Patty. The peppermint patty one was predictably horrible but the rest weren’t bad at all IMO.
  17. Ran 6 miles at 8:39 pace this morning, putting me at 16 miles for the week. Probably had too much sugar yesterday (tried one of Starbucks’ new seasonal drinks and there were 45 grams in a medium!) but overall my diet was solid. Feels good to be back in the swing of things once again. And way to go @GregR, those are some phenomenal improvements!
  18. Yeah, I need to do a better job stretching as well. Falls by the wayside too often as I rush to shower/eat/get to work after my runs. Took this morning off to give my legs/knees a rest, but plan on doing some hip strengthening exercises this afternoon. I'm beginning to suspect they're to blame for some of my knee pain. Diet was great again yesterday and I finished off the last beer in the fridge. Back to special occasions only now.
  19. Ran 6 miles at 8:59 pace this morning. Everything is sore now. Other than the 2 beers with dinner, my diet yesterday was great -- hope everyone else is doing well! 👍
  20. 8:19 pace during this morning’s 4-mile run. Back on the horse we go.
  21. Did another 4 mile run this morning at 8:21 pace, putting me at 16 miles for the week. Solid week for exercise but let’s not talk about the diet side. That part should go back to normal once I return home from the funeral. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  22. My knees are full of surprises. Was able to knock out a 4-mile run at 8:31 pace this morning with virtually no pain. Seems like they hurt if I exercise too much but also hurt if I do too little. Rest days like yesterday are when they often feel the worst. Who knows. Got a 12-pack of beer last night but only drank 2. Going to work through it over the next several days and then return to my special-occasions-only plan.
  23. Rough week. My grandmother had been doing better but suddenly passed away this morning. The 3-week no booze streak will likely end tonight. My knee pain is back as well, so I may have to nix my next couple workouts. We'll see. Recorded some outstanding BP numbers last night, so I have that going for me at least. I'll be back on the horse soon enough.
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