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  1. What's funny is Sony is waving this around saying "Look at what we're going to launch" while everyone else is going "yeah, yeah. leave us alone. We're amazed with this 3DS that Nintendo has." I believe they've already written off the PSP2. The iPhone is #2 in mobile gaming right now.What's odd to me is that everyone is going gaga for the 3DS yet no one seems to care that the PS3 can bring 3D games right into your living room, on your new (overpriced) 3D TV. These games have a ton more content, features and scope than anything you'll ever sniff on the 3DS. 3DS just has a smaller screen t
  2. SOCOM releases in April. Killzone 3 launches Feb 22nd.KZ3 is the one I'm most looking forward to...even with the future weapons. It's going to be our version of Halo (or as close as we can get)... and it can be played in 3D which I've done and which is pretty cool.
  3. If the Hawks can't break through with this dominating pressure then every Chicago fan will know how us Sharks fans felt in the first periods of G1 and G3 of the WCF. Chicago is playing out of their minds but don't have a tally to show for it.
  4. Do we think the Finals will start Friday if the game ends as it is right now or do they wait until the weekend? Flyers are playing really well right now and maybe a Chicago sweep isn't a forgone conclusion.
  5. Any nervousness about the possible Hossa curse? I don't think there is any chance you guys can lose the SCF but weirder things have happened.
  6. Sharks had so many calls against Detroit there is no way in hell to complain about that call. I'm getting out my lineup card for the Sharks to redline the drops they need to make as soon as they can. There are some players that played like Juniors in the WCF. Swept... that's just horrible.
  7. I'll be watching the story within the story of Hossa. If the Hawks lose that will be three years and three teams that he's made the finals with and lost. I hate to admit it (since I am a Chicagoan by birth and have a deep affinity for the Bulls and Bears) but I'd get quite a chuckle if the Hawks lost. That being said I think the Hawks in 4 or 5 is a safe bet. Honestly, they're much better than the Flyers.
  8. Well certainly a team with the superior goalie. If you had Huet in net this series wouldn't be 3-0.I understand the sentiment, but goalies are a part of the team and Huet is the backup. I guess the Sharks couldn't be much worse if Greiss was in net, but I doubt the games would have been any closer. Niemi has played great though. He still can't handle the puck but he's looked calm and steady back there. Games 1 and 3 obviously could have gone either way and he seemed to step up his game enough to help the Hawks win both.The Hawks are playing great hockey no doubt but the 3-0 lead doesn't tell
  9. Well certainly a team with the superior goalie. If you had Huet in net this series wouldn't be 3-0.
  10. I am really bummed that we (The Sharks) are stuck with Heatley for the next two years. That guy hasn't done #### in the last two months and his defensive lapses have led to half the Chicago goals this series. Chicago have played great hockey against us and I see them sweeping whoever they play in the finals.
  11. I've thrown in the towel. I just don't think my beloved tiburones have what it takes to beat the Hawks... no matter where they play.
  12. Just got back from the exhibition game tonight. What's that.. it was a playoff game? Not according to the effort level the Sharks gave tonight. What an embarrassment. Heatley, Marleau, Thornton, Vlasic, Blake, Boyle all looked like they wanted to be anywhere but on the ice. Pavelski has taken this series off as well and the young guys are playing worse than they did in the regular season. Truely a disgusting effort. I thought the Sharks would come out screaming (and they did for all of 8 minutes) but once Nabby let in that soft goal they Sharks packed up their tents. Hawks in 4, thanks
  13. I'll wave at you from the rafters of the Shark tank. Now I just need to get a sign that say's "Hi Sheriff66".I'm jacked for the game, Sharks have to win this one. We're 0-7 when we go down 0-2 in a series.
  14. :suds: :hifive: So nice to finally get a series win over a tough Detroit team. Chicago is going to be a tough out but I think we can shake their goalie up, I have my fingers crossed. Is it wrong that I hope that Buff and Toews both get deported asafp?
  15. Big shout out to all the Detroit fans... there were some bad calls in this series that didn't go your way but to the guys on the board here you all stayed real classy. I hope the Sharks can really take the next step this year and make it to the finals. They played a tough team in Detroit and eeked out just enough goals to win the series. Not sure what to think now as I thought they Sharks would find a way to choke this away. Maybe they AREN'T the same old losers.
  16. Hell yes it's instant. We're like an abused spouse who's always waiting for the next beyotch slap from our abusive mate.
  17. I'm still at work but I venture by looking at the box score that Nabby took the game off? 9 shots 4 saves... perfect. Like I said earlier... losing this series would be a new low for a franchise full of lows. We're f'ed if we don't win on Saturday. F'ing Nabby.
  18. here's hopin' It would certainly be a fresh and new way for them to torture and break the hearts of Sharks fans. Since I am unwilling to be heartbroken this year I expect nothing less than a historic collapse of the Sharks at the hands of the dreaded Red Wings. I've been punched in the gut by them too many times to let a little thing like a 3-0 series lead give me any hope.
  19. Larry Murphy said you don't take chances like that in OT, have to agree. Ericsson has been shaky in the playoffs with his giveaways and inability to clear the zone at key times, maybe he's not as good as I thought he would be.You absolutely cannot take that chance. Totally unnecessary as they already had an odd man rush on the play anyways. Defense is lacking. Ericsson wants to jump up in the play, Kronwall is a gambler, Raffy isn't known much for his defense, and Niclid is just not the Norris guy anymore. Throw in a shaky performance in net and we have recipe for disaster. This series c
  20. Didnt SJ choke the conference finals away to Calgary in that same season after being up 2-0?It was Edmonton and it was the Conference Semis, thank you very little! Oh, and we were up 2 or 3 to zip in game three before we puked it up.
  21. Is there any chance to do this if I have a bum knee that can't handle impact exercises? How much impact does the P90 progaram have? I've let myself turn into a fatbody and need something to kick my ### into gear.
  22. Played the demo a ton over the weekend on the PS3. This is going to be a FUN game.
  23. OMG! Just got a total WW2 geek woody!
  24. How do you guys make sure that pot roasts don't get dry?
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