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  1. No idea at all what the Hill owner was thinking. Give some upside I can at least hang my hat on please.
  2. Strongly disagree. As soon as folks get into the season and their brains go back to normal, they're going to quickly realize how much better the 2020 draft looks.
  3. I gotta go OBJ here based on my evaluation of this draft class. Need some 2020 picks sprinkled in to make it worth my while. Fine moving Beckham but there are so many other scenarios I'd prefer to this. To move studs for multiple pieces I need value AND the right names to align, otherwise rather just hold.
  4. This just went down, not involved: Team A: Kerryon Johnson Team B: Tyreek Hill Wow, easily the best return I've seen and I don't even like Kerryon.
  5. This is an interesting deal in superflex. Guessing team B really likes Murray. I'd want to know projection on that 2020 1st and roster composition. Just based on the pieces and nothing else, id lean to the DJ side.
  6. I was joking with a quote from Anchorman. I apologize if that was somehow offensive.
  7. I feel like we're comparing a top 10-15 WR to a top 10-15 RB. Allen has more track record which is why I'm giving the .25 Totally aware of the startup data but this is my take, hot or not.
  8. Cohen side by a hefty amount here. This is about 70% a free 2020 1st for me.
  9. Nope and nope. Dudes 22 and averaged 1250/7 the last two years. No need to over think that.
  10. Adams had a great year, but he's almost exactly 4 years older than JuJu and barely out performed him in his best season ever. JuJu side insta-click.
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