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  1. If they can pull off a non extension raise, that's cool with me.
  2. I guess when he only got 10 carries in the freaking Super Bow l thought it might just be a harbinger of things to come. My bad. Again, what's the news? Anything new and verifiable about the knee?
  3. Oh damn! That totally changes every...nothing at all. What's the new info exactly? Do tell.
  4. Also, I don't know how to post them but just imagine a meme of Stanley Hudson saying DID I STUTTER???
  5. Are you going to actually offer anything after quoting 7 people, or just keep trolling? OH MY GOD. STOP THE PRESSES. GURLEYS KNEE IS A CONCERN. This does not qualify as breaking news. It's rehashing to the mainstream.
  6. Sign Schreff tomorrow. Today even. Back the truck up, dudes in his prime. I'm all for the importance of offensive line and resigning studs. Just not when they're 31. Sorry Trent. Hate to feel this way but we should move on or at the very least, not pull an Alex Smith here.
  7. You don't? I mean seriously, you don't? It's just media heads talking about what we already knew. If you or anyone else didn't realize in February that Gurley had a knee problem and was in for a sizeable reduction in workload I don't know what to tell you. The important question remains, which is how healthy is he with rest and how much of a workload reduction are we talking about. Did somebody answer those questions? Oh okay. Carry on then. Two huge prongs of evaluation here. How good is Henderson and to what extent will Gurley be able to ball. Neither have any semblance of an answer that wasn't present a month or three ago.
  8. Sigh. Trent turns 31 in a month and is always battling a nagging injury, or worse. What do you think the Patriots would do with him? Give him a raise/extension or trade him for picks? I love love love Trent. He's been a cold beast for most of a decade and punching Richard Sherman in the face gets you in my own personal ring of honor. But this team isn't close to contending and his (new) contract will be an albatross a year or two from now. He should be dealt to Houston or a similar type situation for picks.
  9. You know exactly what you were doing, and it certainly wasn't discussing anything.
  10. It's pretty hilarious you're taking victory laps based on...um...new information? No, that's not it. Performance on the field? Wrong again. Literally nothing has changed except now DH's value is up where it should have been all along, a mid first rounder along with several other prospects to choose from. Pretty arrogant to roll in here quoting a bunch of people, none of whom's arguments you seem to understand, when the landscape is exactly as it was a month ago. I feel exactly the same as I have from the start. He's an interesting player, a guy I like, who has some serious question marks but a lot of potential. Separately, anytime you go all in on a player in dynasty and take them above value, whether rookie pick or trade, you better be really really right. Just like when NFL teams trade up in the draft (yes, I see the irony, another reason why I liked him to begin with), you are exchanging several assets for a single one. There's not any room for error at that point. Sometimes you end up with Julio Jones, sometimes you end up with Sammy Watkins. Generally speaking, it's not a good practice.
  11. Agreed and good points about the offense being a limiting factor.
  12. DJ was my top WR in rookie drafts last year from early on and my interest has only increased. That said, I've found his market value is priced appropriately and he's a difficult guy to trade for. He's probably not going to be a big touchdown producer this year again and that's the one big knock I have on him. Think he's destined to be a 4-6 TD per year guy which obviously keeps his ceiling lower than that of a true WR 1. On the other hand, he contributes a lot in the rushing department and is a wizard after the catch, so maybe he can break some long ones to pad the TD total. I've found that you'll have to pay WR1 type prices to get him though and I'm not quite ready to do that. Rather wait and see if he starts the season slowly and try to pounce, or even buy high if he starts strong. The upside is already priced in so don't really see his price climbing too much. A reasonable expectation for this year seems like around 70/1,000/5 with some rushing stats on top. So maybe around 225 PPR points, which was in the Golladay neighborhood last year I believe. In other words, a solid WR2 year incoming.
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