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  1. So is he going to get suspended and/or fined for his arrest last year? I would expect some sort of punishment, but not sure what's appropriate now that the felony was dismissed and he only received probation.
  2. Unfortunately, I think he will never get back up to his 16 numbers. That injury really set him back and could have been a career ender if he weren't "lucky" enough to avoid substantial structural damage. But it is possible for him to get back up there again. This year was his comeback season, so he'll likely be stronger next season, but I think Tre'Quan and Kirkwood get more chances next season, and I think the Saints draft a WR or sign someone else, a la Dez Bryant again. The Saints brought in Jared Cook too, and now Kamara will likely get a bigger share of the RB work, so that will cut into the chances for Meredith. It's really an unfortunate story. I liked Meredith more than Robby Anderson and possible even Tyrell Wiliams, but the massive injury he had set him back big time. He had worked his tail off to get the opportunity that he was afforded in Chicago, and once he got injured, he had to start from scratch again. Unfortunately, that's typically how it works if you went undrafted.
  3. nice man. That's cool that you can handle that much. I can really only handle 1 redraft league per year, but got thrown into 2 other free ones. Ironically, the free ones that I hardly ever checked were the ones I did the best in, as I was ousted in the first round of the redraft league I was primarily focused on. Shady McCoy was a terrible pick, I'll say that much. AP was kind of a sneaky good one for me, and Ingram was meh.
  4. Quite possibly the worst Super Bowl I have ever seen. Gotta respect Brady, but this one made it clear that it really is the genius of Bill B that is behind the majority of the Pats' success. Well that and the fact that they went 3-1 without Brady in 2016 and then 11-5 with Matt Cassel of all people. It also sucks that the Rams had major injuries to both Gurley and Kupp, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Goff was too dependent on Kupp last season, and when he went down, the Rams really started to struggle. Gurley's injury started to play a bigger role because Kupp was out too. Thankfully they got CJ to help rescue them, but losing Kupp was huge. I hope he can stay healthy this year and that Goff learns to lean on other players. Well that and the Rams really need to teach other players how to play in the slot. Versatility is so key now in the NFL.
  5. This is why I think Perriman will slide into DJax's spot. Perriman has deep ball speed, but he's also quick underneath too, especially out of the bunch formation or anything with trips on one side. Have him cross/sweep underneath and if he outruns the nearest defender (which we have all seen him do with the Ravens), then it could be a huge gain. Possible a home-run. That's also how the Eagles should use DJax against the Cowboys tough D. They can get torched by speed, so have DJax go deep or outrun a quality LB like Lee, Leighton, or Jaylon. That will be one of the keys to beating Dallas.
  6. I hope the Cowboys take a look at some of the RBs for their backup spot, and I'd even look at the QBs for the backup spot as well. I don't have faith in Cooper Rush, but I like what I saw from some guys in the AAF, like Luis Perez, who was pretty dope up until he threw his first interception, lol. It was pretty downhill from there with him, but that just tells me it is a mental thing with him. People become more confident over time, so bring him in and see if he can compete with Rush. I like that the 49ers got Ja'Quan Gardner and that the Panthers got Ross. Quinton Patton intrigued me too tbh.
  7. Cardinals can't pass on him. Draft him, have him and Rosen compete, see if Rosen elevates his game, and if he does, then hype him up and trade him to a team for like a 2nd round pick. Have them throw in a future 3rd too I guess since Rosen is still so young and inexperienced.
  8. Honestly, that's how it is in any draft. The NFL has come to devalue RBs lately, and I think that's come at the cost of underrating them. Breida and Ekeler were both undrafted in the same year. On top of that, I think there are some underrated RBs that could find their way back into the NFL due to the exposure they get with the AAF. I really want the Cowboys to take a look at Jhurell Pressley, and I know that I will catch some flak for this, but I think somebody should give Trent Richardson another look. I'm not advocating for him to take up an active roster spot, but bring him in for the offseason and see how he does.
  9. My friend who is a Giants fan really wants Rosen. Honestly, as a Cowboys fan, I wouldn't mind him for a relatively cheap price, but young QBs like him almost never come for less than a 2nd. If they trade for him, then trade Dak to a team for a first and 2nd, lol. Not sure who would bite on that, but maybe someone does. My thinking is that the Cowboys would have Rosen on his rookie contract and then wouldn't have to give Dak a huge extension. They could then come to terms with Zeke pretty easily and afford to keep Byron Jones too, who for the better half of last season, was the premiere CB in the NFL. Out of Zeke, Byron, and Dak, I'd rather give up Dak and replace him with someone like Rosen or even a Ryan Fitzpatrick type.
  10. Wow, Jacobs' PlayerProfiler Page looks terrible. What happened? https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/josh-jacobs/
  11. Do you all think there is a difference between improving and being underrated? Like, I think Tom Brady could improve, but I don't think you can call him underrated. I just ask because I believe someone on here mistook them to be the same thing. In whatever case, here are my picks for most and least improved players on offense and defense. Most Improved: Jaylon Smith & Trubisky Least Improved: Tre'Davious White, Fournette, and Keelan Cole.
  12. A lot of people said that Howard was held back last year, but honestly, I thought he was fine. He was having a Pro-Bowl caliber year, at least in my eyes, before he got hurt. I hope he can keep that up, but there have been a lot of changes in Tampa, so I will have to keep my eye on the situation.
  13. A lot of people overlook this guy when discussing the elite QBs in the league. Honestly, the dude might have better arm talent than Tom Brady. It for sure seems to be better than Rivers and Ryan, and probably even Big Ben at this point since Ben is a bit careless. Honestly, if everyone is at their best, then maybe only Aaron Rodgers have more arm talent than Russ.
  14. It looks like his NFL career is likely done. Thanks for all the memories TWill. The catch you had against Seattle was probably my favorite, but you had some other ones in there too, like this 23 yard TD. https://www.giants.com/video/cowboys-tony-romo-23-yard-td-to-terrance-williams-14035295 Obviously, he had a lot of lowlights. Failed to run out of bounds. Fumbled right before the goal line his rookie year. There was another play where he arguably forgot to get out of bounds and/or tried to, but was in the middle of the field and had no realistic shot of doing so. Dude had low awareness, but honestly, some teams could have used his run-blocking skills and ability to stretch the field deep. He was also rock solid on short out routes. But I guess he's too old, has too much baggage, doesn't make enough of an impact, and from the last time I remember, I think he has legal issues. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a suitor TWill, but it's not looking good. Honestly, I think a team like the Bengals could use a guy like him, but they'd have to admit defeat on John Ross first. Maybe the Giants could take a look at him? Possibly even the Redskins since I know they are low on WRs. And you gotta think that a guy like Andrew Luck could do something with TWill, but I bet they are all just tanking and/or going with a youth movement. Maybe he can be a practice body somewhere though.
  15. I like that move for Perriman. He can take over for DJax in Tampa and I think that's a role that would suit him well. He still has to work on his hands, but he surprised me a little bit in Cleveland. Of course, I'm sure a lot of that had to do with Baker, but he did look better. He'll have more opportunity in Tampa, or at least that's what it looks like right now, and Winston loves to chuck it deep, so I could see it working out a little for him. I wouldn't say keep an eye on him in fantasy leagues because of his troubled past, but I wouldn't be surprised if he started off the year strong, just like DJax did last season, when PFF had him as the #1 WR in the NFL through the first 2 weeks of the year. But don't get me wrong, Evans and Godwin are still higher up on the depth chart than Perriman. I just think that Perriman could easily be flexed into DJax's spot at times, but I'm sure the Bucs want to see what they can get out of Godwin on the outside too.
  16. He's had a lot of bad luck too. Those injuries really cost him, and then he had what, three different OCs and/or HCs each of his first 3 seasons? On top of that, he's had a lot of different QBs, like Cutler, Hoyer, Glennon, Daniel, and Trubisky. I think he needs to work on his route running, so he should spend an offseason learning slot routes. That's the school of thought that I come from. That should help him out with his versatility and longevity.
  17. Didn't realize this guy wasn't signed. I thought I read that the he had signed with the Cowboys already, but it looks like the Bengals worked him out recently. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/16/bengals-tried-out-cowboys-free-agent-rod-smith/ So in other news, that means the Cowboys are in the market for a real backup RB. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001026941/article/cowboys-looking-to-get-backup-rb-for-ezekiel-elliott I'd consider Yeldon and Duke Johnson tbh, but if not, then they should draft a RB. https://www.wfaa.com/article/sports/nfl/cowboys/could-cowboys-take-a-running-back-during-rounds-1-3-of-nfl-draft/287-3254d2ef-8548-449f-8885-4b11d80d4198 But it's good that the Cowboys are moving on from Rod Smith. Aside from feasting on the Giants in 2017, he hasn't really done much as a pro. He's shown flashes, but he doesn't have the one-cut ability to run between the tackles, nor does he have the long-range speed. He has some agility, but the energy, effort, and burst aren't always there. I like his hands, but he's not that clever of a route runner. Since he's not really a long-strider, he doesn't pick up that many yards on his catches, unless, of course, he's playing the Giants. He's got good footwork for a guy his size, but those are really just finesse moves. He's needs to bring more power and explosiveness to his game. I wish him well, but I'm glad the team is moving on from him.
  18. Sure, but people improve and evolve in the pros all the time. Just look at AB and Tom Brady.
  19. https://www.titansonline.com/video/titans-wr-tajae-sharpe-s-expectations-for-titans-offense-in-2019 Part of me hope he gets traded to another team so that they can tap into his potential. If he can be taught to get in and out of his breaks a little more quickly, then he could be pretty good.
  20. Jimmy Garoppolo might be overrated now. Cousins for sure is. Keenum might be most disrespected.
  21. What team do you root for? What do you think the Cowboys final, regular season record will be? You think JG will finally get fired?
  22. Also, what do you think of the reports that say Connor Williams has already added 10-15 pounds of muscle this offseason? https://insidethestar.com/connor-williams-adding-size-and-strength-huge-for-cowboys-ol/
  23. That's big news. He's better than Jason Kelce when he's out there on the field. Zeke should have an easier time running the ball, and Dak should have more time to throw it. Well, provided that Dak doesn't totally panic and cave under pressure like he normally does. I want to see more anticipation and better timing from Dak. I want to see him lead the receivers and trust them like all good QBs do.
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