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  1. Personally I wouldn't bluff like that. I'm never going to tell them to cancel my service, or cancel ST if I'd rather pay the price than not have it at all.I would tell them I don't an offer is enough and that I'm going to check back with Dish but at this point I'm leaning towards cancelling DTV. It isn't like you would cancel DTV yet even if you are switching, you would wait for the new service to be up and running first. So just get off the phone that way and then call back later. Also, I think you shot yourself in the foot by making your reason for calling being "I feel I'm paying too much for Sunday Ticket". Their biggest goal, I believe, is to stop people from canceling your service, not to stop you from canceling Sunday Ticket. If that had been what your call was about, then giving you ST for free becomes a way to keep you. Instead it sounds like you made the call about whether you keep ST or not which is a smaller financial impact on them, so less reason to give you a great deal. So in short, I'd call them back that you're thinking about switching to Dish. I posted Dish's prices in post #87 so you can reference them especially if it's cheaper than what you're paying. You can mention that Sunday Ticket was one of the big differentiators for you as well, but make the tone of your call about not wanting to cancel, but feeling right now Dish is giving you a better deal to switch.
  2. I posted what I said in the Shark Pool version of this thread for anyone uncomfortable with haggling who wants an example to work from. Ended up with free Sunday Ticket and $20 off for 12 months.
  3. I'll add what I did and got for those who might be uncomfortable on the thought of haggling. I called up Dish last night and got some quotes. Their Top 120 for $35 (jumps to $50 after 6 months), $7 Multi-sport to get Red Zone, DVR $6, and free HD for Life for a $47 bill for 6 months, $62 after that. Called up the help line. Said Cancel Service twice and got on the line with someone. Told her I'd recently referred them a new customer, mostly because of Sunday Ticket (which is all true), and while I appreciated the $100 discount from the referral, I was a bit frustrated at just how cheaply they were getting things and I wasn't. Told them I'd loved having Sunday Ticket in the past, but once I got Texans season tickets I only am home to use Sunday Ticket half the weeks it is on. That I wished they had a weekly package for it (she said that they did which was news to me!). But that I'd started pricing Dish and found I was going to be able to get it for about half the price and it would have Red Zone that I don't get now on DTV. Said I'd been with them for a long time (about 15 years now) and wasn't looking forward to switching, but the price was just too much. She immediately offered me Sunday Ticket for free, and then checked some deals and offered me $20 off for 12 months. I told her about some receiver problems I'm having (also all completely true), sometimes it goes non-responsive on me for 10 seconds at a time, or channels go purple when I change them until they finally seem to lock in. Mentioned I'd been unhappy when they went to on demand as it was using up my receiver hard drive and I had to delete shows unwatched as a result. She is getting me a new receiver for free, I tried to get them to make it an upgrade in terms of disk size but she said that was something she didn't have any control over what they would send out. Overall, quite happy with what they gave me.
  4. If you gave them time to train full time, sure.But just taking them off the field and having them do it with only a few practice runs to get familiar, they wouldn't have a chance. The one board section in stage 2 or 3 requires the finger strength and skills of a mountain climber. Getting the proper technique to make it up that rope climb at the end in time would probably take some practice, etc.
  5. Yep, saw that last night. The 6900 series is apparently where the power is going to be, but there seems no reason to get the 6800 with the 5850 getting so cheap and in many respects, the 5850 is better than the 6850.I was just entering the configuration I was working with earlier back into cyberpowerpc.com to see their prices with the new cards. They are offering the 6850 for less than the 5850... $124 less. And the 6870 for $53 less than the 5850. Granted the prices on all three are marked up as you'd expect from a reseller doing the build for you.If I remember correctly from my browsing last night, even the 6870 has lower specs than the 5850. The 6870 was clocked a bit higher in some ways, but otherwise the 5850 is a superior card. The GTX 460 1 GB offers from very interesting possibilities right now as well. I think the best bang right now is between the 460 and 5850, as well. Some games the 460 is better, but the ones I play, the 5850 is a better choice.I own the 5850 on my home PC and it is simply amazing. I keep trying to convince myself I NEED a 5850 on my office system, as well, but I got such an amazing deal on the 4890 about 6-8 months ago ($100 after a couple of rebates from TD) that it is just impossible to justify. The 4890 is still a beast. In this Anandtech article you see the 5850 has more stream processors and texture units, which are a very big deal in GPU's. With there being deals left and right on the 5850 for about $190, I cannot see buying anything else until maybe the 6900 line comes out. To summarize the Tom's Hardware review... the 6870 has fewer shader processors and texture units, but the core is faster and can push through geometry 25% faster... resulting in similar performance with less power usage (idle power is about 2/3 that of the 5850), and was cheaper to produce. The actual performance tests have the 6870 slightly outperforming the 5850. And of course it adds the option of 3D which the 5850 doesn't have.It looks to me like price is the deciding factor. In my case I think I'm going to end up going dual 6870 because every builder I've checked who has both cards has the 6870 cheaper by a significant margin. I think I'm settling in on what I want now. Just trying to get happy with which builder to go with. Cyberpowerpc is the cheapest but they have so many negative reviews I think I've talked into myself into paying a little more and going with someone I trust more. Edit to add: Just got off the phone with a knowledgeable guy at Origin asking a few motherboard questions. I think I may end up with dual 5850's after all depending on how long it would take them to get the 6870s in stock when I decide to pull the trigger with them.
  6. Came across a good article going over optimizing a Corsair SSD for use as a boot drive. Some things I probably wouldn't have thought of doing. http://blog.corsair.com/?p=3989
  7. Yep, saw that last night. The 6900 series is apparently where the power is going to be, but there seems no reason to get the 6800 with the 5850 getting so cheap and in many respects, the 5850 is better than the 6850.I was just entering the configuration I was working with earlier back into cyberpowerpc.com to see their prices with the new cards. They are offering the 6850 for less than the 5850... $124 less. And the 6870 for $53 less than the 5850. Granted the prices on all three are marked up as you'd expect from a reseller doing the build for you.
  8. My two cents:CPU: If you're going with a more expensive CPU to give you a tri-SLI options in the future, but then say that tri-SLI is likely not going to be a cost efffective upgrade down the road (true), then you're not really aligning your CPU goals with your vidcard goals. I'd go with the i5 760 and overclock it. Save the cash for when you do a full rig upgrade down the road (rarely is adding another vidcard the best upgrade answer when the newest generation of vidcards are out). Which brings me to my next point: Vidcard: AMD is releasing its refreshed line of vidcards on Friday. Not sure if they'll be at retail then, but at your price point, I really would wait to see how good they are and when retail availability will hit before pulling the trigger on this rig. It's true that there is always something better in the future, but in this case the "better" is right around the corner, and you can afford to wait a week to see what it is and how much of a performance bump you'll get. Also, you don't necessarily need to go SLI to get multi-monitor support. ATI/AMD have some great eyefiniti cards these days that can handle up to six monitors. RAM: What specifically do you need 12GB for? I have 8GB right now and seriously I never see more than 4GB in use. Even when gaming. If you're doing some serious photo editing then the RAM could be useful, but otherwise I'd just drop down to 8GB and get a bigger SSD. SSD: I have the Crucial RealSSD you reference above, and while it screams on sequential reads at 6Gb/sec, the Sandforce drives are generally faster on IOPS. OCZ's Vertex2 uses this controller. Also, we are a month or two away from the new NAND modules hitting the market, which will see prices drop quite noticeably. Optical: BD burners are really overrated right now. The media is expensive and reliability is very suspect using burned discs in standalone players. FYI. General: If you save a bit of cash on the CPU, RAM, and optical drive, you could put yourself into 30" monitor territory. I run a 30" Dell and love it. Something to consider. PhysX: It's more of an afterthought now. Old code, compatibility issues, and not every game is going to support it. I'd pass, but I would love to hear Mad Cow's thoughts on it too. I'm pretty envious. At the price point you're working with, it's clear you're going to get a sweet rig. Keep us in the loop! Appreciate the feedback. Didn't realize the new vidcard release was so imminent. I'll wait and see what happens. Was thinking about getting a cheap laptop as well so I don't have to use my work one, and that can probably help hold me over for a bit if it means some big savings.On the RAM, yeah, it possibly could be overkill. I would occasionally get use out of it... amongst other things I'm a database programmer and have local databases installed for dev work, plus we do have some pretty high end geoscience 3D visualization software. But, the local databases are just occasional use and I keep them shut down otherwise... and the visualization software I only would use at home rarely when someone asks for my help with it as I don't work in that area anymore. If nothing else I could start with less and get the larger size so I can just add another module to double it later. Do you think the faster SSD is worth the extra money then? The 100 GB OCZ Vertex 2 costs about the same as the 128 GB Crucial on the site that had both of them available (Origin). On the BD burner, are there problems then with say, burning a movie to BD for play in a PS3? That would probably be my biggest use of it. Otherwise I don't tend to burn many discs so yes, could save some money there. Cyberpowerpc has a free upgrade to the i7 950 going right now and they keep extending it when it runs out it looks like, so if it's still available I'll probably stick with it. The i7 950 overclocked with 6 GB of RAM from there is the same price right now than the i5 760 overclocked with 8 GB of RAM.
  9. Mad Cow, wondered if I could get your opinion. Just lost the hard drive on my desktop and I'm looking at replacing the system with a new desktop. Main uses will be working from home and gaming. Need a pretty decent cpu for some of the stuff I do for work, and a lot of RAM. I'm aiming for that spot just before prices start to really climb without much bang for the buck. Dual monitor a must. Want great framerates for gaming and also would like to eventually go from 2 to 3 monitors for gaming and regular use both. I'm currently considering something along the lines of the following. i7 950 or 960 3Ghz, overclocked Dual Radeon 5850 graphics cards 12 GB DDR3 1600Mhz tri-channel RAM 128 GB Crucial SSD harddrive 1 TB Western SATA3 harddrive BR/CD/DVD read/writer Asetek 570LC Liquid Cooling I was originally going to go with an i5 750 cpu to save money, but found out if I did it would limit my options in going to three graphics cards somewhere down the road, so went with the i7 950. I'm probably going to just have a company build it as I hate dealing with hardware, even if it costs me a little bit extra. Motherboard may be limited by which company I end up going with. I was going with the ASUS Rampage III Extreme for the time being as I compare prices on different sites. Anything in that build that just screams to you of waste of money without gain, or that I might not be aware of how one of those choices is going to limit me in the future? I had considered going with nVidia so I could later add a third graphics card, but I think the dual 5850s will last long enough that when I'm ready to go to three graphics cards I'll probably want to upgrade them and can switch to nVidia then. Edit to add: Also, any kind of feel for how much of a difference a dedicated PhysX card makes for gaming? The sites I was looking at that did graphics cards comparisons didn't go into it at least in the articles I read. Obviously if I go with the ATI card I couldn't have one, but do the ATI cards make up for the lack of one?
  10. Visualization like geoscience interpretation, or medical imaging.16Gb of RAM at work is a fair to modest amount in our Linux boxes.
  11. Did a couple of googles while I was waiting for some jobs at work to finish. Looks like other message boards that were following the contest, and without the pro-Kristy leanings, also thought the results were phony. Examples from here: It really wasn't/isn't as legit as it potentially could've been. Big disappointment. Glad to see that others out there noticed how things seem to have gone. Hopefully it'll come back to bite CH on the butt next year with less people following it.
  12. Rather than feeding the trolls, it is easiest just to put someone like Walton Goggins on your ignore list. (My Controls-> Manage Ignored Users).
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