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  1. It will be interesting to see which jaguar receiver perks up with Foles back at the helm. I’m sure they are available in many leagues.
  2. Randall Cobb had a good day. I imagine he will be given opportunities for more down the stretch.
  3. I love Marvin Gaye’s music. He too was a personal disgrace. It takes the shine off of all that he accomplished, but the music stands on its own foundation.
  4. While the president provides distraction, I’m starting to believe the son in law is the ball you want to keep your eye on. I’m not a political scientist or religious scholar, but if a peace deal is struck in the region, things will appear to be heading in a biblical direction. Stay tuned.
  5. His innovation and artistry as a dancer will live as long as his music. His legacy lives on in choreography. The rest is a damn shame.
  6. Thanks for the correction, but aren’t there some that do it all?
  7. If you currently run an office, restaurant, department store, maintenance company, and sports team all at once, you are qualified. Everyone else would be learning on the fly.
  8. Consessions, merchandising, accounts payable and receivables, security and ground maintenance to name a few of the responsibilities apart from the competitive football aspects. A huge job. Delagating to competence a must imo.
  9. Maybe you can check back in and grace us after all of the less intelligent and self aware catch up on this.
  10. Did you read Henry’s linked article?
  11. Sorry to trouble you. I appreciate all responses and opinions. I’m interested in how men view this. And thanks to Henry, how one reasonable feminist sees it.
  12. In other words Man up. Add that to the itemized list of deficiencies our gender must work on.
  13. Yes I think the behavior is one and the same regardless of sex. Not cool. Another hypothetical. A man tells a woman to “ be a woman”’and stop acting so masculine.
  14. Or calling you a girl in a round about way?
  15. Yeah, I’m getting the sense this topic bothers me more than most. It may be a non issue all together. But, imagine being able to sit on the fence dividing the way things were women, and the way things are now. Then being able to hop from one side to the other when it presents an advantage. Can you have your cake and eat it too? That’s hard to get along with.
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