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  1. I like the Ertz side of your second trade. I don't see a lot of value in those late 3rd round picks in FFPC mainly because of roster sizes.
  2. I assume you are talking the "real" draft and not fantasy.
  3. with Lindsay gone from Denver does Freeman gain some value?
  4. thanks Menobrown...does Watson have any veto power in where he goes?
  5. As a JJ owner not happy to hear this news 😵
  6. Just catching up on NFL news so maybe this has been discussed...is Denver a possible landing spot for Deshaun? I know it makes sense on the Denver side but not clear if it does for the Texans.
  7. IMO, no...part of the blame falls on Trubisky, you saw how Daniel was able to hit the open WRs. But back to Miller, I'm just not impressed. He's not hurt and he's on the field for most of the plays, not sure if he struggles getting open but in some of the plays he does get he doesn't impress me with his ability to catch the ball (a critical skill for a wr)
  8. from what i've seen he's had some drops plus the bears aren't a big passing offense to the WRs (lots of dumps to RBs and screens)
  9. Anyone know any details on the Roquon scratch? I heard personal reasons but that covers a lot of ground.
  10. I'm trying to snag a 2020 1st but no takers and not really surprised...if he's the next Tyreek then that's probably the right price tag but have yet to find an owner who is on that wavelength. I did get offered a 2021 2nd and I countered for an additional piece but no reply yet. I believe right now I could move for a 2nd rounder and that sounds about the right value but if he has anything close to wk 1 I think I could get more.
  11. is this dynasty or redraft? In dynasty definitely bid top bucks to land him, redraft I may temper my bid but still would look to snatch him up. I have him on 4 teams and only started him in 1 league last week, yes it's a disappointment but I believe he will still get the targets and the fact that AJ Brown did well may indeed free Davis up.
  12. SELL SELL SELL...I'm not a believer...I don't think he's the next Tyreek Hill. I actually have him on 1 of my teams and was hoping for a game like this to unload...trade offers went out tonight my 2 cents -DD
  13. Yep 100%....I own him in 3 leagues and although it was discouraging to see his performance this weekend I think the breakout (if you want to call it that) of AJ Brown will actually help Davis. It does feel a lot like Sammy Watkins but he ended up with a pretty good day so there's hope 😉
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