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  1. Agree he's worth a 1st rounder but how much more do I need to include to make a deal? Add a 2nd rounder? Do I need to throw in another 1st rounder? I realize I'd be taking a gamble that he may not play so I don't want to pay full premium price on him. So what's reasonable under the circumstances? And yes it's a Dynasty league.
  2. I think Fields could excel in Chicago if Nagy hands over the play calling like he did the 2nd half last year. And of course it depends on when they (Coaches) will let him start (right from the jump?)
  3. Made the playoffs last season with Drew Brees as my QB...currently don't have a starting QB on my roster. 6 points for a passing TD.
  4. Assuming we don't have an answer on whether he's staying in GB (the big unknown) what would you offer for him in a SF league? Std PPR, 12 team. I'm looking in terms of draft picks.
  5. oh great, my 2 Qbs in dynasty are Rodgers and Watson. ugh. 😒
  6. I like the Ertz side of your second trade. I don't see a lot of value in those late 3rd round picks in FFPC mainly because of roster sizes.
  7. I assume you are talking the "real" draft and not fantasy.
  8. with Lindsay gone from Denver does Freeman gain some value?
  9. As a JJ owner not happy to hear this news 😵
  10. Just catching up on NFL news so maybe this has been discussed...is Denver a possible landing spot for Deshaun? I know it makes sense on the Denver side but not clear if it does for the Texans.
  11. great points...i have him in a couple leagues, one of them is a SF so will be starting him out of necessity so I hope he plays from behind as you suggested.
  12. I picked him off the waiver wire last season and quickly flipped him for a 2nd rounder...regretting that now.
  13. wow...I think I take that deal (roster construction would matter though). I'm fearful of a TD regression for Lamar and the offense is a run first so his passing #s probably wouldn't offset a down tick in rushing TDs.
  14. In one of my leagues I traded him away 2 years ago and got a 2020 first in return, which turned into Dobbins so I like that exchange a lot. But now in another league I'm hurting at WR and the Fuller owner wants draft picks in return so I'm trying to gauge the market today (vs 2 yrs ago). I was thinking a 2nd and based on the responses so far that seems near the top of the range. And I understand all the concerns regarding staying healthy but when he's on the field he can be explosive scoring multiple times in a game.
  15. What's Will Fuller's value in terms of future draft picks? 12 team PPR Super flex.
  16. He's 24 and won't turn 25 until week 16 so we can consider him a 24 yr old RB for this year (and 25 next). I read somewhere (need to find it) that he was 0 - x inside the 10 yd line last year, that has to be an area of opportunity to get some TDs added to his #s.
  17. Personally I bet on the talent over the situation so I do like Chubb a lot. As far as Hunt, in my opinion he was the benefactor of a good situation when he was with KC, that isn't to say he's not a good RB but only to say he's not in the caliber of Chubb. I think the coaching staff recognizes that and we will see Chubb be the workhorse this season (maybe wishful thinking as a Chubb owner).
  18. I had the 12 /13 in a 12 team league and I went RB (Dillon) and RB (Gibson)...but I really struggled passing on Aiyuk so time will tell if I made the right choice. At the time of my draft Guice had just been released so Gibson was getting a lot of buzz.
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