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  1. I dropped Justice for him but as a KJ handcuff. In a bubble, I’d rather have a piece of the Ravens than the Lions.
  2. Anyone gonna try to buy low on Kamara or Thomas assuming a multiple week absence from Drew? It’s kind of a bet on SP getting the ball in their hands. I’m considering it.
  3. Also in a standard scoring. I have him in my flex spot over AP and Ross. All the projections are low on him, but he’s an elite talent with an elite QB in the easiest of matchups. I’m going with his upside knowing it could be a zero just as easily. I dont blame you for starting DK. I probably would too.
  4. Might have been quite a leap to say consistency is better than variance with an above average team, but it’s worth considering. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. my view now seems if you have a below average team, seeking out a high variance combo like a stack could help you swing for the fences a little more (being consistently below average vs the variance of peaking during certain weeks. Also why I mentioned if your team is above average perhaps consistently is better) I don’t know enough about it to know if that’s true or not. The Manning and Brady examples I mentioned I thought had been talked about earlier in the thread with other people’s personal experience. They both seemed to dominate in the regular season but had a single weak playoff game. I think your your mindset is fine. My league only pays first for regular season and first for playoffs so 2nd is as good as 12th. ill be honest one of the reasons I started thinking about this is because an auto generated comment after a rate my team in the draft dominator. I was mock drafting and took Beckham and Chubb. It mentioned that combination will make my team more consistent and it got me thinking about all this. I don’t know the answers to all this which is why I made the topic... to hear different views on it.
  5. This entire thread has been fascinating to read. As to the more recent conversation, I think you both made great points. Your season-long point total potential is unaffected by stacks given equally talented players. Your probable weekly variance is more likely to be higher with a stack than without, similar to portfolio diversification. Even the stories early in the thread of the legendary stacks dominating leagues until a single bad game in the playoffs shows you where high variance can get you. The Brady moss or Manning broncos stacks seemed like for sure wins. So, I’m gathering that consistency is more important than variance assuming you have an above average team. So I won’t worry about it too much this weekend. As someone pointed out, going after a stack for the purpose of stacking at the cost of VBD isn’t smart especially since it seems stacking isn’t a viable season long strategy.
  6. I’m at 1.12, 2.1 in a standard scoring league. When thinking about all my different options I got to thinking about stacks and how they affect your season in a league like this instead of a big tournaments. Potential stacks will be Mahomes Kelce, Mahomes Hill, Hill Kelce, Chubb Beckham At first glance it seems like Chubb Beckham and Hill Kelce are safer stacks... raising your floor without severely hurting your weekly ceiling. Mahomes Kelce and Mahomes Hill could also almost win you weeks in yourself. Just curious if y’all go after certain types of stacks or try to avoid them or just take the best player available regardless. Interested to hear your opinions.
  7. They get their choice through free agency. Already been said but it’s hard to see the smaller markets thriving without it. In free agency they get to choose for whatever they prioritize, money, climate or winning. If the NFPA doesn’t see it as a problem I don’t either. They have a union to ensure they’re being treated fairly.
  8. Such a juicy matchup today. Would y’all start Jackson or Ben in a 6 pt passing league? Need a high ceiling after going against Amari Cooper.
  9. Anyone starting him? I have him in 4/5 leagues and am only starting him in one ESPN league over Rivers. I’m excited to watch him play. He’s looked good in limited roles. The saints game comes to mind.
  10. I subbed him in for Ito Smith in my RB2 slot. Standard scoring. At at worst I think he splits 50/50 with duke in a bad game script. If they hang with TB I like his potential. edit: talking about Chubb obviously
  11. Brees or Dalton? Hard to bench him with the year he’s having but those matchups... thanks.
  12. Wanted to drop him today for Robby but didn’t pull the trigger. In the short term he has a soft matchup with Oakland, but then a bye, Slay, the chargers, and rams again. long term he plays SF and KC weeks 15 & 16 which is the only reason he’s still on my bench.
  13. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll. He started from the bottom now he’s here. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be watching for him now.
  14. Yep I think it had more to do with them attacking anyone in the Saints secondary not named Lattimore than Ridley’s new norm. He looked better than Sanu yesterday and the #2 option would be valuable if he takes it over.
  15. I’m currently making offers for Beckham and Mixon. Selling Drake, ARob
  16. Thanks in advance. Love your work. Flex in Standard scoring. Yeldon, Lewis, Morris. Im thinking Yeldon if LF is out, Lewis if not, but it’s a late game. If I pass on Lewis and LF plays I can start Morris, but would rather Lewis than Morris. Yeldon a safe bet this week either way?
  17. Thanks for your advice everyone. I had my draft last night and it went ok. I was shocked at how early everyone was taking rookies. That left me some value with the older guys and ended up with more of a win now team. 12 team PPR 1221111 Brees, Winston, Jackson Gurley, Freeman, Cohen, Hines, Barber, Buck Demaryius, Fitz, Marvin, Gallup, Robby, Geronimo Gronk, Goedert
  18. I’m leaning Fournette by a hair over Cook I’m really excited about Cook this year though. I’m not taking hunt until the middle of the 2nd. Spencer Ware and that division make me nervous with him having the lowest weekly floor.
  19. Good topic. I have pick 11 in a 12 team standard and am considering Gronk at the top of the 2nd. If Kelce and Ertz take small step backs, then that just makes Gronk even more valuable. I’m just having a hard time convincing myself to take him over guys like Odell or Julio at the same spot. I guess to be more comfortable with it you have to have late WRs you’re confident in to make up for it.
  20. Hey guys. First time poster here. I’ve been playing redraft for 12-13 years or so and got invited to my first dynasty start up this year. Valuing players in dynasty seems to be a bit different. I’m interested in general draft strategies and picking your brains about how you like to approach the drafts. For instance it makes sense that the younger stud RBs would be taken first but after that what are your thoughts o how to go about drafting to win both now and in the future. Now I’ll just hang up and listen. Thanks!
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