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  1. Thanks TheWinz. This type of data is really helpful in planning the 2021 team. Can't wait to see what the final 250 teams look like.
  2. Still alive but I think this is my final week unless some WR's start to heal up quickly. I try to space out bye weeks, but can't space out injuries LOL. Kenny Golladay out? Sammy Watkins out? Justin Jefferson Allen Lazard out? Josh Reynolds bye Bryan Edwards out? http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/106713 Good Luck to the the rest of the teams that are still in!
  3. I guess he won't get a chance to score for my team. LOL Who knows, maybe with the way kickers shuffle around, he will end up with another team during this contest.
  4. Team is moving on. Made it through most of my teams bye week issues, now need to avoid any serious injury bug. Out of 25 players, only two haven't counted for me yet - Bryan Edwards WR - may be back at some point?? - Sam Sloman K- I know he will come through some week LOL http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/106713 Good Luck to all that lurk around on this thread that are still in the contest.
  5. Thanks Steeler for updating it when you were able! Glad you also have a real life besides just Fantasy Football.
  6. No problem. Thanks for keeping Calomatic going. Definately helps keeping track in real time how my team does over the weekend. Good luck to all that still alive!
  7. Yes, Just barely. I "should" make it through tonight, but it will be close. Just need to D. Henry to have a normal game. http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/106713
  8. I don't know who got the Calomatic live scoring going again for this year, but want to saw THANK YOU! I always enjoy watching in real time how my contest team is doing. I've been playing this contest for years, have finished in the low (small amounts) of money twice. I don't comment much, but I really appreciate this tread and am always pulling for the the long time regulars like QuizGuy66, BassNBrew and TheWinz. You always keep the discussion interesting and longer you are around, the better it is. This season is already so crazy with all the movement of games and the byes. Like a lot of participants, I try to front load my bye weeks so have more players going towards the end as the cuts gets steeper. COVID has totally thrown that strategy out the window! Good luck to all the regular participants on the this thread. Hope you keep avoiding the Turk!
  9. Wow, Some times have to be careful what you wish for. Keep watching my ranking go down, down, down all night long. I was ranked #999 when the Chiefs got the ball back at the last minute. That final interception saved me and ended up at #974 and moving on. This contest made last night game even more intense! Good luck to all that are moving on!
  10. Been playing this contest for years, have made the playoff's twice, finishing in the low level money range. I don't remember a game like tonight's with two high power teams playing each other on Monday Night so late in the season who both have a bye the following week. I intentionally front load my bye weeks so I don't have Rams or KC players (well technically, I do have KC def on my team). So like other have mentioned, I am rooting hard for a high scoring game so that most of the teams that count on Mahomes/Goff/Gurley/Kelce move on to make next week. That should make next weeks cut so much easier to achieve and advance. This could also really mix up/spread out the players that are in the teams that make the playoff rounds and make them very interesting (provided my team can stay alive until then). Good Luck to all that are still in the contest. I don't post often, but really enjoy the strategy and the cut line tracking posts by everyone.
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