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  1. Here's the complaint: https://www.mystateline.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2020/08/Rittenhouse.pdf Ran it by a few lawyer friends and they all agreed that at the very least, Rittenhouse is going to have a VERY tough time winning a self-defense argument on his killing Rosenbaum (the first person shot.) You have video, an eyewitness and a victim with at least one gunshot wound in the back who was unarmed and never laid a hand on the shooter.
  2. His social media accounts have recently gone private/disabled. All I know is that you're using bits and pieces of video to claim that this was 100% self-defense. The only things that either of us know for sure at this point: This was a 17 year old kid who drove from out of state, illegally possessing a firearm, killed two people and was just charged with first-degree murder.
  3. Well, his social media presence seems to indicate that he's been espousing white supremacist ideas publicly for quite a while. Hence the inappropriateness (and downright irony) of calling this an attempt at "lynching."
  4. Funny how you didn't quote the clear racial overtones of the word from your own link: Through history, when a group of people murders someone, especially by hanging him by the neck, they are usually said to lynch him. This was unfortunately not uncommon during the Civil Rights struggle of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the American South: if a white community believed an African American had done something wrong, they would sometimes lynch him. Lynch is named after Justice Charles Lynch, who condoned mob justice during the American Revolution. It's an inflammatory word cho
  5. Wait, I’m reading reports that this was a 17 year old kid who did the shooting? If so, he was possessing a long gun illegally in the first place.
  6. In watching the video, it seems like a case could be made for the first couple of shots being self-defense. But what justification is there for the several audible shots fired after people have scattered due to the first few?
  7. De Niro, Pacino, Pesci, Keitel. First teaser trailer out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Expe7hf6MU
  8. Hard to tell what kind of gameplanner Flores would be but he is HIGHLY respected in that Pats locker room. Tough as nails, no nonsense, very bright kid. I think he'll be the new Pats D coordinator through and Schiano might come on in some sort of advisor/Assistant Head Coach role.
  9. What's particularly funny about this comment is that this particular Falcons Super Bowl team doesn't exist without "the cheaters" and their past success. The two leaders in the front office for Atlanta (Dimitroff and Pioli) both came from the Patriots. Even their #3 guy, Director of Pro Personnel Joel Collier coached under Belichick. Dan Quinn's assistant? Steve Scarnecchia, son of Dante (long time Pats coach).
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