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  1. I can’t speak to the other “examples” you’ve cited but I know a lot about this one. I live in Decatur. The parent who alleged this supposed incident was working in conjunction with an attorney from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a notorious anti-LGBTQ group. Not only was there no evidence that anything ever took place, there wasn’t even a transgender 5 year old in that particular school at the time. The whole thing was completely made up and the only thing that the school system was cited for was not going through the proper reporting channels in their investigation. They knew the situation was fabricated from the start, but they didn’t follow the state laws protocol.
  2. Looking forward to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eGP6im8AZA Ethan Hawke starring, Scott Derrickson directing. Plus, a family friend's son (Jacob Moran) is in it.
  3. I immediately mark my territory with a fine spray of musk.
  4. My wife and daughter did a swing through 4 schools last month (University of Washington, Evergreen State, Oregon and Oregon State). Those were the first four that she saw in person. It was good for her to get a feel for what type of school she liked. Her sweet spot seems to be small towns and schools under 30,000 students with a focus on her major (Zoology/Animal Science.)
  5. My daughter just got accepted at WSU in Pullman with a decent-sized out-of-state scholarship for their biology/zoology program. So nice to at least have one place that she's been accepted so that she can ignore "safety schools" going forward. If Wazzu weren't in the middle of nowhere, it would most likely be her top choice. She's still applying to Colorado State, Oregon, Oregon State and San Diego State. I think I'm more stressed out than she is about this whole thing.
  6. Picked him up and starting with confidence. That Monday night game could be a shootout and the Falcons pass defense is a tire fire.
  7. Biden's team came out with a statement that essentially said "we'll play by whatever rules the Commission calls for." As opposed to Team Trump whining and crying about the Commission being in the tank for Joe despite it's long and deserved record of bipartisanship in it's rules and members.
  8. If the Titans outbreak spreads, I'd bet that next week's game against the Bills is in jeopardy as well.
  9. Imagine being someone under 18 watching that mess last night and mustering up any energy to participate in the political process going forward.
  10. The ballots are fraudulent and the Proud Boys should stand by. Got it. Nothing ominous there, nosiree.
  11. "OK, Cam. You're going to start coughing uncontrollably under center once we're down 2 scores to the Chiefs next Sunday..."
  12. That's assuming that the golf courses are the only entity involved. Money inflows to the courses in cash and comes out in other real estate holdings and "consulting fees:, etc... That's how Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels.
  13. High school classmate of mine who just retired from active duty in the military posted this on Facebook this am: For those tracking the Trump financials and tax reporting regardless if you “believe” them or not or if it is justified or not, I just want to say that when I, and many of my fellow military folks here on Facebook and beyond, applied for an “upper level” security clearance.. we all remember having to divulge our detailed finances including any adverse or foreign financials... If we owed taxes of .01 or more, no chance of a clearance. For those that do not know, the reason for financial disclosure for a clearance is specifically related to how susceptible you are to foreign influence by monetary means... could they buy you for information essentially... Why does the Commander in Chief NOT have to? Why is President Trump the first not to and now that some info has “come to light” why does he not lay the cards on the table to tell reporters where they can stick it? I’m asking about the Presidential financials so please try not to deflect... I am looking for real answers to this question... for ANY President.
  14. I’m 100% convinced that those golf courses are money laundering schemes.
  15. Except.... if the current audit succeeds, he will pay back $100M for essentially cheating on his taxes. aka The Emperor is wearing a wooden barrel. His whole life and persona is a sham.
  16. The GOP has argued that ballots in PA that don't come in secrecy envelopes have to be thrown away. The "discarded ballots" that Trump is ranting about weren't in secrecy envelopes. Election officials threw them away. Bake a pie, eat a pie.
  17. Fox News lawyers successfully convince a court that Carlson's show should be viewed "with an appropriate amount of skepticism" since Tucker is not "stating actual facts" about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in "exaggeration" and "non-literal commentary." https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/09/24/judge-tosses-playboy-model-karen-mcdougals-defamation-lawsuit-against-fox-news/#6cf7dd9b32e7
  18. Yeah, quote where I cheered it on? I was mocking your whining about this lack of "respect" towards a guy who routinely disrespects pretty much everyone who disagrees with him.
  19. Sorry to offend your precious sensibilities. I'd imagine that RBG's family wouldn't mind but you clearly know better than me.
  20. How you answer this question is essentially whether you believe in democratic institutions or authoritarian rule.
  21. He wasn't filibustered because he was Latino. It was because his entire record was a black hole. No opinions (since he was never a judge), no published writings, no access to his documents working for the solicitor general and he didn't answer many direct questions about his legal opinions. I wasn't a fan of the choice to filibuster but it had nothing to do with racism and to suggest otherwise is asinine and worthy of ridicule, regardless of Dick Durbin's fears that he had favorable SC demography.
  22. None of this has anything to do with my comment about McConnell. This kind of "look over there, SQUIRREL!" strawman argument doesn't work. Sorry.
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