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  1. If there was only some kind of search engine out there to answer all of his questions.
  2. Trade rules post July 31st deadline: • It's important to note that teams expose most of their players, except those on the disabled list, to revocable waivers at some point during August. So that act, by itself, does not mean much, as there is no risk involved. • When a player is on waivers, other teams can submit a claim. If more than one team does, those in the same league as that player's team get first priority, starting with the club with the worst record on the day of the claim. Then, the priority moves to the other league, starting with the worst record. For example, if a National League team puts a player on waivers, the NL team with the worst record gets the first shot at him, and the last-place American League club would be right behind the top NL club. • Once a player is claimed, his team faces three options. It can pull the player back and keep him, negotiate a trade with the claiming team or let the player go. In the last scenario, the claiming team takes full responsibility for the player's remaining salary. If the two sides decide to work out a trade, they have two days to do so. • If a player goes unclaimed for two days, he "passes through" waivers. His team then can trade him to any other team for the rest of the season, unless he has a no-trade clause, a limited no-trade provision or 10/5 rights (10 years in the Majors, five consecutive years with his current team). • Players dealt after Aug. 31 are not eligible to participate in the Postseason. • A team can pull a player back from waivers only once. So if a player is pulled back, but then placed on waivers a second time and claimed, his rights go to the team that is awarded the claim.
  3. @Brony On the desktop version: 1. Click on "Sort By" on the right-hand side, select Custom. 2. Change Filter to "Topics I've Posted In", click Search.
  4. Pretty much anything by Led Zeppelin, not that they were good to begin with.
  5. Acuna in the starting lineup tonight and leading off. His pursuit of NL ROY continues.
  6. "What A Fool Belives" - The Doobie Brothers "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell "Do the Bartman" - The Simpsons
  7. You would be lucky to get a bucket of balls for Gio Gonzalez.
  8. Yeah like I am going to do that. With these mods, that would get one banned.
  9. $40? Jesus. It wasn't worth it when it was $25. There are plenty of sites out there that are just as good and doesn't cost a cent.
  10. I don't care what his team is doing, one player has no control over that. The two sets of teammates cancel each other out with votes. Trout.
  11. Trout Betts Ramirez Martinez Lindor
  12. Interesting that these players didn't protest during the off-season. I guess when the camera isn't there, they don't care.
  13. How is that? I didn't applaud his injury. It sucks that he got hurt and hopefully he can make it back. But I am happy the Skins are in trouble again.
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