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  1. SSL Ladder Placement Chart SSL1 SSL1 1st-5th SSL2 1st-5th SSL3 1st-3rd SSL4 1st-3rd SSL2 SSL1 6th-10th SSL2 6th-9th SSL3 4th-7th SSL4 4th-6th SSL3 SSL1 11th-13th SSL2 10th-13th SSL3 8th-12th SSL4 7th-10th SSL4 SSL1 14th-16th SSL2 14th-16th SSL3 13th-16th SSL4 11th-16th
  2. 19.08 Santana Moss WR WASHTXT to Nugget
  3. dpeese otc 9:10-9:40pmRudy otc 9:40-11:40pmPM to both now
  4. 18.8 Dennis Dixon QB PHILTXT to WisW
  5. 16.09 Shayne Graham PK HOUTXT to WizW
  6. 13.08 S.Gostkowski PK NETxt to Nugget
  7. 11.08 Keenan Allen - WR ROOKTxT to Nugget
  8. 5 timers club - Rudy, BSS, fiddles, Jeter23. the Mt. Rushmore of FBG survivor leaguesJeter23 has 4
  9. You obviously do not check in enough so please refrain from doing anymore of these as you cannot seem to understand how it works. Just my opinion.Alright noobie - that's about enoughHe's is tied for the all time best ever you foolIf you can't stop crying - then YOU refrain from doin any more of thesedon't reply - I don't want to hear it - just pick
  10. 10.09 Fred Davis TE WASHTxT to WisW
  11. 9.08 Santonio Holmes NYJTXT to Nugget
  12. 8.09 Giovani Bernard RB - RookieTxt to WizW
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