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  1. Schrodinger's tenant: depending on where you are in this thread van guy either is or isn't a tenant. -QG
  2. I saw Calcification on tour a couple of years ago. Great but couldn't hold a candle to Taylor tbh. -QG
  3. That 80-81 Alignment is the best: Wales Conference: Adams Division: Buffalo, Boston, Minnesota, Quebec, Toronto Norris Division: Montreal Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Detroit Campbell Conference: Patrick Division: NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Washington, Philadelphia and....Calgary (Flames moved from Atlanta late) Smythe Division: St Louis, Chicago, Colorado, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg Amazing -QG
  4. Flyers and Islanders met in the 1980 Final. That was when the league did 1 to 16 playoffs. League has actually realigned a lot so surely it has happened other times. Heck the Habs and the Kings were once in the same division That is the question I was thinking about the othet day - what team has been in the same division with the most different teams (actually can do this 2 ways - entire franchise history and then current location only). Bet there is some oddball contenders - like Montreal. But there also are so many newer teams now. My Devils moved a couple times so may
  5. Setting aside the Original Six era at least once: 1980-81 -QG
  6. Thinking the Devils, Rangers and Islanders might support adding them to the division permanently. -QG
  7. For reference Riley Odoms was the last TE drafted in the top 5 (5th) in 1972(!). Prior to that? Ditka went 5th in 1961. Things get a little murkier before that as players got drafted with designations like FL and E and stuff. But Pitts would be bucking a ton of history - some have speculated him going to Cincy at #5 but not sure I see that. That Jets scenario outlined above would make for a fun draft-night rollercoaster for sure. -QG
  8. Sorta funny to imagine Adams arriving back at camp only to see Darnold there in the locker room. Anyway just popping in to see the latest scuttlebutt at number 2 (and again I will repeat while you may find a trade partner it won't be the Bengals - just not how the org rolls. Feeling good about #5 ending up as Sewell, Chase, or rip off some QB needy team). Curious though if you guys would prefer 10th-year Wilson or 5th-year Watson if you pulled that trigger. -QG
  9. scrappy win by my Devils and Zacha in full late bloomer mode. That said it would be nice if our opponents wouldn't put up a power play conversion rate higher than the 3-pt FG % of 28 NBA teams. Seriously - opponents are 41.7% on the power play against the Devils. Thank goodness they're in like the bottom 3 of taking penalties. -QG
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