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  1. Okay so if Risk Taking is a Cloud Computing type seems like he's a good horse to use with RAM and Rombauer -QG
  2. Just hoping my Devils can hold some team hostage and pick up a d-man before the expansion draft -QG
  3. Colorado seems like that would lose Greaves most likely - possibly Compher. They'll lock up Grubauer. With Mrazek a UFA I think that Ned will rightly get protected by Carolina. Depending on how the goalie options shake out I could see Seattle taking Malcolm Subban (who knows maybe this is more likely if the Devils expose PK - but I doubt that happens). It' be a fun puzzle -QG
  4. We can all agree that when we open FBG Stables this will be the name of our first shooter, right? -QG
  5. Parise's contract runs until 2025 - WITH a NMC?!? Still time to waive that (same with Suter) - I mean Seattle would be stoned to take on that contract so I imagine Guerin will be able to get those guys to do it. -QG
  6. Probably already posted in the thread but here's the Cap Friendly Expansion Draft Simulator for those of us out of the playoffs to have fun with. Devils situation seems pretty clear to be honest. Worst case is losing Bastian or Johnsson apparently. (I don't think we expose Subban and losing Butcher or Merkley really ain't a big deal either at this point). Hoping Fitz is able to rob ones on these teams that are screwed like the Wild -QG
  7. Honestly they are bringing back the Ziegler-era feel. Kinda getting a kick out of it a bit. -QG
  8. Oh My I Guess They Are Really Gonna Play Those Games... Unless something has changed since yesterday in the NHL's thinking it looks like they aren't going to play them all For the life of me I cannot imagine they'll make the 4 Canadian playoff teams wait all those days (though perhaps they want to give the teams a couple days off since WPG-TOR is on Friday and the Oilers play Saturday. -QG
  9. Wow there are a TON of teams all right next to each other between 5th and 11th in the ping pong ball order. Here's how those teams stack per http://www.tankathon.com/nhl 4th) NJ 45 points 15 RW 19 ROW .804 points percentage - no more games 5th) CBJ 48 points 12 RW .857 points percentage - no more games 6th) DET 48 points 16 RW .857 points percentage - no more games 7th) SJ 49 points 15 RW .891 points percentage - 1 game left so can get as many as 51 points 8th) OTT 49 points 18 RW .891 points percentage - 1 game left so can get as many as 51 points 9th) VAN
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