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  1. Posted October 7 60+(19-22)=+57 Used: Off: SF, TB, Bal, Wash, Min Def: SF, Den, Car, Ten, NE Week 6: Off: I dunno, Indy I guess Def: Let's jinx Pittsburgh -QG
  2. Impressed with how natural Gretzky's hair looked in the TNT studio - couldn't tell that he's 60 at all - nosiree. -QG
  3. There usually is a random surprise team and I figured in that division why not them. This will be a mess like my football predictions I'm sure -QG
  4. So if NYP is to be believed the dude expected to be in the Top-6? Is he not aware of the other young players on that team?... -QG
  5. And now the picks nobody was waiting for.... Patrick: Wsh 104, NYI 103, Car 100, NJ 96, NYR 93, Pit 90, Phi 88, CBJ 74 (though hell the top 7 might be inverted such a bonkers division this year) Atlantic: Fla 114, TB 113, Tor 104, Bos 102, Ott 88, Mtl 84, Det 65, Buf 57 (Probably too many for Buffalo...) Central: Col 118, Wpg 107, Chi 101, StL 97, Dal 94, Min 89, Nsh 70, Ari 59 (Probably too many for Arizona....) Pacific: VgK 117, Edm 99, LA 91, Sea 89, Cgy 85, Van 79, SJ 74, Ana 68 --- Patrick Playoffs: Bos d Wash 4-3, NYI d Car 4-0, Bos d NYI 4-3 Atlantic Playoffs: Fla d NJ 4-1, TB d Tor 4-2, TB d Fla 4-3 Central Playoffs: Col d Dal 4-0, Chi d Wpg 4-2, Col d Chi 4-2 Pacific Playoffs: VgK d StL 4-3, Edm d LA 4-0, VgK d Edm 4-1 Eastern Final: TB d Bos 4-2 Western Final: Col d VgK 4-1 Stanley Cup Final: Colorado d Tampa Bay 4-2 So there you go -QG
  6. Blackdot to follow along especially if my home league team turns to trash. -QG
  7. El Savador messing with the standings turning into a boat race with that win -QG
  8. 53+(34-27)=+60 Used: Off: SF, TB, Bal, Wash Def: SF, Den, Car, Ten Week 5: Off: Min Def: NE -QG
  9. It's my favorite survivor-related term. Had to carry it over from the Survivor Sucks board :lbf: -QG
  10. Bag of thoughts now that I caught up and watched episode 2. I don't mind the diverse cast at all. I think it gives those players more options for once which is a good switch from the typical season tbh. The ship of Burnett's cast by filling every character trait bucket (and often standard stereotyping) has well sailed. Curious if any would-be players self-selected out by refusing to get vaxxed but that is neither here nor there. It's almost always better when they have 0 or maybe just 1 mactor in the cast and this season bears that out imo. That said it is pretty awesome that they managed to cast some people who are comically bad at strategy. Xander boneheadedly announces he has no vote and then Tiffany out-awfuls him and basically saves him with her paranoia. I get that the other 2 women could have just voted Xander out anyway but burning Tiff in that way could lead to a 2-2 vote next time out. Did they clarify if Xander cannot even do his dice roll since he has no vote? If not he totally needs to roll the bones next loss. Brad basically announcing that he was going to go spy on the other two guys was next-level stupid but kinda seems to be his brand. The 3-way idol thing is a solid concept but the secret phrases are wayyyyyy too goofy and convoluted. It would have been better to have it be like a two-word unique phrase like "praying mantis" or "merry go round" - something that can be worked in organically but becomes a little more sus as things go on. I find it funny how straightforward and honest they have been about the secret trips. The producers seem to like having players work with differing levels of information but the chattiness (and honesty) of these players seems to be wreaking a little havoc with that. -QG
  11. Any other Bengals FBGs going to the game tomorrow night? Just got checked into my hotel - super stoked for the Ring of Honor and festivities Bunch of out of towners doing a gathering at the Blind Pig tonight so I'll be there. -QG
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