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  1. Update: Upick now predicts COVID will win SJS vs VGK game. (It got postponed because a Shark tested positive) -QG
  2. For Thursday Upick recommends taking the San Jose Sharks -QG
  3. yes - the s*ck it part comes in about half-way through the song. -QG
  4. I'm sure it's been covered here but the grub hub song where it sounds like the backup singers are saying s*ckit s*ckit *s*ckit over and over -QG
  5. Per Mike Garafolo on twitter conditions for 2nd round pick to upgrade to 1st: 75% of snaps or 70% of snaps and Coltz make playoffs -QG
  6. Very happy with the effort from my Devils - a lot of guys playing like they want to stay in the line up when the big guns return. Indirectly via interviews comments a minimum of 6 Devils tested positive and surely it was more. Mileage clearly varied as Kuokkanen actually was one of the positives and it clearly didn't hold him back last night. A good chunk of the game did have the feel of two young teams trying to figure things out - which they are. Good start to the rest of the year which I believe has 10 back-to-backs and only a single two-day break the rest of the way. Goose ba
  7. Panarin out will make it easier for my fantasy team at least Keeping expectations low though - think we gotta win it between minutes 10 and 45. If it's like our season-opener we'll be slow out of the gate and I fear dead legs at the end the same way Buffalo had. Would be a huge 2 points. -QG
  8. Devils back in action tonight I think it is a tough spot though -QG
  9. Though the thing about that list is thst they were in a position to win. (Cope got his other career win later that season if I recall correctly). But part of the fun of Daytona is that the range of possible winners is much greater than the typical NASCAR race. And heck Marlin and Waltrip won it twice. Mario is the most amazing of course - he ran it like 3 times altogether. Such a winner -QG
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