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  1. It's good. Except the Bill Walton guy. Like the actual Bill Walton I want him off my TV as fast as possible whenever I see him. -QG
  2. I'm fine with the 25% rule as it neutralizes the bye week issue for the most part - only a slight difference now with the oddball weeks where 6 teams or 2 teams are on bye. I do think that having a free ride week wasn't ideal. i am curious if the cut scores will all fall in a narrower range. The late-week 50% byes were typically in the 170s or even 180s IIRC. Would be surprised if any are that high. Anyway may as well do a rooster post-mortem now for the official one. QBs - Burrow, Fitzpatrick, Lance. Fitzpatrick was a very unlucky break - and he's a guy who I don't really think has been an injury guy over the years. Still a rookie who ain't playing as the #3 was dumb. I stand by the Burrow choice - I think he'll get bigger numbers as the season rolls on but with an affordable stud like Brady right there I blew it over a few dollars. And veering from Bridgewater was a bonehead move - like Lock is all that big a threat. RBs - Elliott, Robinson, Harris (NE), Edwards, Bernard, Michel. BRU-TAL. I mean Zeke has been worse than expected but the usage he had before ain't happening and I underestimated Pollard obvs. Robinson while popular depends on a coach that I think has no clue in the pros - bad analysis. Harris will be fine for the dollars but I overinvested in a coach that likes to mix up the top targets on a weekly basis. Gus is bad luck. Bernard is a nice role-player for TB but that role is a niche one - and spending $8 for lucky sporadic scoring bad. Michel I guess might work out now and can't complain at the price. But I needed to go with guys who are the clear dog at the top. And Mixon and Najeh have strangleholds. Dumb. WRs - Tyreek wasn't the problem in week 1 and week 2 is bad luck. Still it's a diversified offense that is target rich. The price point maybe wasn't the best idea. Can't kill myself for it though. Sutton was brutal in week one but that's probably bad luck. Beckham injury is a little bad luck but shoulda paid it more mind. Meyers - at his price point - probably was the one and only Patriot I should have taken. Callaway a massively popular preseason hype apparent bust (shoulda learned with Trequan from this team). Edwards was the rare good popular pick. MVS and Desean are two cheap whiffs at this point. The do over is to go more with guys in the mid-range though. Stochastic approach. TEs - I got too enamored of Pitts - Looking at the balance of this team I took too many guys set for a slow start. Jonnu has been okay. Kmet was okay week 1. Everett - I'm dubious. It's sorta a lot of guys who - outside of Pitts - seem to have limited upside. Arnold was better to provide that for cheaper. Always tough position to get right. PK - 3 cheap (McManus, McPherson, Elliott) so far seems fine - double digits both weeks and all 3 look set to keep their gigs. Did this okay. TD - 4 minimum wage defenses gave me a pair of 5s. I need to look harder at what the mid-price teams deliver next time. But that is not a winning rooster. Bad stuff. -QG
  3. A linky to it might help some folks assuming they can explore around enough to see the free agents and such. -QG
  4. I'd like to think this is true but I think the reality is I whiffed on too many of the selections I settled on at the end. This isn't a rooster that would do well in the long haul. I will say that the very popular picks have all just about busted out as well so I ended up with a lot of popular underperforming choices. -QG
  5. Let's see... Official Entry came in at 131.95 - for all the time I put in this is by far my worst entry ever and I need to rethink a lot of things next time. Woulda/coulda/shoulda (effectively the Brady/Burrow combo - with Lance) - that's at 169.10 and still would be in. Very first entry would be sweating the Turk at 147.55 Good luck to those sweating for real! -QG
  6. Just don't know what to make of him. Seems like he'll have the odd monster game but then there will ones like this where the game script just destroys him -QG
  7. I'm a Bengals homer but I was totally locked in on him - Butker went comically early so he wasn't in the convo for me but my draft board was probably something like Butker and then the master Justin Tucker and then McPherson - but I knew I was gonna be able to get him with my last pick. My own opinion is I think he's in that set and forget category of which there are many. -QG
  8. Foreshadowing the week 17 starting RB....or should I say TB? -QG
  9. 0+(41-33)=+8 Used: Off: SF Def: SF Week 2: Off: TB Def: Den -QG
  10. one factor that held down the Bengals kicker numbers in recent years was the reluctance to put Rotund Randy out there for any kick at all over 50 yards. It really hampered things. Now they have a guy that they will happily put out there to try a 60-yarder at the end of a half. The team will go for it on 4th and short A LOT this year which may vex owners a little but they will not shy away from using him at all. Learned their lesson afrer idiotically cutting Elliot after drafting him in round 5 three years ago -QG
  11. Yup last chance folks - glad I grabbed in the last round of my 8-teamer -QG
  12. Things will brighten up when Mitchell inevitably gets hurt ...until the 49ers sign a backup kicker off a practice squad and convert him into their new RB1 -QG
  13. Holding as my RB6 for now but putting a Shanaban on drafting SF RBs for the duration of his coaching tenure. -QG
  14. okay removed but I think QuizGuy, DELETE! was gonna win the whole thing! -QG
  15. Chagrined that I am currently tied with QuizGuy, DELETE! -QG
  16. Woula coulda shoulda entry survives of course -QG
  17. Looks like a final of 146.15. Not loving it -QG
  18. FWIW The woulda coulda shoulda I posted above is exactly 5 points ahead of my real entry (but would have Edwards start counting after 4.70) Found (most of) the very first Rooster I had (I think I can work out the defenses and kickers - I'm sure I had McPherson and the Bengals for example). Even with deadwood Cody Parkey the original rooster would have managed a 175.20. So clearly I should have given the contest 0 though -QG
  19. 144.45 + (Bryan Edwards - 10.40) Really need the kid to have a big game and bail me out -QG
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