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  1. Ingram is 9th in the league in carries (86), but is still only RB51 in PPR. He's actually behind his teammate David Johnson, who has only 20 carries. Ingram is so bad in the passing game. How bad is he? He is so bad, he has more games with negative receiving yards than positive ones.
  2. Week 1 - CEH had 17 touches for 72 empty yards, while playing 47 of the team's 65 snaps (72%). Williams and McKinnon combined for 18 snaps (14 & 4), but only 1 touch Week 2 - CEH had 13 touches for 46 empty yards (and a lost fumble), while playing 33 of the team's 51 snaps (65%). Williams and McKinnon combined for 18 snaps (14 & 4), with 4 touches Week 3 - CEH had 19 touches for 109 yards and a TD (and also a fumble), while playing 49 of the team's 79 snaps (62%). Williams and McKinnon combined for 30 snaps (27 & 3), with 9 touches Week 4 - CEH had 16 touches for 114 yards and a TD, while playing 35 of the team's 67 snaps (52%). Williams and McKinnon combined for 32 snaps (24 & 8), with 12 touches Before he got injured in week 5, he certainly was not a desperation start. Sure, his snap percentage was dropping, but he was RB19 even with the 2 weak fantasy games to start the season. He was an RB1 in both weeks 3 and 4. CEH had 341 yards on 65 touches Williams had 99 yards on 25 touches McKinnon had 14 yards on 1 touch A healthy CEH can be a very serviceable RB2, even if he cedes playing time. Now for the important question - how long before he comes back?
  3. I thought I was taking a year off from FF, but got sucked in at the last minute by a coworker. Sadly, I let my subscription expire and never got to enter this contest...
  4. Well, I offered Mike Williams for Ridley straight up. Williams is currently WR3 and Ridley is WR51, so we will see what happens. I was already considering doing this, but week 7 bye problems have forced my hand.
  5. While I agree he is due for some serious targets, his last scheduled game was a goose egg and we really don't know why. Anyone got his cell phone number?
  6. Any info on Calvin's mysterious absence? Please, no speculation. I wanna trade for him, but no idea what's up. Anyone?
  7. I am so thin in week 7, I am simply gonna take the loss instead of decimating my team. Luckily, I play a team with bye week problems as well. Sometimes it's better to do nothing...
  8. Is this the Calvin Ridley thread, or a thread about the issuance of passports? And does anyone really think Calvin had a passport snafu?
  9. Is Chris Evans hurt? I have to ask, because he is listed as the backup over Trayveon on multiple websites, including this one.
  10. Was trying to come up with the best team that would've made it to the SB. This team would still be alive: CLE David Njoku - $2 IND Jack Doyle - $3 KC Patrick Mahomes - $39 Darrel Williams - $4 Tyreek Hill - $29 Mecole Hardman - $11 Travis Kelce - $34 Harrison Butker - $10 Chiefs D - $9 TB Tom Brady - $28 Leonard Fournette - $11 Chris Godwin - $20 Mike Evans - $20 Scott Miller - $5 Cameron Brate - $7 Ryan Succop - $10 WAS Cam Sims - $4 Steven Sims - $2 Weekly cuts were 105.7, 112.15, and 122.35. Scores for this team would be 107.85, 114.3, and 122.85. Had to spend $11 on non-KC/TB players to get through. Spent only $248 of the $250.
  11. Good luck Mingooch! For those wondering about other serious contenders, I went through about 150 entries and found this monster... https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2020/104377.php - 11 players for $197 (but no Mahomes)
  12. Used O: BAL, KC Used D : TB, KC Week 3 Offense: GB Defense: GB Go Pack!
  13. Here are a few teams with a good shot at some bucks. Can you find any others? https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2020/101529.php - BUF/GB = $203 https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2020/103061.php - BUF/TB = $185 https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2020/100688.php - KC/GB = $142 https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2020/102014.php - KC/TB = $178
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