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  1. Have a free bet at Rivers: 3 team parlay chi plus 3 GB plus 3 TB plus 7 Bought the points. 100 pays 440 GIVE EM HELL TODAY!
  2. Yes they are. We have them in groups of 10 with 2 counselors. When in their pods of ten the mask rule is relaxed. When transitioning masks are up. When is close proximity masks are up. Staff has masks on at all times. well Staff has masks on when the bosses come around (16-23 year old counselors0
  3. Currently working at a day camp. 450, three through 11 year olds. We started two weeks ago. Interested to see how it goes. If this goes well it will ease my mind when we go back in August. I am concerned about being inside when school starts. I am a PE teacher so I will be outside as much as possible.
  4. Arlington Heights Verilife is Medical Only. Where are you coming from?
  5. Sorry just checked back in. Yes I go to Natures care. You need to get your preorder in early as time slots fill up quickly. Parking does suck but never had cops called. I also live close enough to ride my bike if I was not lazy. How did Aurora go?
  6. Natures care in Rolling Meadows is ok. Appointment only due to Covid. Price on the site is the price you pay. Unlike Mundelein tack on 30 percent to the price on their site. Not sure about Aurora. https://naturescarecompany.com
  7. I work at a day camp. Chicago suburbs. We are starting later (July 6th) Hoping to be in phase four but have a plan for phase 3. Sucks the pools are closed, no field trips blahhhh
  8. Careful the Beef Jerky lots of Sugar/carb filler
  9. I will give you a 1.5 day chip....Congrats! Now go eat some steak.
  10. Serious question: With the emergence of Marijuana might that fill the gap in the off years?
  11. Great conversation. I do not believe the human system has evolved on how it runs on energy but what humans consume has changed significantly since 1940. The increase in daily carbs/sugar processed foods has been the biggest change and then the whole Low fat era turned out to be not so good either. I believe alcohol is removed first because the body sees it as a poison. Some would say carbs are not as essential of a nutrient as once thought.
  12. I have counted calories. I have myfitnesspal'd I have Weightwatcherd I worked out 5-7 days a week I ate 5 small meals a day to "rev up the metabolism" I ate low fat everything "Fat is EVIL!" I walk 15-20K steps a day just cuz of work I weigh 265 pounds and my body wants to keep getting bigger NOW I count calories I still Myfitnesspal I work out sporadically....Shame on me I eat one maybe 2 meals a day I eat fat, need fat, it is a necessity CARBS ARE EVIL I still walk 15-20k a day I eat 25 carbs a day I fluctuate between 187-195 pounds!
  13. Great question, not facts just my opinions. 1. Carbs are cheap. Farmers grow grain. Processed food. The Microwave. It used to be home cooked meals. Then everyone had to work and the microwave was invented and it became quick food, quick meals, frozen dinners, microwave crap. Then everything started coming in packages and advertising (Think cereal companies. 2. I have been on it 19 months now. Much lighter, feel great, not dead yet. Are there long term effects to the way the gubment wants us to eat now.... Appears so with the obesity epidemic we are in. 3. You need to choose what works for you. I tried most everything. Kept works for me.
  14. Sure... Teaches socialization, teamwork, directionality, listening, pattern and sequencing.
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