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  1. dude in my league traded Russell Wilson for George Kittle straight up. Superflex. dude has Mahomes and Baker as his other QB's. Always interesting to see how people value Qb's in superflex.
  2. agree...and QB so valuable in superflex...with Mahomes, Murray, and Wilson im in great shape...if Murray hits could always try and flip Wilson
  3. agreed..no one at back of 1st round this year worth a 1 and a 2 next year....or even a 1 and a 4 picking where you where really
  4. this feels like a no brainer....2020 looks much better....and might be higher pick in the round
  5. also in a superflex dynasty league just traded Dante Pettis and a 3rd next year for Russell Wilson...(gives me Mahomes, Wilson, and Murray as my QB;s) . Like Pettis but really wanted to feel good about that QB position.
  6. thats what i did...not really trying to move Saquon...and Thomas without Brees in future is a question mark
  7. Was offered Micheal Thomas and DeVonta Freeman for Saquon in my dynasty league..thinking No.... but it's not terrible.. especially for winning now
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