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  1. There are some dictatorships around the world it seems you would be much more comfortable living in
  2. Your point about paying more is 100% spot on for state and local government. Once you get past a comfortable living wage I'm not so sure though. Federal elected office at least pays a living wage. I'm not sure paying a lot more would attract different/better people. I'm also not sure that we need people who are motivated by making more money in government.
  3. I think the framing of this topic is off compared to the discussion that needs to happen. There's a big difference between "I trust the government with everything all the time" and "I believe government can be a force for good and want that to happen." The assumption that there are people out there that just blindly trust the government is just wrong. Who are these people? The left that sees Black people disproportionally killed by the government? The right that thinks anything the government does for people who aren't them is socialism? The fact is we *do* have a government. And we always will. Some of us advocate for government that makes a positive difference in people's lives. Others think the government is corrupt and can't do anything right (except the military and public safety of course). Nobody trusts the government about everything. That would be as dumb as distrusting the government about everything. The question is in what places can government offer solutions that are better than the market. We all agree those spaces exist, we just disagree on exactly which belong there. We pretty much all believe in a public military and transportation system. Basically nobody believes in a public institution to play pickleball. Some of us believe a public solution for health care would be better than what we have, some of us don't.
  4. Cantlay is a dog. Dude is out there after 20 points and the next thing he talks about is upcoming Ryder Cups. Hasn't had any champagne yet and already worried about kicking their ### next time.
  5. Nah. The difference between Rahm and Scheffler isn't that big. Rahm is likely to win, but definitely not unbeatable I sure didn't see 4&3 coming
  6. Rahm is the best player in the world and is absolutely not out of it. Sort of like how Scheffler wasn't out of it before the match started.
  7. Nah. The difference between Rahm and Scheffler isn't that big. Rahm is likely to win, but definitely not unbeatable.
  8. Have you considered that your prior opinions on politics and religion and your current opinions on germ theory/covid are simply different manifestations of exactly the same thing and you haven't changed as much as you've shifted focus? The need to feel like you're so smart that you see something other people don't is something that you'll probably be a lot happier without.
  9. Yes. It's a huge waste of water. Water shortages are here. It's just stupid to spend it on growing a vanity crop.
  10. I'm trying to understand you. You keep saying things like "I'm asking YOU why you are necessary if your wife can do everything you do? Based on yours and others understanding you're nothing but sperm donors, no?" I don't think my characterization was out of line, but apologies if I misunderstood. Again, could you give me a few examples of things that require either gender to teach?
  11. Why do you think that men and women having overlapping skills degrades either men or women?
  12. There are lots of things that I can't convey/teach. There are some things I can. I'm not at all offended by that fact, nor am I offended by the fact that there are many women who can convey/teach things I cannot that have nothing to do with their genitals. Again, what are these things that require genitals in order to teach children? Could you give me a few examples?
  13. No, but surely their opinion can withstand a second-level question can't it?
  14. I'd still love to see this list. It's been said multiple times that a woman can't teach a boy to be a man. What parts of "being a man" are unique to men?" I'd love to see what specific things you think women can't teach.
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