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  1. Sometimes I assume that people are generally conversant around the issues they're talking about, my apologies.
  2. Pick your state and compare urban vs suburban. I'd guess that the people in the 'burbs drive more. This is a commonly known thing that you shouldn't need to ask for data on. Or you could have googled for five seconds and found it. Why are you so stuck on this subject that you don't seem to know much about?
  3. It wasn't thinking. It was data from Cleveland. People in the suburbs drive more.
  4. Wealthier people generally live farther away from goods/services in the city center. One reason why they drive a lot more. Not a new point, just something I thought was interesting that added to the conversation.
  5. Oh also I'd like to see this indexed to vehicle size.
  6. You sound like you're from my local LD. Just because inside of a certain segment that gets taxed there is a piece that is regressive doesn't mean the tax is regressive. If you tax people who drive to fund transit, your tax is progressive overall, because wealthier people drive than take transit, and the wealthier you are, the more you drive. Even if someone who makes $45000 a year pays .03% more of their income in tax than someone who makes $55000 a year. Also, almost every single tax that we have is regressive but to different extents, so let's look at how progressive/regressive taxe
  7. So here's the thing. As a country we've built way more roads than we can afford to maintain with the tax revenues and sources we have. And we've done it all relatively recently, so the big costs haven't come due yet. The state DOT where I live has a $700 million annual maintenance shortfall. Basically we are going 3/4 of a billion dollars backward *every* year. And that's just state highways. (PS, we're still spending billions expanding them because we're idiots) The city I live in estimates that it will take about $130 million just to get our city owned roads up to acceptable status. My city
  8. Now imagine miles driven and mode choice are things we can measure by income. https://nhts.ornl.gov/tables09/fatcat/2009/vmt_HHFAMINC.html https://www.bts.gov/archive/publications/special_reports_and_issue_briefs/special_report/2007_10_03/table_01 https://www.bts.gov/archive/publications/special_reports_and_issue_briefs/special_report/2007_10_03/figure_02
  9. And the more wealthy people are the more miles they put on a car in general. People who drive are generally more wealthy than people who don't. This isn't a regressive tax
  10. In Washington we are prohibited by a state constitutional amendment from using the gas tax for anything but "highway purposes" So we end up in this negative feedback loop with transit and multimodal starved for dollars and more lane miles making more traffic. Because of that I'm all in on a VMT
  11. Why would I as a white person have any problem driving through a predominately black neighborhood?
  12. Oh I see so you're just making up motivations for other people.
  13. Yup. Life is tough, and I know I'm not going to fix the problem. I feel a pull to attempt to make the world a better place, however, so I'm going to do the little bit I can.
  14. You're pretty confident in that. I've got no doubt that is your perceived experience, and it's clear I won't be changing your mind.
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