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  1. Chatter you say.... Thinking of getting some more.
  2. I also like staying at #6 and trying to get a stud. I remember when Hopkins was on the trade block and everyone was saying how you have to take a chance on a talent like that they don't come around often. Now I'm not saying the #6pick is Hopkins but it's the same idea you have to take the chance on a stud player when you get the chance.
  3. Hate to see it end this way but it had to happen. I had so much hope for an alumnus of mine to be playing or my beloved Eagles. Only to have it end way too quick. Eagles and Wentz both to blame.
  4. Have had the pleasure of watching both of them and Trey Lance win championships. I got your QB factory right here at NDSU.
  5. Not for nothing. But Wentz was in my town yesterday "Fargo ND'" Him and Easton Stick "Chargers" did a charity event. The grand prize at the event was a huge framed and signed picture of Wentz in an Eagles uniform. You know what that means??? He's back baby. FLY EAGLES FLY !!!
  6. That just might be the market for him. What I’m saying is that is not enough to move on. For that price I’d rather we put his ### on the field in 2021 and see if he has anything.
  7. Sold all I had left today. It’s been a great ride. Thanks Chet and everyone else. Total profit just over $11,000 Buying a fishing boat this summer using that sweet sweet CYDY money.
  8. Yep MLB great at getting it wrong.
  9. If that's the case I'm cool with them keeping him. I don't mind the idea of giving Wentz one more year with a new system to see what he has. I don't care that he has a 2nd round draft pick baking him up. I don't care he didn't get the credit for wining the Super Bowl. I want my franchise QB to be able to rise above this kind of stuff and use it for motivation. Give him one more year, draft a WR first round and let's see what happens. If he plays like crap again you know what he is for sure and then blow the whole thing up. A top tier QB is so important in the NFL some guys t
  10. Like others have said. I'd start with the battery. My question was going to be how old is the battery? In extreme cold or hot climates batteries just don't last long.
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