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  1. I don't think it should have been a flag either. It is possible that the official was looking away at something else and then looked back right when he was going/falling towards the knees.
  2. Dude, this is a message board. No one cares about what anyone else thinks about anything. Some might "act" like they care about what people are saying, but they don't care at all.
  3. That is what liberals do. Complain about Trump and when they don't get their way, start name calling.
  4. I guess the truth hurts you, doesn't it.
  5. Big difference is that no cares about your argument.
  6. So apparently you weren't around either. Every speech he made was "Me Me Me" and "I I I" and every post he made celebrating a holiday or birthday had him in the picture. Look how much he was complaining because he wasn't getting credit for the economy when he had been out of office for almost two years.
  7. I agree. They should take the time to fill out the information and not be so self-involved thinking that the world revolves around them.
  8. Is the article trying to convince people that there are more (or less) sexes other than male and female?
  9. In this case, yes. It would be like reading a fiction novel.
  10. Why? To have it try to convince me that there are more then two sexes? Pass.
  11. If you are born female, you are a female. If you are born male, you are a male. It is simple as that.
  12. See that is what is wrong with today's society. Everyone immediately jumps to the negative. Guilty until proven innocent.
  13. I never said that. You are just putting words in people's mouths again.
  14. Yup. If you don't care enough to fill out the forms, then neither should the government.
  15. They don't fill it out, they don't get counted. Simple as that.
  16. True, but you don't need to have all of the people go out.
  17. I said above that is the census even really needed any more? There is no need to hire people to have them go out. Do it online, have a valid SSN, etc.
  18. Then you immediately jumped to racism.
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