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  1. Keep Rudolph because of Jack Doyle on the Colts as well.
  2. Fournette looks week to week and since your RB's look pretty good with Drake, Barber and Hyde I wouldn't go all out on Yeldon. Maybe top out at $18. Since your WR's are weaker I would put more emphasis on Enunwa like a bid of $22. I would drop C. Ridley and possibly Ebron or Matt Ryan according to whichever your TE's or QB's are stronger.
  3. With the outcome of Week 1 and Fournette getting banged up and Cooper having an awful Week 1, I hope you decided against this.
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. Being sarcastic in my comments hence the smiley faces. I have had to endure horrible sickness and it isn't fun. I didn't have any choice in the matter though.
  5. I have never played dynasty before, but if you are looking for the long run I would think keeping Chubb would be the smart move here.
  6. He is my Top priority as my #1RB is Melvin Gordon. I have the #10 WW pick out of 12 so the likelihood of getting him is very slim. I have a back up option though.
  7. Mostly only if he got sick. Oh Thank God another Female. Ha Ha only joking guys.
  8. Now that Will Dissly has been moved to the Starting TE should he be given some looks at the WW as a possible #2 TE?
  9. I wouldn't use it on a RB because you are stacked there. I would focus on your WR position first and Golloday would be #1 followed by Enunwa, Marshall, and D. Jackson. Then I would focus with your 2nd Waiver pick on your Defense with Bears or maybe the Redskins or Falcons.
  10. Going to be hard with Baldwin banged up. If I was the AJ Green owner I wouldn't do it.
  11. The Chargers are going up against the Bills so Rivers is the best play at QB this week. Go with Rivers.
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