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  1. On to Wr....how do we feel about Dede Westbrook? Bought the hype pre season and am concerned now with QB change. worth to drop in exchange for James wash, stills, or Keke?
  2. Sig am I crazy to feel league winner vibes from Carlos Hyde? Thinking of adding him and dropping Mostert because his offense is so much better - what do you think?
  3. 12 team full ppr.project to virtual tie with opponent.... currently starting: Mahomes, CMC, Ware, Cooks, Cooper, Hooper Golladay Bench: DJ Moore, Curt Samuel, Gallup Rex Burk, Rashaad Penny, Kenny Dixon Wire is picked aside from usual suspects at TE....not loving aware, Hoop, or Kenny G... Shoukd I shuffle the lineup or stand pat, Marcy Rossman Style?
  4. 12 Short Bench PPR Do Marq Goodwin and TQS represent enough upside to warrant a roster spot? alternatives are handcuffing my backs with Kareem Hunt/C.J. Anderson. upside handcuffs, with my preferences being Burkhead, Penny, and Jamaal Williams. Said another way - out of the 7 players named, who you cutting? thanks!!
  5. Is Golladay really a must start? Even without Tate he seems to be the #2 on Ann offense in a tough road matchup. Am I crazy to want to start Tre Quan and MVS over him?
  6. Do I hang on to Marquise Goodwin? I’m partial to a (supposed) #1 but the last few weeks have been brutal... 12 team Ppr - options to swap: T Gabriel (Trubisky horrifies me) mike Williams Chris Kirk tyrell Williams
  7. Favorite last roster spot RB (12 team ppr): Jamaal Williams (owned currently) chase edmunds rod smith Rashaad Penny Josh Adams malcolm Brown
  8. Bloom tough year for my squad due to injuries...better fuller replacement: MVS or Sutton (12 team ppr). Gabriel also there but am gunshy after watching Mitch throw ducks all game against the pats...
  9. Sig last receiver spot - 12 team ppr and out of waiver bucks. currently own T Gabriel. Would you drop for: MVS Tre’quan Cam Meredith chris godwin Thank you!
  10. RB Bench depth - 12 team PPR, set at 2 starting spots. pick 3 - Ron Jones, Josh Adams, D’Onta Foreman, ito Smith, Kelly/ M Brown, Spencer Ware, Rashad Penny thank you!
  11. Last two WR spots - 12 team PPR. Neither would be needed in lineup currently. choose from Godwin, Tre’quan, MVS, Christian Kirk, Cam Meredith.
  12. Sig looking to pick 1 high upside handcuff at both WR and RB for end of bench. WR targets - J Washington, Cam Meredith, Tre Quan Smith RB targets - Stevan Ridley, Malcolm Brown, Jon Kelly, Corey Clement(currently own), Smallwood, Josh Jackson, Corey Grant, M Gillislee Leaning Washington and Clement....who you got? Thanks!
  13. Last Wr spot in short bench ppr league. current receivers in order of draft capital are: Cooper/cooks/Goodwin/Fuller/Golladay/Godwin would you drop any for mike Williams/Phil Dorsett? Or drop one to handcuff Kareem hunt? (I’m actually leaving to drop Godwin for Ware, in light of the mixOn injury and D Jax looking likely to play...)
  14. Got it. Possible I am seeing things with patriot colored glasses. And to be thorough - my WR 1-6 are Cooper, Cooks, Goodwin, Golladay, Fuller, Dorsett. Assume Dorsett is the guy you drop out of that group for Godwin?
  15. Hey Guys - Noodling on my last receiver spot in a 12 team ppr league (short bench). Currently my WR6 is Philip Dorsett. After the dust settled from the week 1 waivers, Mike Williams and Chris Godwin are available on the wire. I am a slight contrarian in thinking that Dorsett has the inside track to become Bradys preferred non RB/non TE target. As a die hard Pats fan I have watched Hogan weekly and think he is JAG who has trouble separating from top 3 corner backs. Also, I don't discount Dorsett much going forward because I think Edelman will take a step back - at his age coming
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