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  1. If I never voted for Trump, can I still sling mud at Biden or am I automatically labeled a Trumper? Also, my ballot had options other than Trump and Biden.
  2. Jenna Bush going to a bar at 19, newsworthy. Hunter Biden dropping n-bombs, not newsworthy.
  3. "I would think it's not only fair game to be reporting it, but fair game to be asking the president about it, whenever a reporter wants to ask the president. If people found out on the street that the president's 19-year-old daughter was in a bar [and the press ignored it] … the majority of reasonable thinking people would come away thinking the press was in cahoots with the president of the United States for some reason of privilege."
  4. New York Post reported this a week ago. I think it’s another media double standard in a long line of them.
  5. Adjusted for inflation, 22 trillion is 3 times the cost of all military wars since the American Revolution.
  6. We’ve spent over 22 trillion on anti-poverty programs over the past 50 years and here we are. If we just spend 30 trillion that will fix it.
  7. I need to park 200k somewhere safe for a year or until the housing market cools off. It’s currently sitting in my checking account and giving me anxiety. CD a good option?
  8. Anyone remember when the media gave Bush a free pass because it took him 3 days to visit the Katrina aftermath?
  9. “Of the American adults who followed these three rules, only 2% wound up in poverty and nearly 75% made it to the middle class ($55,000+), according to Brookings.”
  10. - 6 foot social distancing? Wrong. - Surface spreading? Wrong. - Outdoor masks? Wrong. - Occupancy rules? Wrong. - Locking down schools? Wrong. - Texas will get a major outbreak after they drop mandates? Wrong. Anything else I missed? Fine being wrong, fine changing your mind - but the amount of damage these top level policies and recommendations cause is wild.
  11. Did he have the same experience while living in Texas?
  12. It is scary but not how you think it is. I notice the press is curiously and suddenly uninterested in "kids in cages" at the border now that the VP of the administration that invented the "kids in cages" policy is in the White House. It's strange also that the same press corps that spent five years characterizing Jared Kushner and Ivanka as corrupt weasels is now single-mindedly devoted to convincing everyone that Hunter Biden - one of the most depraved, useless shartbags in recent memory - is basically Mother Teresa but maybe slightly less perfect.
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