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  1. 68% of Democrats, 31% of independents and 11% of Republicans trust media.
  2. Screw the small business owners who have to replace all of their equipment.
  3. Americans' Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record
  4. He called out the corrupted media for the Russia collusion lie.
  5. FBGs moved so far left that Greenwald is now a righty 🤣
  6. “I was not able to participate in today’s debate and vote on the extension of the national debt limit. I was attending the funeral of a great civil rights leader in Delaware, Jane E. Mitchell. Had I been here to vote, Mr. President, I would have cast a symbolic vote against an extension of the debt limit. Today’s fiscal mess, the transformation of historic surpluses into record deficits, is not an accident. It is the inevitable outcome of policies that consistently ignored evidence and experience.”
  7. If it is ultimately inevitable and necessary, why does the left want to import millions of immigrants who are mostly illiterate in their own language? What do we do with them once robots can do the jobs the left claims we need them to do?
  8. Cool then they can stop taking public funds.
  9. You should know by know that whenever a Dem says something stupid or egregious, it is taken out of context.
  10. Economic migrants do not have a valid asylum claim.
  11. Rotten & Deeply Corrupt Media
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