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  1. Yeah should have read "as he ended up on my waiver wire". I burnt the #1 pick to claim him. It's a non-PPR and according to yesterday's FBG rankings he'd be my WR4 which seems low for a guy that was predicted to potentially challenge for WR1 overall at the beginning of the year. was just curious if there was any rumors about last week that I might have been missing before I spent the pick, seems like none
  2. I'm now a Ridley owner and he somehow ended up on my waiver wire; any news on him? I was a bit surprised at the recent rankings here on FBG...
  3. is not posting things on the internet that I fear could be misinterpreted in the future considered self-censoring? Or would that be just common sense? None option on poll doesn't work.
  4. Anyone here worth taking over Jared Cook? Shultz is there too, looking at Knox but I feel like we've been down this road with him before....
  5. Fournette has a history of getting banged up. I would definitely expect TB to put more emphasis on running after getting pasted this past week. RJII has had stretches where he looks unstoppable (weeks 4-6 last year for example). I think there are better days coming for the Bucs runners and as long as you are patient both are really cheap for the potential upside.
  6. Grabbed him as a Fournette handcuff in a superflex where I have nothing at RB. He's got the talent, if he gets an opportunity we've seen what he can do. I think he's a good hold in deeper leagues.
  7. Couldn't believe the boo birds came out when Sheila wanted to say a couple words during Megatron's ceremony. What more do people want her to do? Was definitely great to see Calvin in the building he looks like he could suit up today.
  8. Yeah I can't bring myself to stream David Carr or Daniel Freaking Jones ahead of a first ballot HOF based on one bad game. Verrett hurt SF offense nothing special right?
  9. Just remembered last time I was in Vegas we were playing the Ravens and I had a good feeling we would cover. Oops! Also got to see the Tucker 61 yard FG on Monday night in 2013. So I guess I'm saying I'm due for sure, mortgage the house on this one boys and girls. Lions 23-21.
  10. Swift needs to get more touches. JWill has a role to play but should be more like 70/30 Swift IMO. Hopefully that's the play going forward, I know Swift has been banged up a bit.
  11. Am I crazy to think we match up well? Bring some more pressure on the LOS vs the two high safeties we needed to play last night? Offense was good for the first half and just kinda fell apart once GB got a lead and the weather went bad. Ravens D doesn't seem quite as good as they have been in the past. Maybe just because I'm going to the game but I feel pretty good about taking the points this week at a minimum and gonna shoot a missile at the money line too.
  12. As a Rodgers owner I'm still a bit unsettled. The Lions were getting some pressure on him and he missed some throws. MVS and Lazard non-existent against a historically bad secondary. He feels closer to a streamer than a set-and-forget QB1.
  13. I'm hooked on Division 2 now that I have PS5 it loads 20x faster and runs smooth. Not sure if anyone is playing this regularly? My brother sent me Miles Morales so that will be next on my list when I've worn out the endgame on Div. Running through the Seasons content now. I beat the first run on Resident Evil 2 which was fun but not too inclined to do the Clare run vs play other things. I also played Star Wars Squadrons on PSVR but it's really not my type of game.
  14. For those of you who don't want to listen to Twellman, the Spanish language Prende is showing all games and is free on FireTV at least. Wales +375 (DK) seems like a great value.
  15. iRobot Braava Jet m6 is the wet/dry sweeper also $200 off for prime day https://smile.amazon.com/iRobot-Connected-Precision-Compatible-Recharges/dp/B08TN2GC94. I have one it works well.
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