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  1. Goff we know ran an unusual offense that didn't really permit him to make any changes or even reads beyond what McVay put in his ear. We know our receivers are likely going to be bad if not worst in the league but we don't really know what kind of offense we're going to run or the reads/throws they'll be asking him to make. Very likely he's going to struggle but it's also possible he can flourish when given a bit more freedom. We're going to have a top line, RBs that can catch, plus an emerging star TE in Hock. Also I think calling McVay an offensive genius is maybe a little much; th
  2. Hopefully good pick at #101 then. Never heard of him before yesterday... Welcome to the pride!
  3. Who are we targeting at #41? Elijah Moore? Ojulari? Is there a DB anyone likes there?
  4. I had a friend pass suddenly last night from blood clots. Had his second Moderna recently. He was 49 and in good health otherwise. He made a show on Facebook of promoting the vaccine to our friends (lot of rural Michigan people) Everyone is still in shock. Just horrible. So many of my friends have died young from stupid luck. I've had second Moderna last week. Feel great after a few hours of sick.
  5. People increasingly get their news from social media and so we get basically independent reporters/social media personalities replacing cable news talking heads. Youtube personalities make mountains more than rank-and-file journos. Cable news networks are trying to stay relevant. I apologize for not reading the thread but everyone knows the bias of "The Daily Beast" right? Everyone here does. We cannot go back to the way it was before with BBC and the big three networks. I know you know this @rockactionbut also curious why "especially left-wing". Michael Flynn and Lin Wood still have a
  6. Facts eventually come out right? Stories get revised and corrected? I don't subscribe to the Daily Outrage but I see a lot of time and energy being spent on it. People have been wrong forever now it's like immortalized on Twitter and Youtube and the shaming never ends. The question of agenda still matters but IMO there's no way around this now or going back to the way it was. We as a country just need to be way cooler and stop the snap judgements and endless bickering. I do wanna say how much I appreciate the long-term content providers in this community. Y'all know who you are. FB
  7. Plenty of leftists would have sat out. The "stand back and stand by" moment in particular motivated several people I know.
  8. Just speculation on Michigan but: https://www.thedailybeast.com/a-qanon-curious-mom-helped-lead-michigan-back-to-covid-hell I'm in Wayne County and everyone wears masks, social distancing is most everywhere. It's hard to pinpoint how we are doing things differently than other states if indeed it's statistically significant. So above makes some sense to me. ETA: not meant to be political. It's a mystery to all of us here too.
  9. I beat XCOM and played XCOM2 for a good while, got to the point where there is a big jump in the difficulty and it scared me off. I don't need that frustration in my life.
  10. Probably going to check out Days Gone or maybe Death Stranding for my single player fix.
  11. Finally done with Witcher 3. The DLCs were amazing especially Blood and Wine. So much love put into that game. I've left a bunch of "?" unexplored but I'm level 52 and all the main quests and witcher contracts are done so probably won't go back unless it's for a brief stopover. Got a PS5 from BB and have been playing Division 2 with my brothers. We are still early in main game (level 17) but it's pretty fun. Another huge world with tons of detail and good combat. Played on both PS4 Pro and PS5 and PS5 load times and performance are just miles better.
  12. would it be surprising to see KG on the Rams next year with Stafford throwing the jump balls down the field? No idea about their cap situation but I'm not sure he'd be as good a fit with Goff. Talented guy nobody can be sure how much of his 2020 season was just related to his contract situation. Wish him the best of luck, I'm sure we'd be better in 2021 with him as our WR1 cause that sure isn't Ty Williams I hope. Bring MJ3 back for the right price? I'm surprised Robinson got franchised, I thought he would have been a good target.
  13. Looks like $9.36mm if I am reading right? https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/detroit-lions/cap/2021/ Not great for sure. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/detroit-lions/ We can get rid of all these guys at those prices other than Golladay and Okwara who it looks like we have an option on but will probably want to be paid. Marvin contract worked out, not sure what he would want to stay but I think we'll be okay with KG/Hock/???/Cephus/Allison? Pretty depressing all the contracts we handed out for defenders the last couple years.
  14. So as a long-suffering Lions fan is there not an option where we keep Stafford, extend Golladay and just fix the defense? I don't get tearing it to the ground and rebuilding for the next few years around whatever GM we get in here. The defense literally cannot get any worse but we have pieces on the offense to put points up. Stafford has been the only constant good thing about this team for years. He's probably in a spot financially where he can play out his contract but I think we should be open to extending him. Letting our best player walk in the prime of his career seems pretty silly
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