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  1. I care as much about what John Elway says as Colin Kaepernick Nikki Haley is the female Mitt Romney. Good luck with that
  2. The plan for Train was for it to be a Flexi disc for the NME but things fell apart. The songs inspiration involves his relationship with Viv Albertine
  3. I can’t even laugh anymore, very sad to see this happen
  4. What would you consider essential, not playing a gotcha game or anything just curious where you would draw the line.
  5. I don’t think anybody is rooting for doom, however some might be more pessimistic
  6. “The bride and groom only offered f-bombs to a reporter after the service.” classy
  7. Donate to a local charity, give to a struggling relative for rent/mortgage or even patronize favorite restaurants for takeout, they are desperate for business
  8. Kobuchar needs to freshen up her material, the “who does that “bit was good the other night but lame the 2nd time around
  9. I love Jim Hanson’s take on tonight https://twitter.com/JimHansonDC/status/1227410417028403200?s=20
  10. The way the coverage is on cnn & msnbc it seems like they don’t want Bernie to win
  11. What about eating a salad with a comb and then throwing it at a staffer asking for a friend
  12. Saw some of these stories today , Is guess she’s a bit of a hot head
  13. The fix was in or haven’t you heard?
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