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  1. Gotta unload that contract. The Lions taking Stafford at 1 in the last year before the rookie wage scale has hurt this team in its rebuild. The Rams were able to rebuild once they unloaded Bradford. You need that QB making the rookie money for 5 years. Not super star starter money like Bradfoord and Stafford had. That money then set back teams. The Rams had their low contract with Goff to help rebuild, draft tua, let him sit, move stafford and sign good players with that money elsehwere. The Lions have had bloated salary at QB for 11 years with nothing to show for it.
  2. About the same as they do with him. Not enough to make playoffs or win a division or anything of relevance.
  3. Is it mutually exclusive? Stafford isnt that great and its part because he plays for a cursed team. Sometimes everything has to be black and white for people to have discussions.
  4. Seriously, if this team has a chance to get Tua and they pass on him. lol FFS I remember when they passed on Mike Thomas for Ashaun Robinson. This team is cursed and it will always be until the Fords dont own them. With the news of Ford Motor company lately, Im not surprised of the bad karma the family has brought around everything they own and touch. Fords sell the team, they will compete in an instant. The bad breaks, the missed field goals, the bad ref calls, watch how quick that mojo turns when they sell one day. If the Fords didnt own this team, Barry and Calvin would not have
  5. What has he won Detroit? Any division titles? Any playoff games? Why is he so great again? Thrown over 30 TDs twice, but he does throw for 4k pretty regularly though. He isnt a elite play maker and he doesnt carry a team on his back. Being the best QB a team has had in a while doesnt make him one worthy of his contract or being a the starter for said team any longer. The team doesnt win with him.
  6. The problem isnt the coaching or the players. Its the curse the Ford family have on this team. Until the team is out of the Fords hands, it will never compete for anything. The way they stole money from the city is reason enough to curse them. The bailouts they get in their car biz. This family is so used to having things just given to them they have no idea what its like to work for anything and it shows in their franchise with the passion the team has from the top down. Look, Martha inherited the team from her Husband who both got their inheritance from their parents. Wha
  7. I agree. Who does want that? But they should think about that before owning biz that can interfere in real NFL decision making and I think is part of why some dont liek Martha owning the team. But the statement about the truck kinda of proves my very last sentence, does it not?
  8. I agree, but when a team in a very blue city like Detroit dont feel the need to sign a QB when they are very beat down at the position starting a scrub no one heard of..that seals the deal for Kap career. But I think we knew that, point is, Detroit doesnt ever want to win games and to be honest, nothing in their past 10 years (even earlier) have even signaled winning matters to them. The city of Detroit knew what the Lions were all about when they let Barry walk. Tell me a Lions fan who didnt realize that was the moment they are cursed? Detroit needs a jump start to its brand of football, even
  9. If I had a ticket to todays game, I would disagree. I agree with your premise of the lost season, but this season has seen players like Falk and now Blough start NFL games. I would rather see Kap play because of what would happen with the drama around it at least then watch a known disaster proceed with a guy I never heard of, like many of us.
  10. I was at this point 10 years ago, you know...after they set the historic all time record of going 0-16 without a care in the world.
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