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  1. Looking for 2 owners interested in a trade active league to do a 2 team dispersal. Entry is $70 and its a 12 team PPR, message for details, I want you to have interest in joining a league thats been around a decade, not just me posting here to tempt you. lol Lots of good players though like Zeke, Evans, 1.1 and many many more. Message for full details, roster and rules.
  2. This has been said a lot. Everyones entitled tot heir opinion, but remember, in investigative dramas, the clues are supposed to be just as important and exciting to look for. The lame scenes seem to have a lot of clues in them. That walk in the cemetery to have the photo of the back of his neck, was important, though not exciting.
  3. Yeah, I was pulling for her. But this performance had golden globe written all over it. It even more impressive to me when people change their accent to sound american. Took me forever to know House was British, lol
  4. It took a dude to get beat up for you to gain interest? That was the only type of thing different this week then most episodes, was a little violence. "Holly Gibney" is this show, as long as she is the star, I dont know how anyone can lose interest. Cynthia Erivo is phenomenal, and I see a golden globe in her future.
  5. Good catch, Ozark was a good show too. Seems Bateman is good at catching on to some new coming actors.
  6. It seems people dont like investigative crime dramas, they like action crime dramas. What are you guys wanting, blood and guts every episode. Im not really a champion for this show as I give it a B- right now, I check in ever few days since I am watching it, took me a couple days to even find time to watch this past episode and I like other takes about the show, but it seems SOME of the people watching and commenting thought this show was gonna be something other than what it sold itself as. Its a King story, are we not familiar with the Shinning? lol Lots of nothing that turned out to be something. How about It, for the love of god that was slow burn and they still recreated it. Like the takes, but maybe see the show for what it is and look for more clues instead of getting up for a refill in the slow parts. 😉
  7. They make action shows, if thats what you like. They had the cemeterys near all the abandoned places, that was new. Its like true detective in a way. We also found uot the club owner is starting to feel and reflect on him being scratched. So its getting advanced, we are seeing the guy is getting into peoples dreams, even more than Maitlands daughter. The wife is now being harassed too.
  8. So after this past Sundays episode, now that I watched it since the SB was on Sunday, the Barn did have important relevance. Just to clear and correct the record. lol 😋
  9. Why are people in here if they dont want to talk about the show or encourage talk about the show? Also, the book? Cool, I thought this thread was about the TV show. Seems we struck a nerve discussing the show.
  10. That was my initial opinion and still is. We saw in the previews for next episodes that Ralph asks Jack about what happened in the barn, so to the critics of this discussion, its relevant... Its where Jack got infected. Its where we see the flashing of the body in the door and the first sight that someone saw him before any other. They made a point to show a cemetery off to the side and also found it important to have the clothes be found there. The barn is of big importance to the script so far. Back to your point, lol...the angle they came up from the cop car as it turned on the road made the point to show it went from road to asphalt, your point about the bump and the two track. I think they intended to make it so obvious that we caught on. However, it took the 2nd episode for me to realize it mattered and since Ralph references in the next episode Im even more curious as to what the barn means. Its not random that Jacks neck got "jacked up" out of viewers sight.
  11. This is why some detectives are better then others. Why the characters in the show went with Holly instead of some other one....good detectives see things, other ignore them. Pretty big continuity error. It seems the barn discussion really got some people bothered. lol Sometimes its hard for people to understand the unexplained. It literally is the line used in the show over and over.
  12. Maybe some of us just catch on to things while you dont? 😉 Seems deep discussion in a thread devoted to the show isnt what u came here for, but to make jokes?
  13. No its just called discussion. lol And why would it be two different barns? I guess it could be, but If thats the case, you further make the point that its two different eras. The same exact clothes would be in 2 different barns or the barn can be modified without the clothes moving? Maybe Its a horror/crime investigative drama, this is what we are supposed to do. The boogyman crossings eras and generations seems to be a thing they are going with with the El Cuco stuff.
  14. This is why dispensaries will die down soon. The prices and the "medical" and "recreational" difference is pointless. The coolness of checking it out will snap back to reality at these prices. I lived in Colorado, never went into a dispensary...never had the urge or need. Smoking for 30 years, never got pinched and never needed a dispensary. Im a boomer, I guess. Strains of flower? lol The dispensaries have people trying to make smoking weed all proper. Recreational, flower, cannibas, lol. I hear them talk on TV and its like, I cant help but laugh. When people talk like that it sounds fake and they dont actually smoke. Just saying...no offense to you making the reference. I know you are explaining, and they are too...but still sounds odd to me. I dont even know the name of the stuff I currently have. I just call it some good s##t.
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