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  1. May roll the dice with him instead of T. Boyd. I'm a big underdog this week so WTF. Maybe get lucky and this is his breakout game as D. Harris goes down, Stevenson gets 2 TD plunges and 5 receptions. A man can dream.
  2. If those are the teams interested, don't think I'm interested in Mack. He'll just join a team as a clear backup (NO) or a team already with a muddled RB mess. SF interest makes no sense. They already have like 10 RBs that have been added/dropped a thousand times this year.
  3. Have started him yes. Prior to Higgins getting back he did have a big PPR game. I"m not convinced he's completely dead in this offense. This week will be telling BALT is tougher on outside receivers and somewhat poor vs. the slot. Right now I almost have to start Boyd due to bye weeks (ekeler, Diggs) and injuries. Debating rolling with R. Stevenson though instead since I'm a huge underdog. Don't see anything better on the wire (i.e. Lazard, DPJs, C. Samuel, D. Slayton). Considering that I'm a huge underdog this week I may sacrifice this week entirely. That could mean dropping Boyd for a D next week (like SF @CHI or Cinci @NYJ). Regardless, another dud and he's gone.
  4. Agree. That said, I still can't find the strength to drop Boyd.
  5. Could see Gibson just being shut down if WASH keeps losing. Why bother slamming his shin in a car door over and over if they're out of it. That said, I could see them being stupid until the bye week and playing him before they throw in the towel.
  6. Bloom provided this type of info in his offensive upgrades/downgrades column this week. For example, T. Boyd was a downgrade and a potential drop if you can pick up somebody he lists as worth 10+ of your wallet.
  7. If both Landry and Odell are active I'd steer clear of this mess. Also could be gusty tonight. Could see this being a 12-9 ugly slugfest.
  8. Wouldn't even think to roster him in redraft unless I was committed from the outset of the season to stream QBs all year and it's been a struggle. Figure he needs a couple weeks to get with the program, couple weeks to get in a groove, and then it's like week 11...and will he be the D. Watson from two years ago? I don't know. Grabbing him right as the bye madness starts seems as logical as picking up Jeff Wilson 4 weeks ago.
  9. Understood, but Watson and Fuller absolutely killed it right before Fuller was booted. That's his man. Fuller carried me into the playoffs that year (and then of course, abandoned me).
  10. Watching sleeperbot carefully. Mack was just dumped in one league this morning.
  11. As I normally do, I dumped my current kicker (McManus) into waivers to prioritize other pickups. I'm a HUGE underdog this week due to injuries and bye issues and thinking of just hanging tight until Monday to grab either Lutz or J. Meyers. If my game is competitive, I'll grab one. If not...F it...leave it open or look to next week where I have far less issues. Week 7 could be a sacrificial lamb for me. Something to think about if you play the K game like I do.
  12. Yeah I'm 6-0 so this is definitely for a long term win. I like the idea of Penny just because I'd have the SEA backfield, but Patterson would seem to be the bigger long term win if Gibson suddenly goes IR and they can't get him right. Leaning Jamaal Williams (just so I keep a piece of the BALT backfield...more explosive offense than DET).
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