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  1. This post makes all of your previous 7,392 posts worthless.
  2. For sh*ts and giggles I just went to look up Bloom's projections tonight for Cam Newton (since my Buf D is up against him). Has Stidham in there instead. Disappointing.
  3. I need Buffalo to exceed their projection tonight. Seems like most of the waiver wire Ds were mediocre to busts yesterday -- Hou, LAC, KC, NO, AZ, CLE. Here's to hoping Buffalo is the hit. Huge NE fan too, but half hoping Bill B. pulls some starters, plays some young guys, and maybe gives Stidham a shot. Look to the future, give me some turnivers and pick 6es. Win win for everyone.
  4. As a Henry owner, I completely disregarded the projection. Thought it was a type. And it usually isn't Henry's projection I am scrutinizing anyway since he's always going to be starting. It's the players on the fringes. I feel like the projections for Dodds/Bloom/Tremblay are solid. Early in the week you can tell it's just the statistical machine that spits out the early projections, but then they are tweaked as the week moves along. However, I do think as we run into the holiday season, people taking time off, distractions, games on strange days, things get lost a bit. I have notice
  5. Need a big night from the Bills D after I got Davante'd last night.
  6. Agree. Lynn almost blew it again yesterday calling a pass play on third down when Herbert got sacked. Unbelievable. Just run the ball, kill some clock, and kick it.
  7. TN better not get cute. On the road, in the snow, against a team that knows this weather... ...pound the ball with Henry against this GB run D.
  8. Is Pederson's game plan to run Miles Sanders on every third down? Really?
  9. Expected more angst over starting Hurts over whoever this morning. Universally a top 6 ranked play at QB. Dallas missing Vander Esch as well. That's got to help his rushing potential. Currently starting over Herbert although after Gaskins and Evans put me up big I'm contemplating "playing it safe" with Herbert. May not be so safe minus K. Allen and H. Henry.
  10. Nick Farabaugh @FarabaughFB Tomlin comes out here saying Snell has not only merited more playing time, but will get more playing time. I guess we’ll see how that snap count is between Snell and Conner, but it sounds like Snell is going to get more carries and more snaps today against the Colts. Quote Tweet Bob Labriola @BobLabriola · 3h #Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin: 'I don't know if you're expecting a parting of the Red Sea … but usually (player meetings) provide an atmosphere where sincere thoughts and feelings get an opportunity to be expressed, and that's n
  11. It's amazing there was even a question who should get the majority of the work. After Ahmed basically ran straight into walls for a handful of carries, Gaskin came in and immediately showed great vision and wiggle. I said to myself, if Flores doesn't make a shift here to Gaskin right now he risks losing this game. Thank goodness I started him. If it weren't for R. Higgins hitting Covid prior to kickoff I may have benched Gaskins.
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