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  1. I remember vividly arguing with friends in a bar over Brady vs. Bledsoe to the point where one of my "Bledsoe" friends stormed out of the bar. The likes of Felger and Mazz keep saying that "Bill is in bed with Cam" next year, but history shows that Bill is going to put the guy on the field who gives him the best chance to win.
  2. Only gripe is not targeting WR in a more meaningful way. Depth was solid at the WR position and they let a lot of decent prospects pass.
  3. Totally agree. Will be disturbed if they settle for a QB in this tier. Many experts were saying all kinds of wonderful things about Stidham after he was drafted by NE. Arm talent...can spin the ball as well as anyone drafted...blah blah blah. Then Covid hit...who knows how the kid reacted...total disaster. Who knows...with a more legit offseason Stidham could progress/develop. Also seems like local reporters are pumping Stidham up lately. Right or wrong. Get Fields or Jimmy G, but for the love of god don't go after one of these other guys. Could end up being just another Stidham
  4. Latest rumors has them trying to trade down. But who knows. A lot of smoke and mirrors right now. If ATL passes on a QB there's a halfway decent chance two QBs slide a bit. 7. DET -- This team is a trainwreck. A lot of needs to fill. Should trade down. 8. CAR -- Rumored to be interested in trading down. 9. DEN -- Just traded for Bridgewater. 10. DAL -- Should go D unless they are braindead. 11. NYG -- Lineman or trade down. 12. PHI -- Are they really going to draft a QB after ditching Wentz and giving the ball to Hurts? 13. LAC -- No. 14. MN -
  5. The waiting game is paying off. Jimmy G could fall in their lap. SF dreaming if they think they can get much for him. And Bridgewater traded to Denver. No way they take a QB at #9 now. Could envision a scenario where one of Fields or Lance is sliding while they are also on the phone with SF about Jimmy G.
  6. This post makes all of your previous 7,392 posts worthless.
  7. For sh*ts and giggles I just went to look up Bloom's projections tonight for Cam Newton (since my Buf D is up against him). Has Stidham in there instead. Disappointing.
  8. I need Buffalo to exceed their projection tonight. Seems like most of the waiver wire Ds were mediocre to busts yesterday -- Hou, LAC, KC, NO, AZ, CLE. Here's to hoping Buffalo is the hit. Huge NE fan too, but half hoping Bill B. pulls some starters, plays some young guys, and maybe gives Stidham a shot. Look to the future, give me some turnivers and pick 6es. Win win for everyone.
  9. As a Henry owner, I completely disregarded the projection. Thought it was a type. And it usually isn't Henry's projection I am scrutinizing anyway since he's always going to be starting. It's the players on the fringes. I feel like the projections for Dodds/Bloom/Tremblay are solid. Early in the week you can tell it's just the statistical machine that spits out the early projections, but then they are tweaked as the week moves along. However, I do think as we run into the holiday season, people taking time off, distractions, games on strange days, things get lost a bit. I have notice
  10. Agree. Lynn almost blew it again yesterday calling a pass play on third down when Herbert got sacked. Unbelievable. Just run the ball, kill some clock, and kick it.
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