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  1. No other options since I'd have to drop either player to pick up another WR (like say Slayton).
  2. PPR league. Huge underdog. Need ceiling. Swing for the fences. * M. Pittman @SF -- Hilton out, but SF area getting monsoon rain and wind. Could just run Taylor. Pittman is a big body though so he could act as a TE here. OR * T. Boyd @BALT -- He's been MIA since Higgins came back. Matchup is poor. CINCI also moves at a snails pace. Horrible options. Which? Thanks
  3. I assume you think the fun option is grabbing the SEA or NO kicker and then punting either if I'm getting blow out...
  4. This is something different...kicker strategy question. I'm a HUGE underdog this week and I'm 6-0. Have Ekeler and Diggs byes and my opponent is loaded: K. Murray, D. Henry, C. Kupp, T. McLaurin, C. Ridley, HOU D. Gulp. So while I'm most definitely competing to win I may look for an opportunity to make week 7 act as a sacrificial lamb this week so I can look forward to next week. One way I can do this is with my kicker selection. Instead of taking a kicker on the 1 or 4 pm games, picking up either J. Feeley (SEA) or the NO kicker (whoever that may be). Considering that I think kickers in general are random number generators, I'm thinking it's doubtful that my kicker makes the difference this week. So understanding the setup, would you go with: 1) Feeley or NO kicker or 2) Z. Gonzalez @NYG or G. Gano vs CAR By picking 1), if say I'm getting blow out, I can drop my kicker to attend to a next week need. For example, with M. Andrews on bye, I can grab PIT's Fiermuth or possibly the PIT D @CLE. Thanks
  5. I'm torn on this right now. The SF situation tonight looks far worse than the SEA weather tmrw. For that reason I'm concerned with my M. Pittman. That said, somebody is going to catch passes rain or not and with Campbell and Hilton out I'm leaning rolling with Pittman. Could pivot to T. Boyd in PPR.
  6. Anyone know what the deal is with W. Lutz? Wouldn't mind grabbing him for the Monday night game. If I don't need him, can dump him and look ahead and stash players who are currently on bye.
  7. Gregg Bell @gbellseattle RB Alex Collins officially questionable. But he practices, and Pete Carroll says he’s playing Monday night vs Saints.
  8. Hilton ruled out...yay! But it appears SF area is getting hit with rain and wind of biblical proportions. Based on what I'm seeing in local SF weather forecasts, this looks pretty damn bad. A "river of moisture" is just pouring into the bay area now thru Monday. Sustained winds 20-25 mph with gusts 50+. Was all ready to pull the trigger on Pittman in a bounce back game, but this looks terrible. Only option is to pivot to T. Boyd (gulp).
  9. I'm also a big underdog. I need like big time ceiling for all my picks this week. Opponent has K. Murray, D. Henry, Kupp, Ridley, AZ D (Hou). So I need like a legendary upside play. Swinging for the fences. Gotta think if this weather holds SF D is pretty comparable to the NO D this week and then I have them next week (while NO faces TB...no thanks). One other note: What I COULD do is drop NO D now for SF D. Come 8pm EST tmrw night if an act of god clears the weather I could then drop SF D and pick up NO D Monday morning. Nobody will need a D on Monday...except me. Lol. It's this type of add/drop gymnastics that has me loving fantasy football year after year.
  10. D question. Standard type scoring. * NO @SEA -- Geno starting. Collins iffy. NO coming off a bye well rested. Could see NO pounding the rock against this D and limiting possessions. Seems like a solid floor play at minimum with upside of Geno being Geno of old. OR * SF D vs Indy -- Would normally shy away from SF here, but the weather forecast looks downright dreadful. Pouring rain all day and into the game with serious wind gusts. This does not seem like a situation where there is pre game worry and then next thing you know both offenses are lighting it up. Could be a slop game. Bonus: If I grab SF I can use them next week @CHI. Which D? Thanks
  11. Interested in thoughts on both Z. Gonzales and G. Gano. Both facing each other in the meadowlands. Weather looks low 60s no wind. Both offenses are clunky as hell and dealing with injuries. This has all the feel of a 19-16 game. CAR is favored by 3 on the road. This plus all rankings have Gonzalez slightly ahead of Gano in my mind. Gano was money last year and also has more of a leg. Was 5-6 over 50+ last season while Gonzalez rarely kicks over 50.
  12. As a longtime NE fan I'm not impressed. They spent a ton of money on that D. Should be performing a lot better. Mills trying to cover Lamb last week was hilarious and now J. Jones is out in the secondary as well. Should be a solid play at home against Z. Wilson. Only hope is that Bill B. tends to get his teams trending in the right direction as you head towards November/December.
  13. Originally drafted Carson. Grabbed Collins before Carson went on IR. Now have Penny. Ugh. It's amazing how these backfield situations and me are like a moth to a flame. Originally was in on SF but got off that merry go round. I'm still somewhat invested in the BALT backfield, but after having a couple shares there, I'm soon to dump L. Murray. However, still stuck in this Seattle mess. Best case scenario is Collins plays. Really want to ditch Penny. If Collins inactive I'll be forced to start Penny. A complicating factor is the JAX matchup next week. I'd want to take advantage of that. Need Carson back after the bye to clean this all up.
  14. The weather in SF is looking super dicey. Heavy rain all day and throughout the game and wind. Still a ways to go until gametime, but this forecast looks like it could stick. At home, rested, considering going SF over NO if this looks as messy as it does now come Sunday morning.
  15. Was originally leaning Patterson, but maybe Drake makes sense. LV offense may be coming around. Jacobs isn't always the picture of health. LV schedule looks a bit better as well. I also have Drake's performance a couple years ago where he went on an absolute tear for a few games. Was a key cog for me winning a championship. Debating dropping L. Murray for Drake. Murray hurt, then a bye, then probably comes back splitting with Freeman, Bell, who knows.
  16. PPR league. Redraft. Which of the following RBs would you stash? More for long term vs. immediate need. * J. Patterson -- Gibson keeps on giving it a go, but is he shut down or IRd. WASH could be a sinking ship. * K. Drake -- Does he now have life with Gruden gone? * L. Bell -- L. Murray dinged. * M. Mack - Traded? Which? Thanks
  17. Yeah, this is 18 man roster. No IR spot. Can't afford luxury items.
  18. That's what I'm thinking. And he's a DNP today. See below. Out week 7, then a bye...do we have confidence that he's the guy week 9? If I were a betting man I'd probably put my dollars on it being a three person committtee vs. Murray getting the lion's share. The Baltimore Sun's Jonas Shaffer said Latavius Murray (ankle) didn't practice Friday and is "likely" out for Week 7 against the Bengals. RELATED: Devonta Freeman , Ty'Son Williams SOURCE: Jonas Shaffer on Twitter
  19. "Clear" starter? Did all of Freeman's touches come after Murray hurt his ankle? L. Bell also in the mix. Three RBs. Three different RB TDs.
  20. Two DNPs in a row. Not good. Injury + a muddled backfield not the greatest situation. If Murray DNPs today for a third day in a row, is he a hold? Next week BALT has a bye week. Cutting the chord prior to this week's games and stashing somebody probably more prudent than waiting until Tuesday when you have to fight others for pickups.
  21. What's the deal with the NO kicker situation? I'm holding out for either B. Johnson (who?) or W. Lutz. Not sure if Lutz is ready to go. Huge underdog this week. If I'm getting blown out by Monday night I'll just drop either one. Seems like a decent spot too. NO favored, could get some turnovers and decent field position, Winston not exactly the model of efficiency.
  22. A NEXT week question. Looking for a D to replace NO vs TB: * SF @CHI -- CHI offense with Fields doesn't seem that powerful. * CINCI @NYJ -- Cinci D seems more than solid this year. Z. Wilson improving but still making rookie mistakes. * SEA vs JAX -- SEA D not very good, but they're at home against another rookie. * PIT @CLE -- Could still be the Keenum show and minus Chubb/Hunt. Also, the PIT schedule looks good after this with CHI and DET at home. * LAC vs NE -- NE probably will run, run, run against that D. Which? Thanks
  23. What's odd to me is that CLE is still favored. Something fishy here. Think everyone expecting DEN to just mop the field up with all of CLE's backups. Would not at all be surprised to see CLE gut out a win and then DEN spirals into chaos.
  24. May roll the dice with him instead of T. Boyd. I'm a big underdog this week so WTF. Maybe get lucky and this is his breakout game as D. Harris goes down, Stevenson gets 2 TD plunges and 5 receptions. A man can dream.
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