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  1. Third season with Paris Saint-Germain: Coupe de la Ligue - Runner-up French Cup - Winner Ligue 1 - Winner ECC - Winner! A near perfect season!
  2. Dons rebounded in the second half of Yr2 in the Premier: 9) 15-6-17 67-68 (-1) Moved up to 65th for richest Euro clubs. Brought in a few new faces and currently in 8th about midway through the next season. Decided to start an Arsenal save for something different. With no natural wingers on the team, I moved four AM's there rather than sell them and bring in new wingers. Three of the four are strong on both feet and all have "Cuts Inside" as a preferred move. I play them as Inside Forwards and they have been just killing it, especially Arshavin. Only five games into the season but undefeated and outscoring opponents 18-2. Last game was ECC against Real Madrid and won 4-0. Usually takes a team a while to gel and get my tactics fluid. First half of first season can be rough but not this time.
  3. MK Dons survived their first season in Premier league, barely. I had thought the team looked pretty good on paper. Maybe they would have performed better if it were the '10 Premier season. Some of these teams are just ridiculously good now. Finished: 14) 12-8-18 48-64 (-16) Could have easily finished 17th or even relegated with two games to go. Luckily won last two and would have probably stayed up even had I lost them both. It's a good thing that a handful of other teams struggle mightily as well. I had never experienced a losing season ever, on any save. The highlight was the off-season though. Money rolled in every month, typically making a 2-5 million profit. That's with no continental games either. The board expanded the stadium on their own, going from 18k to 27k. Dons climbed to 74th on richest Euro teams and now have a bottom line of over 30 million. Sky-Bet odds for second season are 2000-1. Not a good start. Seems unlucky as draws become losses or wins become draws. The team seems better than this on paper. 17) 4-3-10 26-32 (-6)
  4. It took three seasons in the Champions League but the Dons have just secured promotion to Premier League. Each season the team got a bit better. First season the media predicted us for dead last 24th. Battled to 7th and had an outside shot at the playoffs at the end. Second season finished a strong 4th. In the playoff final it was 1-1 and headed for penalty kicks. My first three guys all missed. WTF! So close but I figured the team was still maturing and I could bolster them even more. Third season was in 2nd or 3rd all year. Birmingham destroyed Champions League this past year. Going into the last game, I needed a win and Leeds to draw or lose. 3-0 and Leeds lost to Birmingham. Yee-Haw! Although, I figured I had a good playoff run in me if Leeds somehow won. Biggest gamble: Selling my GK Smithies before the last season so I could start a 17yo Spanish GK. He did fine, learned English and improved well. He had spent a year on my U18 squad and I couldn't get him loaned out and still can't find a tutor for him. At 16, he was already pretty good and his potential "far exceeded Smithies." I figured with that much potential, it was best to get him playing with the 1st team. Biggest accomplishment: Breaking the record for goals scored for the Champions League each season. 107, 119, and 120something. Also, other than first season playing in League 1, I created my own tactics. Good times, I'm nowhere near done with FM11. Will probably skip 12 & 13 altogether. Most likely save the Don's for later and fire up a new German or Italian save.
  5. After a long break, I decided to fire up FM11 and my old MK Dons game. Just finished the playoff in the first season:"The fan's at Milton Keynes are overjoyed as General Zod and his players secured promotion from the npower League 1.""A spokesman for the official supporters' club stated that Zod was the sort of head coach who simply thrived on the pressure that chasing success entails."
  6. Tangled is one of my new favorite animation movies. I went in with no expectations and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  7. I remember I had a brief Fulham save. It was a near mutiny from the get go and didn't last long. After that I actually played an entire season with Bolton and into the second season before finding out my manager for both saves was set to "Automatic" instead of international. Oof, lesson learned. Casemiro is a great signing, one of my favorites if I'm a big team. I usually grab Kadlec if I can instead of Babacar. With a new computer, I had to start from scratch somewhere. Back to one of my first saves with the MK Dons. I'm about halfway through the first season and performing pretty well. I may or may not get promoted this year. I'm actually hoping I don't, so that I could dominate League 1 next season and then challenge the Championship League in my third year. Everything now is geared towards building a Championship roster. Most all are free transfers, I think I spent 35k on one player. Facilities, scouting range, number of coaches, etc, can all be improved upon. Finances are also tight with only 60k per week. The biggest surprise has been cup performance. In the League Cup, beat Tottenham, Derby, and Arsenal to advance to the semi-finals where I'm about to begin two legs against Liverpool. I'm expecting to get blown out both games but was expecting the same against Tottenham and Arsensl. Also, just beat Birmingham in the FA Cup (3rd rnd I think) and am set to play in the South Final of the Johnstone's Paint Cup. Hopefully season three I'll have a strong team ready to challenge it's way into Premier and stick there.
  8. Tottenham v2 is going very well. Spurs spent most of the season in 4th but just climbed to 3rd after 28 games. Second game in the 1st Knockout Round is coming up and I'm expecting to advance. Playing Chelsea in the League Cup Final in a few games. Also, still alive in the FA Cup. Looking back on how the first season has progressed, I wouldn't change anything. I hired excellent staff at the very beginning and have my best training levels ever. All of my signings seem to be working out very well, outside of injuries. I slightly question my inactivity in the January transfer window. I had 42M and spent 4M of it on two players while letting one transfer out. It actually turned out to be a wash money wise. I did try to spend the bulk of it on either Hulk or Neymar but was never able to agree on a reasonable price. I have plans for the next offseason on who stays and which positions I'm going to bring in. It's not much, kind of "if it ain't broke, why fix it." I'll probably bring in a number of U18's for cheap that have big potential. Team goals are to win Premier, win ECC, and build youth facilities to state of the art with extensive recruitment. Also, to build reputation from national to continental, and then worldwide. I'm on somewhat of a three-year plan to achieve these goals. A lot of the pieces were already in place but I feel I'm steering the ship in the right direction. Funny note: My B team was leading Arsenal 2-1 with the game winding down. I figured it was going to be a solid win. In the 88th minute Fabregas launches a "shot" from just beyond midfield. My goalkeeper was standing out front of the goal and it sails over his head and right into the goal. I don't always watch the gameplay but I had never even seen a shot like that attempted. Still, a good draw.
  9. I'll second all of the above. Can someone total up the # of FavreCo posts in this thread? I know a while back I was 2nd. I'm confident thru sheer dedication and perseverance that I am the top poster.Yeah, dedication and perseverance. I suppose that's one way of putting it.
  10. The knee popped the crown of his head: http://px9.funformobile.com/d/169/61/1fjdcjav7c/lawlerknee.gif
  11. If you don't already know, you can go into the Transfer Status screen (I think that's the name) and set their asking value. Set it at something absurd if you want to be left alone.Hmmm, I change the asking price regularly when I have player listed or am offering to clubs. Never bothered with it when I wanted to keep a player. I'll give that a shot next time I'm getting hounded. I think I've avoided that from a team making an inquiry about a player and I told them a huge number and then the player's agent came immediately knocking. On a sad note, my Tottenham save is lost. I get an error message on the save and all the auto saves when trying to load. Then the screen goes tiny and then too big and freezes to where I have to ctrl-alt-del my way out. Tried everything to salvage it from renaming the file, copy and pasting it and even system restore. Looking online there are worse stories from the same error message. At least I was only 3/4 of the way through season one and not 5+ seasons into a game. That's a lot of time lost either way. Tried a new save with Fulham and didn't care for it at all. Now I've just started a Bolton season and am enjoying it.ETA - Anyone care to admit how many hours their Steam acct says they've played the game?
  12. I've started yet another new save. The most I ever stuck with one was three seasons in Ireland. It was very easy to be the best team in Ireland and would have taken another 6-7 seasons to actually challenge in major cups, if ever. Another part I didn't like was there only being ten teams in the premier league. Pretty much everyone is a fierce rival. I never played my Colorado save again after my post above. Only a handful of games left in the season and then some drafts and playing South American teams but the finances and special rules weren't my cup of tea. Had an early save with Celtic in Scotland get corrupt which bummed me out. Onto the big leagues....Tottenham Hotspurs. Lots of wonderkids: DRL Clyne ST Kadlec ARL Chamberlain GK Butland ST Guarch DL Digne DC Situ DM Agyei (Jan) AM Lucas (Jan) Butland is off on loan but the rest get playing time with my B team or subbing in. Only a handful are worthy right now but I don't have any reserve games this season and I want to develop them. An area I started concentrating on when choosing targets is Work Rate and Determination. Guarch and Agyei rate very high there and along with tutoring, they should develop fairly fast. I don't have top facilities atm but they are being built. Hopefully an expansion on the 35k stadium will automatically happen as well. Currently sitting in fifth place in the league. Was fourth for a long time but a recent four game skid with two losses and two draws dropped me down. Man Utd are destroying the league this season: 22-2-2 61-15 +46. Spurs have second most goals scored but the highest allowed among the top seven. Tactics, too young, and GK all need to be looked into before next season. The top seven: Man Utd Man City Chelsea W Ham Tottenham Arsenal Everton ECC is going well. Won a series to advance to the group stage and only lost one game within the group. This is the furthest I've ever advanced and now face Bayern in a Knockout Round. It would be ironic to continue to do well in the ECC but then not qualify for it next year. So, I'm hoping to make a surge and finish third or fourth in the league. Before next season, my goal is to improve GK. Gomes is good but teams are interested in him and making offers now and next season is his contract year. Searching online, I'm going to look at Adler, Neuer, Akinfew, De Gea, Kameni, Smithies, and Lloris. I'll see who I can afford after seeing what Gomes brings in plus my transfer budget. Probably a number of sells among my returning loan players as well. The vultures are a bit annoying and new to me. I suppose eventually I'll make some major sells but for now, I want to keep my best players. 21YO Bale is valued at 14M but the two Manchester teams won't stop offering 30M+. Thankfully, Bale and his agent haven't said a word about it. Van der Weir gets one big offer and his agent wants a new contract. It was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen. 2M signing bonus, 1.2M agent fee and outrageous clauses. I walked away and then told him there would be no new deal. He accepted that but I was going to list him if he didn't. Eventually, I'll have to ink some big deals but then again maybe not.
  13. My favorite Nick Diaz picture: http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q172/wesmanavus/Young%20Fighters/n1431540008300021475227ub3.jpg
  14. I'm still enjoying FM 2011. I take breaks now and don't play it as constantly as I once did. I've started a new game with the Colorado Rapids in the MSL. It's different with rules, salary cap, and a couple drafts. When you register your squad it has to be below the salary cap and everyone else on the team is waived. I'm still trying to understand how I can best implement a "Designated Player" that won't count as much towards the cap. I'm also not sure how to identify Adidas All-Stars before the draft. I noticed my scouts could cover the competition "All-Stars" but that choice is no longer there. I might be SOL and hope to get lucky. The AA players don't count at all towards the cap. Each team is allowed eight international players. I've found great talent in Brazil and six of my eight are from there. Every single position on my team except GK is poised for potential improvement. When this team reaches it's potential, they should be very strong. Currently leading the league in goals scored and should finish at the top in my division. Then it's a playoff ending and afterwards (next season?) the top four US teams play the top four Mexican teams in a group format. No grand Euro cups but it's fun with goals of dominating the MSL and top Mexican teams.
  15. Vintage Silva is right! Exciting fight, I hope Cung rebounds and we see more of him in the near future.
  16. I'm playing my game and have a DC valued at 5 million. My top guy in terms of value and he's only 22yo. Tottenham suddenly offers 10 million for him. I considered it but passed. The player immediately wants a new deal and I go ahead and sign him long-term. Bayern then offers 12.5 million. I sat on it a little while but then decide to accept. The most I had ever sold a player for with this team was was 150k. Now I would have transfer funds like never before to actually buy a player or two instead of poaching 6 month contracts or free transfers. Tottenham then asks how much it would take. I say 12 million and they accept......He winds up signing for Tottenham and I receive....yep, 12 thousand dollars. I even paused before accepting it but figured that must be what it would look like. I hate going back to a previous save but I guess this would call for that. Lesson learned.
  17. I'm currently dominating the Irish Premier League. The first season I won the league about 2/3 of the way through. Now in the second season, I'm 21-3-1 with a +96 goal advantage. The next closest goal advantage is +14. Winning the league isn't the goal though. Success is measured by increasing team reputation and improving Irish soccer in general. Of course the main test in how deep I can get in the Euro Cups. Since I won the league last year, I was placed in the Euro Champ Cup. Steamrolled the first couple opponents and then was facing an Israeli team. They beat me 2-3 at home with a late goal. On to their place, I stuck with an aggressive attacking tactic because I figured if I could possibly win by one, I'd need away goals. In the 82nd minute, I score the go ahead goal to make it 4-3. That's it, I've tied the aggregate and will win on away goals. Just need to hang on for 8 minutes.....At 91:48 (with 2 min injury time) they score with a dribbler that just crawls in. I've never participated in any knockout round or group stage ever. It was right there and I literally lost in the final 10 seconds. I was devastated and figured that was it til next year. A great consolation that I wasn't aware of is that I was placed in the Euro Cup. Squared up with Russian Tom Toms and I beat them 4-2 at home and 4-1 away. Onto my first group stage! Seeded fourth in what is supposedly a tough group. The reigning champs Porto are seeded #1 in my group. I'm just happy to have made it this far. The boardroom is elated and increased my staff by a lot without my asking. Not too shabby for a team that was semi-pro just last season. Thanks to Gator and Z for the tactics. You both had one that was nearly identical. I tried them both out with good success. I didn't stick with either due to team makeup. Gator's was in intriguing but I don't have any natural AMC's. Those that had it as a secondary position were a young potential guy and a backup MC who I've since transferred away. Not the type I would have quarterbacking the attack, especially in a trequarista role. Z's "Park the Plane" is still in my match preparation. I only pull it out for special away games. In fact that's the tactic I used in Russia with a two goal aggregate lead. I tweaked it to be even more defensive and rolled 4-1.
  18. Having a freaking blast with this game! Bounced around the mid-tier English leagues for a while. Really enjoyed a couple seasons with the MK Dons. Decided it was a learning experience and to find my team. Enter the Irish Div1 Limericks. Started mid-season so couldn't promote but had a great run. Won the Irish Senior Cup, defeating a couple Irish Prem teams on the way. Now in the second season, sitting atop the league table and making noise in every Cup I can. Biggest disappointment was losing in the final of the All Irish Cup. My team was on a great winning streak, healthy, and primed. Ugh, lost 3-0. Greatest achievement so far was winning the Euro Cup 2nd Qual round. For most of you this would mean little but it was huge for a Div 1 Irish team. We were predicted to get hammered by some Hungarian team and beat them 3-1 in their house and 4-2 in ours. Now we're expected to get destroyed by some Portuguese team.... Finances have been fun. Still semi-pro but all staff and player contracts beyond this season are full-time. Started with a bottom line of 9k, which shrunk to -20k after one month and a team value of 425k. One year later we have a 485k bottom line and 800k team value. Boardroom is cheap but eventually I'll have great facilities and a bigger stadium. Currently the stadium is 2500 with 300 seated. It's never even close to sold out though, 700-900 is about it. I'm more concerned about eventually getting the training facilities improved.
  19. I recently saw this thread and thought I'd dive in and play some FM. I had played the '10 demo a year ago on a different computer. I realize FM12 is just around the corner but I'll pass and just play this version for a while. Started off with a lower level Irish team, Salthill, and had a horrible run. PT players and no money to work with. The best player and former captain was so pissed that I took away his title that I wound up sending him on a leave of absence. He was hurt for 6+ months. Sarting out 1-2-4 I decided to re-start. On to Sheffield United. One tier below Prem and a good enough roster. No transfer money but a decent stadium and some nice hot prospects. Yr 1 goal is to get prmoted to Prem. So far so good sitting unbeaten at 10-2-0 with a 40-10 goal advantage. Best win was a friendly against Blackpool which I won 4-1 at their place. Just drew Liverpool in the 3rd rnd of the League Cup. I guess we'll see how good this team is. Planning to run a 4-5-1 most of this season with the occasional 4-4-2. Typically running Counter w/ Pass into Space. If favored at home I'll run Standard. Next season (hopefully in Prem), I'll switch off between two different ghost tactics then back to current setup season 3, etc. That should keep tactics fresh enough. Also looking forward having a transfer budget. Beware the Blades!
  20. Classic nature: National Geographic: Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas
  21. Pretty much mandatory viewing for anyone that enjoys the 300/Sin City style. Just finished watching the 5th episode of Spartacus: Gods for the Arena. I've read they aren't calling this the 2nd season but just a filler since the main actor was diagnosed with cancer. But i've read he's cancer free now and can resume filming where'd you see that? last I read his cancer was back, and they recast the part.Starz ran the prequel while Andy Whitfield was to get better. Unfortunately, his cancer returned and he gave his blessing to re-cast the role of Spartacus. Enter a near look-alike in Liam McIntyre.http://www.genreaddict.com/news/australian...e-new-spartacus
  22. Arn: The Knight Templar Swedish movie with subtitles. I thought it was excellent. Valhalla Rising Most either really like it or really don't. I really liked it. Centurion Not great but I was entertained enough to recommend it.
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