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  1. Sorry it comes down to this as my team isn't so great. Christian Kirk or J Meyers? PPR league
  2. Bloom! Tell me your gut on the following, thanks! all PPR scoring with TE premium 1.5pt per rec. league 1: PPR starting 2rb2wr2flex, my opponent is starting deshaun Watson, I have Hopkins, Kupp, Fuller. On 2wr, I'm thinking about starting Hopkins and fuller together. And bench Kupp unless you think I should start Kupp over any of the following Ingram/Ekeler/Gordon/Drake (those 4 are my 2rb2flex), I have Boone/D Washington/Hunt on my bench also. Do you agree or suggest otherwise? league 2: select 2 out of the following: Boone (if Mattison doesn't play)/D washtington/Rojo/D Montgomery/Justin Watson. And would you start Mahomes over Wilson? league 3: debating btw Drake or Golladay on Flex. And hooper or Higbee on TE. Boone or gurley on RB. league 4: need help on 2 starting WR positions from Boyd/J Brown/DeDe/Watkins and Erickson/Gage/Bourne/G Ward on WW. My current plan is to roll with Boyd and John Brown (even he will matchup with Gilmore). Also need 2rb2flex out of the following (TE premium), Aaron Jones/d freeman/Boone/ertz/d Washington/Higbee/Mostert/hunt. Finally DST, pls rank the order you would start this week assume you have all of them: BAL/NE/DEN/SF/SEA Cheers!
  3. Hi sig, semi final do or die! League 1: full point ppr, I have Doyle, Higbee, and hollister. Do I wait until Monday on Doyle or just start Higbee instead? I’m 25pts underdog by y! Projection (going against Lamar) so I need high ceiling. I’m afraid if Hilton start but not 100% it may cap Doyle’s reception upside but not really adding more TD upside. League 2: ffpc victory points league final, 2 weeks final highest point wins, so I will shoot for upside. I plan to stack Mahomes with watkins and hope something close to their week 1 performance. If I don’t start watkins, my other options are Jamaal Williams, or Rojo, or Ian thomas (it’s TE premium league). What do you think? also, pick one from DeAndre Washington, Jamaal Williams, Rojo, Ian Thomas. in a few other ffpc leagues, I have both Austin hooper and Higbee, do I start Higbee or hooper in those leagues? I’m favorite by 10-12 pts in those leagues. thansk
  4. Bloom! On fantasy football, I don’t trust my guts as much I trust your guts! Thanks for the help all season! Need your advice in a few leagues this playoff week! league 1: PPR scoring: starting qb/2RB/3wr/te/flex/dst My starters: Bree/CMC/Kamara/Sutton/Tyrell williams/Sanders/Doyle/Gordon/phi dst my relevant bench player: baker/Slayton My opponent starters: cousin/chubb/Hyde/obj/Adams/diggs/waller/pascal/lac dst Tough decision on QB: I have baker in my bench. Do I start baker over Bree since my opponent is starting both Chubb and obj? On WR, I have Slayton on my bench, both Tate and Engram will be back and Eli will throw. Do I start Slayton over t-will or over sanders? league 2: .5 ppr espn, pick 3 wr starter out of: godwin/diggs/Parker/Landry/Samuel, my opponent is starting cousin. Pick 1 DST out of phi/bal/cle/hou, pick 1 k out of Elliot/Crosby/Bailey/Fairbairn league 3: full pt ppr, pick 1rb1wr1flex out of the following: Carson/penny/Lockett/John Brown/Royce freeman/breida/Hollister or I can pick up pascal/James Washington/diontae johnson from FA. Currently I plan to go with carson/Lockett/penny and sit John brown due to weather. But is it too crowded sea offense? I’m favored by 13 pts. On DST, pick 1 out of NYJ/SF/JAX League 4: full pt ppr, pick 1rb1flex out of Jamaal Williams/duke johnson/Higbee/Jared cook/Slayton/d Washington(if Jacobs can’t play). League 5: .5 ppr, Joe Mixon or McCoy? And Lockett or James Washington? thanks so much!
  5. Thanks bloom! I will take your advice to give ginn a shot in a couple of my desperation leagues!
  6. hi sig, too many injuries and byes, need your advice in a cpl of leagues. league 1: 6pt pass td, start Wilson or Jackson? league 2: ppr, pick 1rb out of the following to start: Bolden, Bernard, Smallwood, Gus Edwards, prosise, Walton. I lean Bolden, but Smallwood is better in PPR? league 3: ppr pick 2WRs out of the following: corey Davis/Agholor/kumerow/p williams/Parker/Goodwin/Snead(if brown out?)/Byrd/a miller/Amendola/renfrow/jaron brown/ginn/stills league 4: ppr scoring again, My bench filled with CMC, kamara, t-will, green I need upside on one of my rb and a flex spot to fight an uphill battle (35 pts deficit by projection). Currently I plan to start chase Edmund and Alex mattison. But I also have fells on my bench. And I can pick the following player from FA: ginn, d Thomas, snead (if Hollywood brown out?) , Anthony Miller, Amendola, Byrd, renflow, Goodwin, Duke williams, kumerow, David Moore, Jaron brown, Goedert, ebron,bolden, Bernard, penny, I Smith, prosise, Lewis, Smallwood Sorry I gave such a long list. Ppr league, do I stick to Edmund and mattison as two starter? many tks
  7. .5 ppr choose 1rb, 1wr and 1 flex malcolm brown, Damien williams, kerryon johnson, diggs, Samuel, Landry, Robby and rank the following RBs for this week: Edmunds/Edwards/Jamaal Williams/Henderson/murray/duke johnson Thanks!
  8. Ok folks thanks. Interesting it’s such a divergence of opinion on this trade as I was told to pull the trigger from other sites. At least the feedback I got from footballguys is consistent. So no trade! Gurley is too much to give up for OBJ. I tried Mixon for OBJ but can’t pull it off. And I wouldn’t trade melvin for obj yet and still expect Melvin to return to low end RB1
  9. My roster: .5 ppr Wilson, Zeke/gurley/mixon/gordon/McCoy/brown/Edwards, Godwin/Lockett/MVS/Robinson/djax Graham/McDonald starting 2rb3wr1flex
  10. Morning bloom! League 1: PPR pick 2 RBs among AP/duke johnson/Mostert/Bernard/Edmonds/Edwards/Murray/I Smith League 2: .5 ppr pick 1 wr, and 1 flex among Damien williams/diggs/samuels/Landry/Robby League 3: Tyrell Williams May not play, do I start aj brown or Agholor! thanks much!
  11. Dig, league 1: it’s a very deep superflex PPR league which we start 12 offensive players, so I start Melvin over Bernard/Ginn/O’Shaughnessy? league 2: .5 ppr pick 2, Godwin/Curtis Samuel/diggs/Ross league 3: PPR pick 3, OBJ/Lockett/Fitz/Marquis Brown/John Brown/josh Gordon yhanks!
  12. Hi Sig, .5 PPR starting 2QB/2RB/2WR/TE/FLEX. My starter Wilson/Newton/Zeke/Gurley/Diggs/Robby/Mcdonald/Kerryon, Bench: D Montgomery/Damien Williams/L Murray/C Samuel/Lamar Jackson/D Henderson/Justice Hill/Justin Jackson and Robert Woods is dropped. how many % faab would you bid? and who should i drop? i like all RBs on my bench, and it's 2QB league so i have to keep Lamar. So i lean drop Robby or Curtis for Woods. but it's not that big of an upgrade? how many % faab should i spend?
  13. I'm playing with VBD spreadsheet. I wonder if Joe and David can elaborate on how they choose the X value for each positions in VBD framework. I found for this year, for example, X value for TE is chosen at 0.5 x number of teams x number of TE starters, so in 12 teams league, the VBD baseline start at no.7 TE? is this because TE7 to TE12 are all pretty much the same and interchangeable? in WR, X value is set at 0.9 x number of teams * number of WR starters, but in RB, X value is set at 1.0 x number of teams * number of RB starters, and if every team starts more than 2RBs, then X value = 1.1 * number of teams * number of RB starters. I guess this is because WR is too deep, so this adjustment encourage us to draft more RBs? any intuition would be helpful, thanks!
  14. Hi sig! thanks and I made to 4 league finals, but I have gurley and Conner (already out and I don’t have samuels) in most of my league finals, problems and need your advice! league 1: .5 ppr starting 2rb2wr1flex, I’m 17pts underdog. QB (4pt td) Ryan or rivers or picking up nick fole or darnold (to stack with Robby Anderson I plan to start as WR2). I just sit rivers and plan to start Ryan. WR: I’m starting edelman/Robby anderson with DJ Moore on bench and foster/Pettis/Hamilton on ww. RB+flex: gurley/Damien williams/David johnson/Jamaal williams/Ingram/CJA/John kelly. If gurley starts, my best 3 options are gurley/Damien williams/DJ? But if gurley sits, Jamaal Williams is next best option? But Jamaal Williams play 1pm, if I sit him to gamble on gurley playing, my fallback options are Ingram or CJA/John Kelly, acceptable? If you have Jamaal Williams ranked higher than DJ in .5ppr anyways, then I should just start Jamaal at 1pm, then use DJ as my fallback option if gurley sits? dst (yahoo league setting): choose 1: min/cle/dal/atl/den league 2: .5 ppr starting 2rb3wr1flex, I’m 8 pts favorite RB+flex: pick 3 Saquon/Lindsay/Jamaal Williams/fournette/Coleman/Ingram/miller League 3: .5 ppr starting 2rb2wr1flex, I’m 8 pts underdog RB+flex: pick 3, if gurley starts: gurley/carson/mcguire/Robby anderson/Ballage/Ingram/arob if gurley sits: pick 3, carson/mcguire/Robby anderson/Ballage/Ingram/arob/cja Carson is a must start, but Both Mcguire and Robby play 1pm, my current plan is to play McGuire only and if gurley sits, my fallback options are pick 1 out of ingram/arob/CJA/ballage TE: Vance McDonald or Jarwin or Uzomah or lacosse or herndon DST: Ten or NE (I started TEN) League 4: .5 ppr starting 2rb2wr1flex, I’m 10 pts underdog Qb (4pt td league) rivers or Lamar Jackson or fole or darnold (to stack with Robby Anderson at my WR2) or Mariota, I started Lamar now become 12 pts underdog. WR: pick 2, woods/Robby Anderson/fitz and foster/Callaway/Humphries/Reynolds/Hamilton on ww RB+flex+TE: pick 4, if gurley starts (but not 100%): gurley/Chubb/Damien williams/McGuire/Jamaal Williams/jaylen Samuels/Zach ertz. If gurley sits, pick 4, Chubb/Damien williams/McGuire/Jamaal Williams/jaylen Samuels/Zach ertz/CJA my best options are gurley/chubb/Damien williams + jaylen samuels at TE? Chubb and Damien williams are must starts. I could start ertz at TE at 1pm and save Jaylen Samuels as my fallback option if gurley sits. I also have McGuire and Jamaal but they both play at 1pm. If I sits ertz and start jaylen at my TE spot then CJA and fitz are my only fall back options if gurley sits. DST: IND or DAL or CLE or den or ATL league 5: full pt ppr starting 3wr2rb1flex, I’m 20 pts underdog qb: (6pt td league): Prescott or Brady or josh Allen wr: pick 3, thielen/Robby anderson/Shepard/Reynolds/Hamilton/Mike williams or DJ Moore/Curtis Samuel on ww rb+flex, pick 3, if gurley starts, gurley/Mack/Jamaal Williams/Michel/breida: if gurley sits, mack/Jamaal Williams/Michel/breida/CJA Mack/Jamaal/michel all play at 1pm. my current plan is to start Jamaal/Mack and sit Michel to gamble on gurley will play. If gurley sits my fallback options are pick 1 among breida/Reynolds/Hamilton Thanks so much!
  15. PPR league, Start him over DJ Moore/Shepard/Curtis Samuel/Reynolds? i could also start him in flex over Michel/Mack/breida Im facing an uphill battle, need to play high ceiling players, I guess Anderson has the Highest ceiling among those?
  16. Hi sig, League 1: .5 ppr, WR: pick 1, Boyd, DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel league 2: .5 ppr, flex position: pick 1 among Ingram, Humphries, Davis, Arob? league 3: .5 ppr, WR: pick 1 among Curtis Samuel, fitz, Humphries, Godwin League 4, most important league! full pt ppr starting 3wr/2RB/1flex TE: Engram or Brate, now that OBJ will sit, give Engram an chance? Last week you selected Brate for me! It was a great call!!!! RB: gurley is my RB1, on RB2, choose 1 among Aaron jones, Michel, Mack, breida (looks like he will play). I lean Aaron jones now. WR: my WR1 is thielen. On WR2 and WR3, choose 2 among DJ Moore, Shepard, C Samuel, Reynolds? My current plan is DJ Moore and Shepard (obj sits, but if I start Engram at TE, do I cap Shepard’s upside?). Have Robby Anderson on my bench unfortunately didn’t play him. flex: choose 1 among Michel, Mack, breida, or any of those WRs left above? I lean Michel but Breida could be a good option if he will start? DST: Chi or Atl (on ww)? It’s espn league dst scoring system. you rock!
  17. I see your point. Engram and Shepard can both reach their ceiling if OBJ is out.
  18. Thanks! It’s DJ Moore. a little surprised you guys prefer Engram over Brate but I guess it’s PPR league so Engram can catch 8-9 passes? I’m a little hesitant about Engram because OBJ may play, and if OBJ doesn’t play, then I will start Shepard which will likely cap Engram’s upside? agree with Damien williams, and I will prolly go all in on WW for him. And yes I will prioritize hamilton over Samuel on ww (as I would still try to pick up Samuel to block my opponent playing him)
  19. i'm facing an uphill battle in fantasy semi, so i need to start the player with the highest upside: 6pt passing TD PPR league starting 2RB/3WR/1FLEX My team: Brady/Lamar Jackson Gurley/Aaron Jones/Michel/Mack/Breida Thielen/D. Moore/Shepard/Reynolds/Funchess/Conley Brate/Engram Badgley CHI/TEN On WW, RB: D. Williams/Ito Smith/K. Dixon WR: Curtis Samuel/Stills/Westbrook/Robby Anderson/D. Hamilton I'm thinking QB i will have to go with Brady, and TE will have to go with Brate's TD upside? On RB, beside Gurley, i'm tempted to start Aaron Jones despite a bad match up, On 3WRs, besides thielen, i will go with Moore, but struggling with the third option, If OBJ sits again, i will have to go with Shepard? but if not, maybe one of those on the WW? Either Samuel or Stills or Robby Anderson or Westbrook? On Flex, i'm struggling to choose between Michel and Mack, if Breida plays he will be a nice high upside option too. How about D. Williams? Thanks very much
  20. WR: .5PPR, Choose 1 among Corey Davis, Arob, DJ Moore. WR (in a different league): PPR starting 3, I have Thielen/DJ Moore/Funchess/Reynold/Shepard/C Samuel/MVS, I’m currently planning to start Thielen + Moore/Funchess combo. I don’t have good options here except thielen, So I’m willing to gamble on Newton’s arm with Denzel ward being out. Bad idea? If not bad should I go Moore/Samuel instead of Funchess? I thought Funchess was on pitch count last week so he can rebound to take over the target he lost to Samuel but Samuel has been playing so well. also Watkins is out 4-6 weeks, I should pick up Conley from FA and drop MVS? Or drop Shepard? QB: in 6pts td league, do I start Lamar over Brady? In 4pts td league I will, but 6pts td league, I kinda feel Brady will have at least 2 tds this week. a thousand thanks! Ouch, OBJ out! I guess I should just start Thielen/Moore/Shepard in my PPR league? I also picked up Engram from FA, plan to start him over Brate? What do you think?
  21. One thing about Funchess is that his remaining schedule just so good, including playoff... I don’t think any of your replacement has matched up advantage. Unless you think ARob will break out to be his old self, i will stick with Funchess
  22. Can I get an early ranking of top 3 dst in week 14/15/16 DST? Based on the current information (of coz things can change moving forward) thanks much
  23. .5 pt ppr league starting 2rb3wr1flex. I have 60 budget out of 100 left. I’m thinking spend all of it. my rb roster: saquon, Ingram, Coleman, j Howard, l Miller, linsay my wr: Thielen, julio, Fuller, Godwin
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