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  1. Thanks Poye. They just countered back wanting to add Fournette instead of Hooper as part of the deal. I think it's overpaying....how about you?
  2. I have a trade to consider and looking for feedback. James Conner/Tyler Boyd/Austin Hooper for Savon Ahmed/Travis Kelce (and picking up Cam Akers OR Michael Pittman off of waivers). Thanks for taking time to provide feedback. I'm already playoff bound and looking to shore up my roster for weeks 14-16. My league is non-ppr and 6 points for all TDs; start two RBs/WRs + one flex. My roster is as follows: Russell Wilson, Nick Chubb, James Conner, Christian McCaffrey, Miles Gaskin, Leonard Fournette, , Jamaal Williams, Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, Tyler Boyd, Jalen Reagor, Austin Hoope
  3. I have Conner on one of my rosters and I see a scenario where they get the running game going. I mean, with that defense, they can play ball control and not have to air it out 50 times.
  4. I don't trust Sean Payton. I mean he'll give Taysom work in the red zone even when Brees is in sync with the game flow. I wouldn't be surprised to see a rotation of Winston in there. Payton always keeps game planning close to the vest. I'd go Newton for the floor but Taysom for the ceiling play.
  5. Conner/Gio is the way to go if you are risk averse.
  6. Swift is out this week so this is an easy decision...
  7. Aiyuk is on the COVID list this week. Beyond that it's hard to say not knowing the type of league you are in.
  8. Easy choice here. Leveon Bell. I believe that Gaskin will resume his role when healthy.
  9. Since it is a keeper league you'd have to get a lot both in the short term and for next year. Cook's stock is sky high right now but his playoff schedule stinks. I'd have to have Derrick Henry or Aaron Jones at RB or Devante Adams at WR before even considering it. CEH is a fringe RB1 due to volume alone. Pass.
  10. dello131

    Help at RB

    I'd probably go with Conner and CEH with Ballege as a backup in case CEH is out this week.
  11. I would have to go with Tee Higgins given the 1/2 PPR format. Harris doesn't catch passes and there are too many options in TB. Gurley is a toss up.
  12. Brady. I wouldn't overthink it given his weapons. The Patriots will likely run the ball more given the lack of pass catchers and Houston's horrible run defense.
  13. When you say Perine, are you talking about Samaje on the Bengals? Isn't Gio Bernard the top dog when Mixon is out???
  14. It's not an unfair trade, but if it were me I'd hold on Pollard to see how things work out with Zeke going forward. Unless of course you are handcuffing Miles Sanders then I'd consider it.
  15. Hello, I am currently in 2nd place in my 12 person competitive money league. My roster is below and I'm looking to trade for Kelce with a team who is currently in 10th place. My offer to him is Tyler Boyd, Leonard Fournette, and Hayden Hurst just for Kelce. Do you think this is a reasonable price to pay and what if any drawbacks do you see? Thanks for the feedback. QB Russell Wilson; RBs: James Conner, Nick Chubb, Jamaal Williams, Leonard Fournette, Gio Bernard WRs: Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, Tyler Boyd, Jalen Reagor TE: Austin Hooper, Hayden Hurst K:
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