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  1. If Dolphins feel like that division is theirs for the taking, I can see preferring Jones over a rookie. And they can certainly address other areas of need with that pick NOT used on a rookie rb.
  2. Does Oliver become a sneaky sleeper with Lawrence coming to town?
  3. I agree, Chubb really is a special RB, vision, speed, power, balance, he has it all.
  4. Ughh, we better take a WR before that if we don't get a good one in FA. Terry needs some help out there!!!
  5. Just made this trade and wished I hadn't, sent this several days ago, before Wentz signed in Indy. 12 team PPR dynasty, we start 1 qb Gave: Henderson Got: Winston Granted I only have Big Ben and Wentz at QB, so I do need one, but with Wentz in Indy it doesn't seem nearly as important to my roster. I guess if Ben retires and Winston is the starter in New Orleans it won't look as bad, but feels kind dumb right now.
  6. Jay is just as much an idiot as Snyder is. I agree he should just shut up and coach his own team...
  7. If I'm Washington I don't give up more than a 3rd. At least Wentz proved he COULD play in the NFL at a high level. Why give up a first day pick for someone who has NEVER done that?
  8. I'm not sold on Hurts at all. A less skilled RG3....so I'd cash out quick if I owned him anywhere as I think he gets exposed this year. But I'm not sure the Eagles brass cares. They probably plan on taking a QB early in 2022.
  9. I agree. If you have Colts offensive players I'd think you'd be happy by the signing. And if he does reach those numbers and Eagles get a 1st then Philly fans should be giddy as well.
  10. If we can't land Watson or Winston, I think I'd rather have Mariota over anyone else available....
  11. Maybe not at liberty to say? Who knows for sure, but I 100% believe they are moving on from Lock. Elway knows as much as anyone how important QB play is, and man that offense would be STOUT if they could upgrade. Lock was just awful. Kind of reminds me of Washington with Haskins. Sometimes you just know, time to cut bait, some guys just don't have it.
  12. Looks like Denver ALMOST traded for a QB last week and the other team backed out per this report https://www.si.com/nfl/broncos/news/denver-broncos-were-close-to-trading-for-a-quarterback-last-week?fbclid=IwAR33ygJlNimGAuu5isE1aJMkFZXK6nks-EI6dvk2lmpDbu_IaavrPZtV_kE
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