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  1. If money is no limiting factor and you are buying your first pellet smoker/griller what are you buying? Would love some suggestions from you grill masters!
  2. I love Diontae but I'd take that trade for Moore's explosive upside.
  3. Was thrilled to get him at the 2.11 pick in my PPR SF best ball dynasty league. If he gets the Kupp role in that offense he'll be PPR gold.
  4. Things are definitely much much different since we got rid of the last 2 idiot GMs and hired a real coach. Such a nice change for us diehard fans that were so spoiled in the 80s/early 90s and have been MISERABLE ever since.
  5. Small trade but in my 12 team PPR best ball SF dynasty league traded A. Miller and 4th rounder for 2.11 pick and drafted St. Brown. Granted Miller could have his best year if Fields is legit but I like my chances with St. Brown better.
  6. People have short memories. Every year its how Dallas has the most talent...blah blah blah. Either Washington or the Giants are winning that division. Unless somehow, the Cowgirls learn how to play defense and actually have a balanced offense. I have my doubts about both.
  7. Dallas is going to get smoked week 1 vs the Bucs. See, the Bucs have a good offense AND defense.
  8. I agree, Lance has, BY FAR, the best offense and overall team of all 5 1st round QBs. But you'd think he could have traded down and still gotten his guy and another asset. That's really the only thing that shocked me. Lance should have one of the easiest transitions of all the QBs in my opinion.
  9. Just got a Christmas present in May. 12 team PPR best ball SF dynasty league. Chase fell to me at 1.7 Here is how the draft has gone so far: 1.1 Lance 1.2 Lawrence 1.3 Harris 1.4 Pitts 1.5 Fields 1.6 Etienne 1.7 Chase 1.8 Wilson 1.9 Waddle 1.10 D. Smith 1.11 D. Williams 1.12 Sermon 2.1 Mac Jones 2.2 E. Moore 2.3 Bateman 2.4 Carter 2.5 R. Moore 2.6 Toney 2.7 Marshall
  10. Unless he runs over a judge's dog, wife, and kids, I seriously doubt he's going to jail....
  11. I'm having a hard time seeing people take Fields over Wilson....clearly NFL scouts rated Wilson higher. Maybe I have block on OSU QBs (and to an extent Chicago offense) but just seems unless you are talking maybe redraft that Wilson has a higher ceiling than Fields...or am I wrong here?
  12. 12 team PPR dynasty I traded what is highly likely to be a very late 2022 2nd and 2023 3rd round pick for the 2.5 in this year's draft to take R. Moore. Mighty mouse in the house!
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