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  1. I dropped Brees already in several dynasty leagues. If he comes back and plays...
  2. I just offered Cooper for Claypool and 2.4 in one of my leagues and was immediately rejected no comment no counter. I think that's a hell of a return for Cooper. I can't get jack squat for him.
  3. He has barely been moved in my dozen dynasty leagues. Although I did move him last year when I had some injuries and was trying to 3peat (didn't unfortunately) and made this trade: Gave: Barkley, Beckham, Harry Got: Chubbs, Cooper, Mike Davis In hindsight I made more a redraft trade in a dynasty league, never a great idea, but I had CMC and Barkley both out and wanted to try and 3peat. Luckily I made a few other trades that did pan out well (gave up Parker and Hamler for Claypool and traded Thielen for what became the 1.5 pick this year for example)
  4. But remember Tomlin admitted to pulling him back, cutting his minutes later in the year as he was worried about the rookie wall. Now add in the likelihood that JuJu is gone and you've got a player blasting into orbit when you pair his talent with opportunity...
  5. That might be true if you've run your organization intelligently, shown consideration and class to all your players...but this is the Texans.....
  6. So Wentz hasn't said "give me your number or I don't throw you the ball this year" yet?
  7. I prefer Claypool and Mooney here. To the point I'd happily trade away Cooper for this return in the dynasty league I own him (and I've shopped him for a while with no takers)
  8. Well it seems like a lot of people in my leagues (not just this one) want nothing to do with Zeke. I had tried moving him for months and months would no bites....
  9. Probably not the best time to trade Zeke, but I've been wanting to move him for a while in a PPR dynasty league. Thoughts? Gave: Zeke and JuJu Got: Akers I was very deep at WR (Godwin, McLaurin, Evans, Diontae Johnson, Pittman, Crowder, Campbell) and felt I could afford to give up a WR to get a RB I like better. Did I sell too cheap or fair value?
  10. Agreed, and they should trade NOW, while the value will be at the highest. Before teams address their QB by FA or the draft. The market will never be higher for Watson than it is RIGHT NOW.
  11. Is T. Coleman safe to drop in a PPR dynasty league at this point?
  12. Now, Aiyuk (only because of Hunt's curtain situation) but both are very talented pieces in a PPR league
  13. If the Texans don't trade him, I hope the fans stop coming out and they never win another game. This reminds me of when Washington's old idiot coach and GM refused to trade Trent Williams, and at one point they had an offer for a 1st rounder. Instead they punished him and ended up getting what, 4th and 6th or something like that for him? Just stupid move by the old regime and Texans appear to be doing the same...
  14. He doesn't have a job...well, other than fighting with kids that attend his camp
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