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  1. I think you can say lots of teams are a QB upgrade away from being very good. Washington, Denver, Cleveland, Philly, Saints, 49ers, etc.
  2. Washington is NOT trading for Tua. That has already been shot down. I certainly wouldn't mind them trading for Watson though
  3. sucks, his owners would so benefit from a trade...but Arians loves the bearded one.
  4. Used: Off- Panthers, Bucs, Cardinals, Bengals, Cowboys, Chiefs Def- Broncos, WFT, Browns, Bills, Bucs, Rams Week 7 Offense: Packers Defense: Packers
  5. Anyone think Daniel Jones has any shot to play this weekend or probably not? Haven't heard how bad the concussion is or still any lingering affects?
  6. He's a great hold for sure, probably too pricey to buy this year. But I love him long term in a dynasty.
  7. Used: Off- Panthers, Bucs, Cardinals, Bengals, Cowboys Def- Broncos, WFT, Browns, Bills, Bucs Week 6 Offense: Chiefs Defense: Rams
  8. Until yesterday's game I would agree...but those floating ducks yesterday to Terry were awful
  9. He must be hated by Baker and/or the team. I mean there is no logical explanation why he's not a part of the offense if he's healthy.
  10. Nothing against Lattimore, he's great, but it was Taylor's weak floaters that allowed him to "make up" the separation that Terry had all game long. If Washington had a QB who could really sling it, Terry would have had a monster day. He would every week, as his route running and hands really are elite.
  11. Yeah even the announcers said he was pushed earlier, this was a retaliation of some sort...not saying that makes it right, but seems less concerning than if he just ran over and threw a punch out of the blue
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