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  1. I think the Jets like Crowder more than most are implying here. I see he and Moore playing together. If anything it means Mims is less likely to get significant reps. You can have 2 smaller/slot type WRs and still have a good offense. Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders both smaller stature guys were a pretty good duo with Monk.
  2. I actually prefer Murray and the pick (especially if its mid to early) but someone who's win now would happily take Wilson and Sutton.
  3. In my dynasty leagues I've shopped him a few places that I was stacked at WR and needed a RB and NO ONE seems to value him. I just don't understand why. But I won't move at a fire sale price. Its odd...to people think he won't be better with Brady after a full year together?
  4. Why did I believe in Hardman and even trade for him in a dynasty league 2 years ago
  5. He just went ahead of Chase in one of my PPR leagues. I will be amazed if he outperforms Chase
  6. And us Washington fans have an equally hard time with drafting Doctson over Michael Thomas
  7. I'd add Brown to that mix as well. All 4 players I could see being impactful immediately.
  8. That's right, so it has happened a few times. Although wasn't Zeke and Ben's suspension pretty short? A game or two?
  9. Doesn't he have to be proven guilty (he continues to maintain his innocence) for the NFL to suspend him? I mean, with Rice, Vick, there was conviction and evidence. Wouldn't this be a new precedent to suspend him without any form of proof other than he said/she said?
  10. What about 100% chance he is playing this year? Seems more likely than him NOT playing IMO....
  11. Oh how the mighty have fallen...in a move to cut down total players before our rookie draft traded... Gurley and 2.9 for 2.7.
  12. I think all AJB dynasty owners in my leagues where I don't own him already should panic and sell quickly
  13. whoa whoa whoa, slow down there...Chase is still Alpha Dog of this class. But Pitts is right behind him
  14. I think that's a very logical assumption to make actually.
  15. He just fell to me at the 1.8 pick in one of my 12 team PPR dynasty (1qb) leagues. Can't believe Carter was drafted before him, but I sure didn't mind!
  16. He is somewhat considered a lock to be the #2 RB behind Henry right? And possibly 3rd down back? Seems like a good late sleeper no?
  17. Claypool, Sutton, Jeudy, Chark, Waddle, Gallup, Bateman maybe?
  18. 12 team PPR dynasty, 1 qb league 1.1 Harris 1.2 Chase 1.3 Pitts 1.4 Etienne 1.5 Javonte Williams (my pick) 1.6 Waddle 1.7 D. Smith 1.8 Sermon 1.9 Lawrence 1.10 Carter 1.11 Bateman 1.12 E. Moore 2.1 Marshall 2.2 Toney 2.3 Wilson 2.4 R. Moore 2.5 Lance 2.6 St. Brown 2.7 Fields 2.8 Collins 2.9 D. Brown 2.10 Rodgers 2.11 Stevenson 2.12 Eskridge 3.1 Gainwell 3.2 Hubbard 3.3 Firsker 3.4 OTC It seems like so far, from what I've seen, this is
  19. Does the clock on your computer read 2018?
  20. I think it is fair to say the overall team is setup nicely for Fitz. Great defense, lots of good young weapons on offense, and a fanbase welcoming him with open arms and zero QB controversy.
  21. Can we hurry up get the him officially traded to the Washington Discount Double Checks!!!
  22. So I guess people are really buying into that Watson won't ever play again? I mean, even if he sits out an entire year, how is he suddenly not a top 5 QB in this league? I don't understand the fall....
  23. I had a real dhole owner in one of my superflex dynasty league offer me a 4th round rookie pick for Watson, and he laughed saying I was a fool for calling him a top 5 startup dynasty QB.....do others have people this clueless in their leagues??
  24. Chase makes a fine consolation prize
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