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  1. I don't know about the rest of you but I googled "Gruden's latest draft pick disaster" first thing this morning. I tuned in starting at pick 6 and it wasn't until the Raiders pick did I hear the word "reach." Ya can't make this stuff up. 😁 Mayock said all the scouts and coaches were in agreement on the pick. Yeah, right. There was a question about whether Gruden has a bunch of "yes" men under him. Maybe he does. 🤷‍♂️ Mayock also said they had an offer but the team offering also needed a tackle and he said the deal was "poor." I thot that was refreshing. I'm with most. They needed a RT. He should be a good one. They just took him too early with all the glaring needs on the other side of the ball. Maybe Gruden's plan is control the ball for 45 minutes and keep the D off the field.
  2. So was Arden Key. He was Kiper's No. 1 player after his sophomore or maybe junior year. And Gruden burned a third on him.
  3. Keep trying, Chad. Maybe you'll convince yourself. You're not convincing most. "I think we got players on the D line." Yes, the Raiders do. Now if only you could insert the word "good" before "players." "We have starting LBs that can play." Yes, the Raiders do. Now if only you could insert the word "well" after "play." "We have two holes. RT and FS...Could we have gone JOK to upgrade LB? Yes but it wouldn't have filled a need like this does." The whole friggin' D is a massive hole. Chad, there's something to be said for a voice in the wilderness. But when everybody else is holding their noses while you're smelling roses, you better sniff a little closer. You maybe be smelling the fertilizer that helps those roses grow. 😉
  4. I was just coming to post!!! Some fantastic stuff and I'm only a third of the way thru it. Al's greatest coaching hire. Here's to 85, John. 🥂
  5. Some guy with SI has the 9ers interested at 12 (and 43), Washington at 19, Indy at 21 and the Chiefs at 31. I agree between the lack of production years 1-3 and just one year of standout ball, he'd be a gamble going that high. https://www.si.com/college/florida/football/where-does-florida-gators-kadarius-toney-land-2021-nfl-draft
  6. I just took a look at some hilites of this guy. He looks more like THill than Ruggs ever will. I could actually see Gruden taking this dude and hoping they'll win a lot of 50-48 games. If not with the 20th pick, then moving up to get another 1. And I could definitely see the Chiefs taking him at 31 if he's still there or perhaps moving up as well. Lord have mercy if that happens.
  7. Great news indeed. Hopefully seven years from now we won't be talking about how Gruden's first pick ended up being his best one. 😜
  8. After the Fins-9ers deal, some blogger made a comparison of that deal to the 2013 Raiders-Fins deal. In this most recent deal the Fins went from 3 to 12 and got an additional 3 and 2 1s. In 2013, the Raiders went from 3 to 12 and got an additional 2. 😶 The blogger pointed out there's a quarterback involved in this recent deal which increased the Fins haul but it's obvious Reggie go hosed. So, if you had to pick one or the other to make your draft picks, would you choose Reggie or Gruden? The answer obviously is neither. Gruden, I guess, has been better than Reggie during his their respective time with the Raiders. But his overall track record is dreck. Reggie got em Carr, Mack and Cooper in five years. Granted, the last two fell into his lap, Mack especially, but he still got em. Gruden has got em Miller and Jacobs in the draft and Waller in free agency in three years. And an argument could be made he wouldn't have gotten Jacobs if not for Reggie getting Mack. Hopefully with 8 more picks this year, Gruden will come up with a version closer to the 2019 haul than 2020.
  9. Well thought out post and I agree, you're putting too much confidence in Edwards. 😉 He didn't show much at all last year. At least not what I'd expect for a third rounder with all that hype. Maybe the game slows down for him this year. Maybe a full-round of OTAs and a full training camp will help things click for him (and Ruggs) this year. But he looked pretty lost out there last year to the tune of 11-200-1. If he tripled those numbers those numbers this year, I'd be very surprised. I think he can come somewhere between double and tripling. 25-400-3?
  10. Totally agree. Teams with perceived or real QB needs like NE and Wash hold more cards now because Week 1 is so far away and the draft is ahead. As that time grinds down, the pressure heats up. Then would probably be the ultimate time to deal Mariota if they're gonna do it. The Raiders stance is or at least should be, hey, this was the No. 2 pick in the draft just six years ago. The other teams' stance is, hey, you got him for nothing. To which the Raiders should reply, pretty smart, huh, and then issue a middle finger salute. And if Mariota agrees to a restructure (has this even been talked about?) even better. You'd think he'd be open to that if he's looking for a full-time gig.
  11. I don’t agree with cutting Williams but I understand it. Shows they have faith in the guys who saw the field last year. Makes signing Agholor or somebody of his ilk a priority though IMO. Now, for the same reason, cut Brown. Have faith in the guys who saw the field last year. I still don’t think they should cut Mariota. Everybody is talking about the cost. Carr and Mariota COMBINED cost less than Mahomes and Watson and they're within $3 million of five other guys (Wilson, Roethlisberger, Goff, Rodgers and Cousins). You don’t cut him for that reason alone. And you don’t cut him or trade him at all if all you have is is Nathan Peterman as a back up. In fact, you surround him with plexiglass to prevent injury. If they do cut/trade Mariota and Peterman is then the No. 2 guy, we’re all chipping in for a plane ticket and we’re sending Chad to Vegas so he can be the back-up quarterback. He’ll be an upgrade for sure.
  12. Yikes, I've lost track over the years of how plugged in Peter King is but if he's even in the ballpark with these Watson trades, my "offer" of Carr, Waller and 2 1s is cheap by comparison. I love Watson but nobody nobody is worth this much (not even Mahomes). https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/22/deshaun-watson-trade-texans-nfl-fmia-peter-king/
  13. Well, I hope that settles that. If you can get two more years of play from him like last year, I'm fully on board. I didn't think he had a year like 2020 in him anymore. And while I still don't think he can take a team all the way, he proved me wrong once so hopefully he proves me wrong again. I'm all for cutting Brown unfortunate as it would be. He's only been on the field for 16 of 32 games. That's all you need to know. But on the flip side, I'd like to keep Williams who's only been on the field for 14 of 32 😉 if they can agree on a reasonable deal. If not, he can go too. Williams and Agholor would make a decent tandem with Renfrow in the slot. Then they can work Ruggs in since he seems nowhere near ready for a full-time job and until the game slows down for Edwards. And yep Joyner (talent), Incognito (age and alternatives available) and Richards (don't need him) can go. And drop the TEs down from eight to two. 😉
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