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  1. Totally agree. Teams with perceived or real QB needs like NE and Wash hold more cards now because Week 1 is so far away and the draft is ahead. As that time grinds down, the pressure heats up. Then would probably be the ultimate time to deal Mariota if they're gonna do it. The Raiders stance is or at least should be, hey, this was the No. 2 pick in the draft just six years ago. The other teams' stance is, hey, you got him for nothing. To which the Raiders should reply, pretty smart, huh, and then issue a middle finger salute. And if Mariota agrees to a restructure (has this even been
  2. I don’t agree with cutting Williams but I understand it. Shows they have faith in the guys who saw the field last year. Makes signing Agholor or somebody of his ilk a priority though IMO. Now, for the same reason, cut Brown. Have faith in the guys who saw the field last year. I still don’t think they should cut Mariota. Everybody is talking about the cost. Carr and Mariota COMBINED cost less than Mahomes and Watson and they're within $3 million of five other guys (Wilson, Roethlisberger, Goff, Rodgers and Cousins). You don’t cut him for that reason alone. And you don’t cut
  3. Yikes, I've lost track over the years of how plugged in Peter King is but if he's even in the ballpark with these Watson trades, my "offer" of Carr, Waller and 2 1s is cheap by comparison. I love Watson but nobody nobody is worth this much (not even Mahomes). https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/22/deshaun-watson-trade-texans-nfl-fmia-peter-king/
  4. Well, I hope that settles that. If you can get two more years of play from him like last year, I'm fully on board. I didn't think he had a year like 2020 in him anymore. And while I still don't think he can take a team all the way, he proved me wrong once so hopefully he proves me wrong again. I'm all for cutting Brown unfortunate as it would be. He's only been on the field for 16 of 32 games. That's all you need to know. But on the flip side, I'd like to keep Williams who's only been on the field for 14 of 32 😉 if they can agree on a reasonable deal. If not, he can go too. Williams
  5. I don't get all the talk on the board about trading Mariota when the only backup is Peterman and Gruden isn't stellar at making draft picks. As Doc says, he's young and has an affordable contract. He shined in his only appearance last year. What's not to like? He'd be a very viable backup. You want to trade him for a potentially worthless pick and potentially go back to the days of Pat McGroin? I say keep him and give him 2 or 3 series a game, maybe more depending on game flow. Give defenses something else to think about.
  6. Here are some of the excuses Stinkin’ has brewing so far. I’m sure there are many more than these: • The night before the game Reid got cut off after his sixth trip at the Tom Brady All You Can Eat Buffet. Then his stomach grumbled the rest of the night because he didn’t get enough to eat and he was tired the next day and didn’t call a good game. • Kelce said it was unfair playing against a defense as good as the Bucs: “Those guys tackle and hit hard,” Kelce said as he sniffed back tears. “We’re used to playing teams like the Raiders that don’t tackle at all.” • The PA announcer
  7. You said a mouthful there, Doc. Just look at their drafts since Gruden has been back: 2020 Wirfs (1st) and Winfield (2nd). 2019 White (1st) and Murphy-Bunting (2nd) and Miller (6th). Miller's numbers this year were a little better than Ruggs. 2018 Jones (2nd) and Whitehead (4th). That's 5 starters and 1 part-time starter right there and White is an absolute stud. And I'm sure most people know Ferrell was the player one pick ahead of White. 😥 They nailed their top picks and they've gotten some value in later rounds And the year before Gruden's arrival brought O.J. Howar
  8. And speaking of the Super Bowl, another good thread name change, Hank. Well done. This year anyway the Chiefs are no better than the Raiders (or the Jags or Jets for that matter) when it comes to the bottom line. You're team is No. 2, Stinkin'. ✌️ Let's get the excuse train rolling!!! 🚆 I know I for one can't wait to ignore 'em... 👎
  9. Well, this would appear to significantly lessen the Raiders' chances on Watson: "It will take a massive package to land Watson, if the Texans decide to trade him. Right now, Houston is refusing to engage teams in trade discussions. Experts say it could be at least three first-round picks, plus defensive players. The Jets could have an advantage because their first-round picks (No. 2 and No. 23) have a higher value than those of the Miami Dolphins (No. 3 and No. 18), based on the commonly used value chart. The Jets also have two first-rounders in 2022, plus coveted defensive tackle Quinnen
  10. "The Houston Texans continue to tell any team that calls that they are not trading Deshaun Watson, league sources told ESPN, meaning the standoff between the team and its franchise quarterback will continue." What in the heck happened between Watson and the Texans? Good grief, he just signed a contract extension in September. You could swap out Texans for Raiders and Watson for Mack very easily here.
  11. Wentz is broken and thus won't command near what Stafford brought in or what Carr would bring in. And I think most people agree Stafford>Carr.
  12. Hee hee, we'll see. The Stafford deal is a decent comp. Carr>Goff. Watson>Stafford. If they could get Watson for Carr, 2 1s and a 3rd similar to Stafford deal, I think Gruden would be all over it. I think it'll take more than that. I just hope Watson goes somewhere so we'll see who's right and who's wrong. FWIW I hear the Broncos could very much be in play. That increases the Raiders' urgency obviously. Can you imagine being stuck in a division with Mahomes, Herbert and Watson? Hee hee.
  13. No. 1 is a no-brainer. No GM with a brain would do it. No. 2 Getting warmer. No. 3 I don't see why the Texans would want Carr AND Mariota. I heard this deal bandied about and I think if the Raiders really want him, it'll need to be along these lines: Carr, 2 1s and Waller. I'd think long and hard about that. Swallow real hard...and do it. Same article said swap out Waller for Ruggs. I'd do that in a second. Thot it was funny that Gruden said this: "If they did (trade for Watson), the compensation would be like… they’d have to give up seven No. 1 [draft picks].” Gruden has seven No. 1
  14. Hey STC! Your stellar contributions to the Raider thread have been missed! Hope everything is alright. There was one poster who thought he might have driven you off—no it wasn't Stinkin Ref. 😉

    Would love to see your input again. Love your knowledge and insights and especially your faithfulness for a flawed franchise.

    Best regards,

    Ed Wood

  15. Totally with you on the first part. I think we saw the best Derek Carr we're ever gonna see last year. That's why it would make sense to move him if it means landing Watson. But I totally disagree with you on the last part. Mariota had some electric moments in the game against the Chargers but he nearly threw three picks. He'd obviously give the offense a dimension it doesn't have but I think there would be too dramatic a downtick in other areas. I think he'd be a major step back from Carr. Gruden hasn't done much in his first three years but he has fixed Carr. And as has been noted Grude
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