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  1. Yeah, I would like to know this as well. Basically, is Mattison’s injury considered minor (similar to what Tony Pollard had last week) or no?
  2. He’s traveling with the team today, so it’s looking like he will be playing tomorrow (got the traveling news from Pat Leonard). Not liking the ‘windy’ weather report for the MIA vs. NYG game, though, which is sustained winds around 20mph, guests could be 30 or more (according to Kevin Roth). Hopefully it isn’t as windy as what is being said online when the game begins.
  3. Has it begun? 👀 Or is it a trick? Hmmm...
  4. Has anyone been able to find any update on Damien? So far, nothing.
  5. Yeah, I just saw the comments. Definitely got interesting now once the dust has settled, although this week’s game vs. the Vikings will be a tough one for both RBs. If I had to guess, Carson is still the starter but he won’t get his usual heavy work (as Tom alluded to above) but we shall see. I think the team wanted this anyway to save Carson longterm, regardless of the fumble problem, even though it sure feels like it is about the fumbles. I’m going by what I’m seeing online. Again, I’m guessing here.
  6. I can agree with that. And yep, not a pretty number for Carson. Btw, when looking at last week’s Seahawk news moments ago, looks like one of the coaches said they wanted to use their RBs more, not just Carson only. (Anyone on here do let me know if I’m right or wrong about that.) Today on radio, Pete said he saw something with Penny during last week’s practices. There are also more encouraging comments by Pete regarding Penny. (Source is Gregg Bell from Twitter.) Anyway, we are getting some answers by waiting a day, into Pete’s thinking. I know, good luck with that one!
  7. My point is that we all overreact to things too quickly, regardless of the situation. The process needs to play out to better understand what is going on, especially after a weird game. Football likes to play tricks on us. Apparently we are not on the same page and that’s fine. Onward to week 13.
  8. And if Penny fails this weekend while Carson does enough, the same ‘scared’ logic can be said to Penny owners. For instance, the whole ‘is he a bust, is he too fat, etc.’ Btw, what about Lockett, Wilson, and Metcalf? Are those 3 players garbage now after yesterday? No. The whole offense was bad yesterday, just the Eagles were worse. Yesterday’s game was just weird in how it went for Seattle. Overall, let’s see if Penny can be the stud everyone wants him to be, consistently. Can he beat Mr. Fumble?
  9. Hot hand? Load management for Carson regardless on how the game went, although the team just had their bye so perhaps not? Overall, the game was weird. Seattle’s offense didn’t play well, which means yesterday’s game could mean zip long term. Penny has had good games before, and nothing (productive) happens the following week.
  10. Maybe, but there has been no news about Chubb’s health so far. He did leave after getting 1,000 yards rushing for the season, so perhaps that’s why he left afterwards, and his body could have been saying ‘enough’ after a short week of rest. Yes, I saw what he did on the sidelines, but if I had to guess right now, I say he should be okay for next week but we shall see. I do have Chubb in one league with Hunt backing him up, thus I’m protected if he sits (which shows that everyone should protect their RBs if possible). For now, I will worry about next week, well, next week.
  11. At this time, I wouldn’t. Stash after waiver runs? Sure? Just McCoy can’t be trusted (unless things change), and as a member pointed out in the McCoy thread, pass protection is very important right now to protect Patrick. McCoy is not very good at that compared to the Williams. Of course, the situation could change, but Reid’s comments yesterday have me doubting that. Maybe I read his comments wrongly, yet it sure sounded like a vote of no confidence, with the goal of not being mean to that player by using certain words. (Go to Adam Teicher’s Twitter feed to see what I mean.)
  12. Like others have said, it’s Goff. Sure, the Steelers did a good job in defending him, but it was still Goff.
  13. I don’t know... even with today’s fumble, KC still trusted him with the ball a lot unlike with McCoy. No way today’s inactive was due to ‘rest’ for McCoy, because KC’s bye is not that far away, and McCoy never looked tired in the games he played. In my opinion, it’s trust (obviously). As for now, in my opinion, it’s Damien’s backfield yet you might be right about next week. Thinking about this backfield is already giving me a splitting headache.
  14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So many positives for Jones today, yet so many negatives as well. Barber hanging around is one of them, obviously.
  15. Side note: Ekeler’s snap percentage last night was 45% vs. Gordon’s 62%. Last week it was 34%, which shows he’s still a fine option. Next week is KC and he had a good game against them last year. The second meeting, though, he missed due to being hurt.
  16. Like the Pats D, you drop either of those WRs both will get picked up rather quickly, so do a trade. I do understand why you’re thinking this, they haven’t been that great this year so far. Although Adam got hurt while having a good game (and just got back so maybe give him another week before panicking) and as for Allen, he’s fighting for targets now. The team is getting healthy. Still not a drop, though, and I’m sure there’s someone else you could drop. Every team has that one player a team can drop that isn’t all that. Regardless, it is your team, do what you think is best.
  17. As jtd13 pointed out, the 1985 Bears defense couldn’t stop Dan Marino while playing in Florida. The Bears defense gave up 38 points and 335 total yards, 270 through the air. The 2000 Ravens defense gave up 36 points to the Jags in Week 2, 23 points to the Titans in Week 11, and 20 points to the Jets in Week 17. The Ravens won those games, but even that unit gave up yards/points. Again, it happens, it’s football. A bad week for a defense will happen, regardless if that team wins or not.
  18. If you drop them, I bet another team will pick them up quickly. This unit was due for a bad game, and last night was the perfect storm for one. Heck, look at SF vs. Zona as that defense didn’t show up last week, even in a good matchup. Bears’ defense last year did bad against the Pats in Chicago and on the road against the Dolphins before returning to form. Overall, it happens.
  19. Wasn’t this injury a pain tolerance thing? If so, I would be shocked if he misses more games, but you never know nowadays...
  20. Hmmmm...I’m not buying (yet), but I’m watching. Feels like a trap, tbh.
  21. In my opinion, this is the week Gordon has to show up. Everything is lining up to say that he should be solid this week. But if he fails again, and Ek performs better and/or the offense plays better with him in, the hot hand approach might be used going forward, or rather Ek gets the nod very soon. Overall, I am really curious to see on how this backfield will go after this weekend. Someone needs to control this backfield eventually, right? (I’m staying neutral with the Ek vs. Gordon debate; eventually one party will be victorious...hopefully.)
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