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  1. I'd need to see the guy play a 16 game schedule and win a playoff game before handing out big $$$$$.
  2. I wouldn't think they'd want to chance people seeing something and talking about it. Hard to shut up those with $$$$$$$$.
  3. You've heard Led Zeppelin ..."Levee Breaks".....right? Here ya go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swhEa8vuP6U She was actually from Louisiana, born in Algiers. Without question the greatest female blues guitarist.
  4. translation What a great idea for a thread since we all remember that first favorite song, way to go Zeno, you are "Da Man". My very first favorite song was this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AkLE4X-bbU Love that song.
  5. Grow up guy, you come off as some little kid on their parents computer.
  6. Asking people what was their first favorite song is trolling, hahahahahaha~~~~~~~ Is this one weird cat or what?
  7. Def Leopard one of those bands I know little about for some reason.
  8. What really is this guys trip anyway? He gets all worked up over talking music, why?
  9. Why would anyone enter a thread to just wimper around and complain? No respect at all for the topic. I only see this kind of thing here, why is that? Everywhere I visit everyone shows that cool, that respect, only here do I see the rude, the uptight poster.
  10. What really is wrong with this guy?
  11. Show me what I did wrong, would love to see this.
  12. Dude, are there two/three of you going with rockaction? One minute your cool the next GRRRRRR then cool, then GRRRRRR, it's strange.
  13. Is there something going on here I;m not aware of? Just some harmless music talk, so why the....GRRRRRRRR?
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