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  1. I'd need to see the guy play a 16 game schedule and win a playoff game before handing out big $$$$$.
  2. I wouldn't think they'd want to chance people seeing something and talking about it. Hard to shut up those with $$$$$$$$.
  3. You've heard Led Zeppelin ..."Levee Breaks".....right? Here ya go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swhEa8vuP6U She was actually from Louisiana, born in Algiers. Without question the greatest female blues guitarist.
  4. translation What a great idea for a thread since we all remember that first favorite song, way to go Zeno, you are "Da Man". My very first favorite song was this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AkLE4X-bbU Love that song.
  5. Grow up guy, you come off as some little kid on their parents computer.
  6. Asking people what was their first favorite song is trolling, hahahahahaha~~~~~~~ Is this one weird cat or what?
  7. Def Leopard one of those bands I know little about for some reason.
  8. What really is this guys trip anyway? He gets all worked up over talking music, why?
  9. Why would anyone enter a thread to just wimper around and complain? No respect at all for the topic. I only see this kind of thing here, why is that? Everywhere I visit everyone shows that cool, that respect, only here do I see the rude, the uptight poster.
  10. What really is wrong with this guy?
  11. Show me what I did wrong, would love to see this.
  12. Dude, are there two/three of you going with rockaction? One minute your cool the next GRRRRRR then cool, then GRRRRRR, it's strange.
  13. Is there something going on here I;m not aware of? Just some harmless music talk, so why the....GRRRRRRRR?
  14. Talking your first favorite songs, so what was yours?
  15. How do you talk your first favorite song and not return to those golden days of yesteryear? Has...0...to do with proving anything, ok amigo? Was that song really your first favorite song, really?
  16. If your dad had it I'd bet it was the original album, a compilation would be out later.
  17. Extremely serious when it comes to $$$$$/music. I just found it strange that with all that great music out there anyone would find that song their first favorite.
  18. I came to them blues later on, more mid 70's, but didn't really get deadly serious until later than that. The first Muddy Waters song I liked was Hoochie Coochie Man. Actually that was first Muddy Waters song I knew about, do like all his stuff.
  19. Really, well I'll be damn. Funny thing is I can't remember any other song on that album. My parents were into country music, so that was pretty much all I'd heard, and while I love country it was different than Ray Charles....obviously. Yes I know he also did some country but not on that album. He did turn me towards R&B, Soul.
  20. I grew up listening to music because my parents always had something on the radio or the record player. I knew every Hank Williams song before I was 10. But, it was a record my Aunt Mildred owned that would become my first....favorite...song. We'd visit her at least once a week and the minute we parked it was a jump out of the car and a run to her record player and.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvMl6MDjdak This was the first time any song really moved me and I;d heard a lot of songs. I still love the first 30 seconds, still about as good as it gets. So, what was the first song you heard that just stood apart from everything else?
  21. One of those.... If I knew then what I know now Ha! But....family always come first, but music is without question second, sex and food tied for third.
  22. I was still in HS when a few buddies decided to go to Monterey for some big music thing they asked if I wanted to go. Well I's already told my dad I 'd help him on a jpb nr needed help with. Next time I saw Eddie.... Eddie....dude, you really missed it. There was this skiiny black guy named Jimmy Hendrick (I thought) the guy was amazing. Zeno.....amazing at what? Eddie....guitar, he was something else. You'll hear him. Zeno....cool. Then it was forgotten. Well I would finally hear Jimi Hendrix and I was stunned. Obviously back then I knew nothing about influenseds or them blues or anything about music, it was just if it sounds good, cool. Once I became a student years later then I found about Hendrix and his infuenses.
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