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  1. It's a funny gameflow predicament we have. The Lions will be behind, which helps Swift receive. The Rams will be close/ahead, which helps Akers get fed. They're both gonna be monsters.
  2. The problem is the Lions offense won’t score near as many touchdowns as the Rams
  3. Ted Thompson, the GM from 2005-2017 is the architect of Green Bay's success through drafting, then retaining players. He was to draft and resign, as water is to wet.
  4. I watched every second of Aaron and have seen every other show for 20 years or so. He's poor. ProFootballTalk's over-the-top praise of him is because Florio made Rodgers' Sh-t List years ago and this is Florio's chance to suck up so he's taking it
  5. I've long believed that you treat a Superflex league the same way as a 2QB league. And if you're not, you're doing it all wrong
  6. Rodgers was abysmal hosting Jeopardy. He has zero repartee and that's half the gig. If they go his direction it's because they want a D-list celebrity, Drew Carrey style.
  7. I’m high on Elijah Moore myself. 34th overall feels like significantly more draft capital than Marshall 59th overall. Good opportunity too
  8. This being a 12 team 2QB 2TE league is very important to the context. RBs are deeply devalued here. I agree that Fitz = 2.05 and the 3rd/Kirk are scraps nothingburgers. So it comes down to 2.01 + 2022 1st for Swift. Roughly two firsts for Swift in a league that devalues RBs is pretty dang close to consensus value. Would I take it? Depends on my roster construction. Should a guy take the 16 team DK Metcalf trade under any circumstances or roster construction? Absolutely not. Therefore the Swift deal is better, because there are rosters it makes sense for. In the Metcalf deal, it neve
  9. For which side? Since I have to ask, this can’t be worse than the Metcalf deal.
  10. Call me crazy but I love this move in PPR TE premium. In this format I have Chase and Pitts in an upper tier. 1.03 and beyond is distant.
  11. Thanks for the post. Michael Carter at 29th stands out
  12. I have Kittle and Kelce in the same tier with the clear nod to Kittle. They're both a part of the old guard, but in October Kelce turns 32 and Kittle turns 28. Four years is a significant difference. And yes Kelce just had his career year, but even then the difference between him and Kittle was 13.0 yards per game, despite Kittle being in and out of the lineup on game day. The Chiefs offense should score lots of TD's, but those are hard to bank on. Gimme the 28 year old within spitting distance of the 32 year old whose cliff is closer than it appears.
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