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  1. If the Texans want 3 firsts and 2 seconds for their QB who's in deep legal trouble, what would they ask for if he was legally cleared? Also, Watson's on his second contract and is well paid, so it's not like you're trading for a rookie deal cheap Herbert. This whole 3 firsts plus is like me asking out Jessica Alba. She'll say no, but it can't hurt to ask!
  2. Seems like a great win-win trade all around. The Pats can wash their hands and the Rams get a veteran option in a position of need. Oh and the Rams slam just a little further than balls-deep in their win-now window
  3. I have a couple rookie drafts this weekend and would love to see where ETN is going in other leagues before I’m OTC. I suspect he falls from the 1QB 4th overall range to the 8th overall range to a patient/believer owner
  4. -Gimme Khalil Herbert over Damien Williams in CHI -AJ Dillon is the ultra league winning handcuff -Tony Jones is a nice sleeper over 31yo Latavius Murray
  5. Lamb and not close. Higgins is a nice player, but the Bengals taking Chase says all you need to know. Juju is on the brink of roster clogger. The picks are decent and would be massive in Superflex, but this isn't SF. The pick 1.09 is what, Rashod Bateman? 1.12 is what, Rondale Moore? Attach names to picks and ask yourself if you'd prefer Ceedee and three roster spots to Higgins, Juju, Bateman and Rondale Moore.
  6. I like Terry here because the 1st is late and Cooper is nicked up, but the perceived age difference is misleading. Terry is only 15 months younger despite playing 4 less seasons, for what that’s worth.
  7. Tell that to Saquon and his 16 carries for 5 yards.
  8. An uninspiring 4 catches for 50 yards per week feels about right. Not the worst, but if you have him you need to win games elsewhere on your roster.
  9. Hockenson. This is the type of 3 for 1 deal that nibbles around the periphery of your roster, allowing you to avoid giving up a blue chip, but you receive a blue chip and gain two roster spots.
  10. If it's non-PPR and you're a heavy contender, I don't hate it
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