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  1. Apparently he values 1.09>your 2022 first + his 2023 1st. Maybe I'll shop my 1.09's
  2. The alteration of the Lamb deal means you get an extra first. Dunno why the other guy would do that but alright
  3. This is the epitome of a “better a year early, than a year too late” kind of deal. I like the gamble.
  4. Definitely. I agree with whoever said trading up from Tua to Watson is a nice "face saving" technique for Greir. Whether we agree with it or not, saving face matters for job security in the NFL. Turning Tua into Watson is the perfect out for a pick that's looking dubious. Yeah, it's still a debate if Tua is the right guy. He could turn out fine, but you don't want to find out you ended up with the wrong guy and you're now sitting at pick #14 overall perennially until you're fired for not having a QB. Plus, the 1.03 feels like found money at this point. The Tunsil trade became, what, picks 25 l
  5. The Dolphins have to take a long hard look at Tua, the #3 pick and Watson. That's just due diligence. Their roster is strong enough that if they make the wrong choice here, they're staring down the barrel of perennial 6-10 to 9-7 QB purgatory.
  6. Not often do you see a Nuk for free (at the very least). This belongs in a "worst completed" thread
  7. Javonte has a ton to offer. While I see the Bell comps with the smooth running, Javonte also has some thumping to his game where he dishes out hits. I'm not sure who he comps to in that regard, but I love the skill set. Bowling over a defender sure seems easier when the defender is concerned about being evaded altogether. Maybe a combo of Bell and David Montgomery?
  8. When was the last time a QB switched teams and a WR held that number and didn't just give it up? This isn't the same as a RB buying a number off a DB. This seems to be new territory. I've bolded this, because I didn't say that. If I said something you didn't say, you'd be crying again. Have a nice day.
  9. The bolded is a straw man argument. The situation we have (possibly media driven) is that we have drama with a WR and the man who gets him the ball. The WR has every right to take money off his QB or hold firm and not give his QB what he wants. From a fantasy perspective, I think this situation is either neutral or negative for Pittman’s upcoming seasons. You seem to think Pittman squabbling with his QB is a good thing, because Pittman has the right to do so. Am I missing something?
  10. Oh wow I've really worked you into a frenzy. At the end of the day, we both agree that PIttman has every right to piss off his quarterback. Beyond that, we'll have to agree to disagree.
  11. Yep Pittman has every right to clutch the number and force Wentz to pay out the nose. But will it help Pittman get more balls? Of course not. In theory it shouldn't matter, but it does (Aaron Rodgers says hi). As a Pittman owner, I hate that he didn't volunteer to give the number. I've downgraded him by about 100 yards this year. Pittman probably puts up 900 instead of 1000. We will never know the difference between him volunteering to give it up and digging in his heels over it, but we can all agree Pittman won't be putting up better numbers by (rightfully or wrongfully) pissing off Wentz
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