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  1. Javonte has a ton to offer. While I see the Bell comps with the smooth running, Javonte also has some thumping to his game where he dishes out hits. I'm not sure who he comps to in that regard, but I love the skill set. Bowling over a defender sure seems easier when the defender is concerned about being evaded altogether. Maybe a combo of Bell and David Montgomery?
  2. When was the last time a QB switched teams and a WR held that number and didn't just give it up? This isn't the same as a RB buying a number off a DB. This seems to be new territory. I've bolded this, because I didn't say that. If I said something you didn't say, you'd be crying again. Have a nice day.
  3. The bolded is a straw man argument. The situation we have (possibly media driven) is that we have drama with a WR and the man who gets him the ball. The WR has every right to take money off his QB or hold firm and not give his QB what he wants. From a fantasy perspective, I think this situation is either neutral or negative for Pittman’s upcoming seasons. You seem to think Pittman squabbling with his QB is a good thing, because Pittman has the right to do so. Am I missing something?
  4. Oh wow I've really worked you into a frenzy. At the end of the day, we both agree that PIttman has every right to piss off his quarterback. Beyond that, we'll have to agree to disagree.
  5. Yep Pittman has every right to clutch the number and force Wentz to pay out the nose. But will it help Pittman get more balls? Of course not. In theory it shouldn't matter, but it does (Aaron Rodgers says hi). As a Pittman owner, I hate that he didn't volunteer to give the number. I've downgraded him by about 100 yards this year. Pittman probably puts up 900 instead of 1000. We will never know the difference between him volunteering to give it up and digging in his heels over it, but we can all agree Pittman won't be putting up better numbers by (rightfully or wrongfully) pissing off Wentz
  6. Okay? A more relaxed mindset sees Pittman is in a unique situation. He can either: A: give it up and have Wentz like him immediately. B: make him pay, and he likes Pittman less. C : Pittman can hold the asset forever, and Wentz likes him the least. Jersey numbers usually go for what, $10,000? That's peanuts to start a relationship off on the wrong foot, with the guy who your fate is intertwined with. Pittman has decided he's gonna take the B or C approach.
  7. When Peyton went to Denver, they literally unretired a number to make him more comfortable.
  8. It’s an awkward start to Wentz’s tenure. It suggests the player(s) don’t respect him
  9. Gimme Najee/Etienne/Javonte/Chase/Smith/Waddle/Pitts over him no question. After that it's debatable. I get that Ekeler had a monstrous 2019, but I just don't see the 26 year old 200lb UDFA scat back worth much. What are we hoping for from Ekeler? 1-2 more seasons of RB2? He's never rushed for 600 yards and only once has he cracked 1000 yards total. Now is the time to take your mid first and laugh to the bank
  10. If you can get a top 5 pick for Ekeler your click-accept finger will be in a cast
  11. I would love to see Darnold in Pittsburgh. Their late 2nd rounder should get it done
  12. First day pick = 1st round picks. Second day pick = 2nd & 3rd round picks.
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