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  1. I have Kittle and Kelce in the same tier with the clear nod to Kittle. They're both a part of the old guard, but in October Kelce turns 32 and Kittle turns 28. Four years is a significant difference. And yes Kelce just had his career year, but even then the difference between him and Kittle was 13.0 yards per game, despite Kittle being in and out of the lineup on game day. The Chiefs offense should score lots of TD's, but those are hard to bank on. Gimme the 28 year old within spitting distance of the 32 year old whose cliff is closer than it appears.
  2. And now Bryce Love is yet another cautionary tale of an RB who should have come out of college after coming off a big year. This year, that fool is Chuba Hubbard
  3. I roughly break this down as: Barkley + G. Davis = Swift + McLaurin 1.11 = 2.03 + 2022 2nd 1.03 + 2022 1st >>> Aiyuk + Rodgers. The 2022 1st should have been kept and it kinda balances out, but I still don't like giving up Barkley and 1.03 here. There had to be a better way to improve your WR/QB without gutting your roster.
  4. What a haul for Swift in SF. Very impressive. 1.01 by half of the 1.01. This is a slaughter.
  5. It'll be difficult to project week to week, but remember that Conner has never played a full slate. If/when he misses time, starting Edmonds will be an easy decision. As the depth chart sits right now they hinder each other, but they are each other's handcuff.
  6. I agree it's Etienne to be worried about. The Jags are taking Trevor, and they might take his teammate ETN at 33. It's solid value, the Jags need playmakers, etc. Similar to the "gotta reunite Jamar Chase with Joe Burrow" chatter
  7. People are skittish of Robinson right now and they have reason to be. A UDFA back with a new coaching staff and the draft looming, where the team has multiple picks in high end RB range. Tl;dr: you won't be getting a massive haul
  8. Meh. Reminds me of startup SF mocks a month ago when Austin Ekeler goes ahead of Trevor Lawrence. Then real SF drafts happen and Ekeler goes 5th-6th round and Lawrence never gets out of the first
  9. Bateman over Smith and Waddle delegitimize these mocks
  10. Probably Akers, but the 1.12 is a sneaky good piece in PPR Superflex. I have a SF tier drop after 12 (5 QBs, 3 RBs, Pitts, Chase/Smith/Waddle).
  11. It's interesting we take the same side of the deal and where I view it as roughly Jefferson = Chubb & 2 2nds = Allen, you think Allen is very undervalued by this metric. So that means you think Jefferson is leaps and bounds superior to Chubb
  12. In his 8 pro seasons, Keenan Allen has only once received 1200 yards. So what’s 29 year old Allen worth to you? Multiple firsts?
  13. Jefferson. I like Allen's 2021 outlook but he's going into his 9th season. It's essentially Chubb for Jefferson straight up.
  14. Would be nice to get another second or so, but I don't hate it. This is the final year to cash out on the 27.5yo running back for multiple firsts before age/carries bleeds his value regardless of how he performs
  15. There’s a chance the 1.09 turns into a better player than McLaurin, but the odds are slim. Put another way, even if you end up with a better result, it’s bad process.
  16. Team B definitely got the best player in Godwin and it’s not outlandish to think they also got the second best player
  17. Not many people value CMC in the range of eight firsts
  18. Bold to ask for Kittle, 1st & 2nd for free but may as well try
  19. The taking care of one of their own angles makes sense. After all, we did see Aaron Jones given a 4yr 48M deal this offseason when the team could have tagged him for 8.5M, then tagged him again for 10.5M. Instead they decided to throw their boy a bone and gave him 12/per. Homegrown guys get some love
  20. Ryan isn't a trade option this year because of his contract. He's not exactly a trade option next year either for the same reason. The Falcons are saddled with Ryan until 2023, so they have to build around him whether they like it or not.
  21. Overall it's a puzzling use of resources. While a nice player, Lockett has and always will be at best the WRs2 on a team that says they want to run, run run. Last week they cut their best DL over money and they already had the worst DL in the league. Plus they have to pay top dollar to their box safety they traded two firsts plus for. Their GM should be on the hot seat, but instead he just got an extension. In the arms race that is the NFC West, there's a good chance the Seahawks finish 4th in the division, and they don't have their own first in 2022.
  22. It's gotta be touchdowns. TDs are the most unpredictable stat but Seattle has long been contrarian thinkers.
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