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  1. I know there is a lot more awareness these days, but you really have to wonder what part the "online world" plays here. Just thinking back to when I was a kid. We were exposed to the larger (sometimes depressing) news events, but now kids are bombarded with the large and small (sometimes depressing) news events every single day. It's tough to be depressed about things you are not aware of (ignorance is bliss), so what happens when you are aware of everything? Anecdote: The age range on my family's SnapChat group is 16 to 73. When you post something like, "did you guys see/hear ab
  2. Thanks for posting this. I was looking into the RecTeq brand last year. I'm a Weber kettle guy and this might be ideal since I usually do smaller cooks. Great price also. ETA: Ordered it.
  3. This is exactly my daughter. Including the graduating this Spring part. Walking back and forth across campus a few miles a day just for the exercise and fresh air is underrated. She had so much momentum built up that came to a halt. She was lining up graduate schools before everything hit and now she just wants to take a break and work in the field for a while after graduation. Not the worst thing to get the experience, but I could see it being hard for her to go back.
  4. Jealous. It feels like we've had a foot+ snow on the ground for the last 2 months. I haven't been in my backyard since.
  5. The owner wouldn't take cash for the dog?
  6. Shoveled for the 8th(?) time this Winter. 4 Inches of the wet heavy stuff. I don't know if we're close to any record quantity because we haven't had the "big one" <knocks on wood>, but I don't remember having to shovel this frequently. Lots of PITA 2"-4" snowfalls. My neighbor across the street was out shoveling so I helped him. I guess he also does the snow for his neighbor? Corner lot with a triple-wide parking space and long sidewalks. I'm getting too old to shovel for 2 hours. I've put off buying a snow blower because it would normally only be used 3-4 times a year
  7. I think 9 AM on Saturday is fair game, but not much earlier. Sunday that early would be different. JMO. I had a neighbor (since deceased) that had a few loud parties until 3-4 AM. I always got up especially early to mow those days. Talk about dirty looks.
  8. No, I was focusing on the eating meat part with the baby birds. I love crows, and it's a testament to their smarts that they would avoid a confrontation with a squirrel or any other "prey" that could potentially do them harm. They aren't a predator cruising over the neighborhood looking to swoop down on a full grown rabbit or squirrel like a hawk. They are opportunistic. You don't think a squirrel bite can damage a crow's wing? I disagree. Are we talking about putting these 2 in a box with no escape? If so, that eliminates flight for the crow. If not, the crow will choose to f
  9. Damn, man. Stay strong. You're just about out the other side of this. Best wishes to you and your family.
  10. Love crows for their intelligence, but I think their killing power is being overrated here. Seems like a pertinent quote: "Crow beaks aren’t even strong enough to break through the skin of a grey squirrel, though they will usually give it a try." Link And yes. This is serious business. This feels like an old school FFA discussion. Team Squirrel
  11. Pretty weak talons. We're not talking eagle or hawk here.
  12. Lost power in northeast Nebraska for about an hour. Not sure of the cause. My house temp only dropped 1 degree. Lincoln Nebraska talking about rolling blackouts.
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