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  1. Voted Jaws and have watched it within the last month. Holds up pretty well. Raiders would be my 2nd choice, but like all of them. Will have to watch 1941 again. My parents took then 6? yo WDIK2 to see Jaws in the theater. I ran out at the end. Love the movie now though.
  2. Going to completely skip over the name Cayman, but I have never heard of someone with the last name Nebraska. Nebraska means "flat water". Why is she under investigation by her employer?
  3. Was flying from El Paso to Omaha through Denver. If I recall correctly my flight from El Paso was supposed to leave around 2:30. I got to the airport early to do some paperwork and the place was a zoo with crazy security lines. My flight ended up leaving around 6. Found out while boarding that the leg to Omaha was cancelled. Waited on the plane for an hour in Denver for a gate to open. I had a checked bag and was told it would be taken off the plane in Denver. Bag wasn't there. Waited another 45 minutes at baggage claim to be told my bag would go to Omaha. Some people were talking about hotel vouchers so waited in line to be told "we can't give out 10,000 hotel vouchers." I think this was about 11:30. They checked other airlines but no flights to Omaha that time of night. They did get me on the first Southwest flight back to Omaha so I figured by the time I took a shuttle or Uber to a hotel I would only be there a couple hours so stuck it out at the airport. Flight to Omaha the next morning was delayed a couple hours. Got to Omaha and found out my bag went to Chicago. I think I got a couple hundred dollars in points or something.
  4. Have an 80v Kobalt (Lowes brand). Like it a lot. Takes me a little over an hour to mow. I would think battery powered would be prefect for you. Are you interested in any other accessories? I've only had it for 2 seasons so can't say much about durability. Love the low maintenance, less noise, and not having to worry about having gas.
  5. Back in June I had to spend the night in the Denver airport. It wasn't because of the weather, it was because Southwest's system that reports/transmits the weather was down. It was a cluster everywhere. ETA: I guess it would also be the system that reports likely turbulence.
  6. I crack a window and feel the cool air cleanse my every pore As I pour my poor heart out
  7. I was the IT manager for a small rural hospital that was part of a larger health network with more than 100k employees. Someone in corporate sent an email to "everyone" about an update to some software that less than .1% of the employees used. 30 Seconds later there was one reply all saying, "I don't use this software. Please take me off the list." I said out loud, "Ooooh noooo." I giggled my ### off for the next 15 minutes while hundreds of similar "take me off the list" replies came in, and hundreds more "Don't reply all!" messages came in. Ironic. I read every one before corporate had to shut down the email system and clear all the messages waiting in the queue.
  8. Northwestern is bad this year, but damn Nebraska is taking out a lot of frustration for how the season has gone so far. Most points scored since they've been in the B1G.
  9. Dang, I didnt think it was really him until I saw the later pics. He was really getting getting up in there. I mean, you can only spend so much time with the family.
  10. I've lost track of everything that's been done with it. I did set this up a while ago, but not sure if it's still accurate. That link shows our original $10,100 (edit: would be) worth ~$3,750 at the time of this post. ETA: I see the post from Cav back in April. So I guess it was consolidated into BTC, ETH, and BNB? I probably read that at one time. ETA2: I guess I just need to read farther up the page.
  11. I don't know. I think I take my chances in prison rather than have some local yokel backwoods Bubbas figuring out who I am and doling out their own brand of justice. There are places in the deep woods you don't want to be, or accidentally stumble into.
  12. He really needs to stop calling puts good before they go in.
  13. He's plenty nimble and has a lot of escapes from collapsed pockets/scrambles to show it. He will just pick odd times to not show it, and has been terrible in the clutch. Literally freezes up. Nebraska has become a comedy at this point. No mental toughness and they really don't know how to win close games. They have played good enough to win all of their games, but shoot themselves in the foot a handful of times EVERY game. No confidence to overcome a handful of poor plays. Nebraska had the ball at the end of regulation with 2 timeouts and didn't use them to try to get into field goal range out of the fear of making a big mistake. No confidence. They held MSU to 5 yards of offense in the second half, which means #### to the final score. They ALWAYS find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  14. "Do what you love and you'll never have to feed a man to a fish."
  15. Have you actually asked? And you don't end up defending the guys that can get papers because... They can get papers.
  16. Damn, was really holding out hope that she had a breakdown and was just hiding out herself. Sounds like his parents helped him flee.
  17. This is a great story. You know they were true friends otherwise the end would have been something like, "Now give me back the mask Bowie gave me."
  18. :hippling: We had a different Martinez 11 years ago. I'm convinced Adrian is so worried about his stats that he refuses to throw up a 50/50 ball when needed. Hell, at that point of the game throwing up a 10/90 ball is better than what he did. Weak sauce.
  19. We walked over to the Fox Big Noon Kickoff set before the game. Bob Stoops was leading a Texas Sucks! chant during a break. I gained a lot of respect for him today.
  20. Game was more fun than I thought it would be. Glad we could keep it close. Leave the FG kicker in Norman.
  21. Poor defensive call aside, that still took an extreme lack of effort by the DBs to happen.
  22. If you showed me a picture and told me it was Conan O'Brien after a tragic beekeeping accident, I wouldn't have even questioned it.
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