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  1. Who's always up for a little Friday afternoon FOMO? <===== This guy!
  2. That's a good question, and I guess I've just always gone by, "that looks about right" when the ground gets soaked and starts to puddle. I wouldn't get hung up on the inch of water comment I passed along as needing to be exact. I water my garden by hand and just go by feel. My dad uses a sprinkler to water the sweet corn in his garden and will sometimes put a shallow container out in the corn to measure how much water the sprinkler is putting down.
  3. I've had by far the best luck with seedlings in loose soil. Went to my local small town nursery to buy a couple dozen and the guy made me a deal if I bought a whole tray (36). So I have way more onions than what I need this year. Master gardener guy pretty much said "never let them dry out, don't let a weed get near them, and fertilize 5 times a year." They grow an acre of softball sized onions for the farmers market. He went on to say an inch of water a week (not all at one time) depending on the weather. More if it's a hot dry spell, less if cool and wet. I've always just
  4. Pounded water, Gatorade, and a few beers (for science) after my shot yesterday. Felt fine when I went to bed at 11:30 PM. Must have had a slight fever overnight because my clothes were a little damp when I had to get up in the middle of the night (see increased fluid intake). Slept well though. Low grade fever now 24 hrs post shot. Nothing debilitating. If I had to run to the store I would. Feels just like a mild hangover.
  5. Do these UFOs have to be occupied?
  6. Will do. I did a chuck roast with a mix of Pit Boss charcoal pellets and Kingsford Hardwood blend. It was OK, but not "OMG! charcoal flavor." A local store has Lumberjack Char-Hickory in stock I'm hearing good things about.
  7. I went the other direction from exclusively cooking/smoking on charcoal to getting a pellet grill for the convenience. I don't think I will ever completely get away from charcoal, but I am currently trying some charcoal blend pellets in my pellet smoker.
  8. I did that after my first and had no side effects other than a sore arm. I may have to do the same after my second today... For science.
  9. Moderna shot #2 scheduled for 11 AM today. Going to stock up on some supplies in case tomorrow is rough, but I'm not expecting much more than a sore arm. <knocks-on-wood>
  10. At first I thought, "He was down," He was not down. Love the celebration by 33 on defense and then the WTF reaction by him at the end of the clip.
  11. Picked up a Pit Boss Pro Series 4.... Series vertical smoker from Lowes. It's a big beast and way bigger than what I need, but it does hold temps great and produces a lot of smoke at low and slow temps. Has some nice upgraded features from the previous models. They moved the control panel up and to the side so you don't have to bend over to read it or make adjustments and it has a great fire pot clean out system. It has wifi and Bluetooth, but a terrible app that needs to be updated/improved. They had a few assembled at the Lowes I went to so I wheeled one out and wrestled it into
  12. Thank you. I still haven't scheduled the procedure. I've been waiting for "just the right time" for a couple years now. I need to just do it. Let us know how the recovery goes.
  13. Nebraska #34 - Iowa #46. We'll take it! In all seriousness, not sure why we ranked higher than some of the bordering states (Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa). The only explanation I have is that I bet we rank fairly high in "Percentage of people willing to take online polls."
  14. Seeing gray and green (almost a kind of light blue). The toe is fading a little towards pink though. ETA: Sent it to my family Snapchat group.
  15. It's a good thread. Some interesting theories I'm going to look farther into.
  16. Weird. I would have guessed you stopped about an hour ago. ETA: Or that was some really strong weed 3 weeks ago.
  17. Daughter got the J&J Friday and had almost these exact side effects yesterday. Was feeling much better today.
  18. Schaufele's triple cost a coworker $500 in a pool. Went from 3rd alone to 5th.
  19. Billy Horschel having quite the adventure on the 13th again.
  20. Just wait until they separate us on islands based on the vaccine flavor we received.
  21. And with everything I've said about the Recteq Bullseye, I may just end up keeping it as a grill which it does great at. I have a Weber Smokey Joe and 22" kettle, but no gas grill. That is the sound of me trying to justify another smoker purchase.
  22. Yep, it always goes way passed the set temp at startup so I give it time to settle back down and stabilize. Learned that on the initial burn-in at 400 when it initially went well passed 600. 81-79 degrees with very light wind when I was testing Sunday afternoon (5 hours). 68-65 with very light wind last night (4 hours).
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