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  1. Picked up a Pit Boss Pro Series 4.... Series vertical smoker from Lowes. It's a big beast and way bigger than what I need, but it does hold temps great and produces a lot of smoke at low and slow temps. Has some nice upgraded features from the previous models. They moved the control panel up and to the side so you don't have to bend over to read it or make adjustments and it has a great fire pot clean out system. It has wifi and Bluetooth, but a terrible app that needs to be updated/improved. They had a few assembled at the Lowes I went to so I wheeled one out and wrestled it into
  2. Thank you. I still haven't scheduled the procedure. I've been waiting for "just the right time" for a couple years now. I need to just do it. Let us know how the recovery goes.
  3. Nebraska #34 - Iowa #46. We'll take it! In all seriousness, not sure why we ranked higher than some of the bordering states (Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa). The only explanation I have is that I bet we rank fairly high in "Percentage of people willing to take online polls."
  4. Seeing gray and green (almost a kind of light blue). The toe is fading a little towards pink though. ETA: Sent it to my family Snapchat group.
  5. It's a good thread. Some interesting theories I'm going to look farther into.
  6. Weird. I would have guessed you stopped about an hour ago. ETA: Or that was some really strong weed 3 weeks ago.
  7. Daughter got the J&J Friday and had almost these exact side effects yesterday. Was feeling much better today.
  8. Schaufele's triple cost a coworker $500 in a pool. Went from 3rd alone to 5th.
  9. Billy Horschel having quite the adventure on the 13th again.
  10. Just wait until they separate us on islands based on the vaccine flavor we received.
  11. And with everything I've said about the Recteq Bullseye, I may just end up keeping it as a grill which it does great at. I have a Weber Smokey Joe and 22" kettle, but no gas grill. That is the sound of me trying to justify another smoker purchase.
  12. Yep, it always goes way passed the set temp at startup so I give it time to settle back down and stabilize. Learned that on the initial burn-in at 400 when it initially went well passed 600. 81-79 degrees with very light wind when I was testing Sunday afternoon (5 hours). 68-65 with very light wind last night (4 hours).
  13. I personally have not, but several others have for this grill and issue. I believe they were originally sending out updated controllers. I have the newest version of the controller. The built in thermometer stays within plus or minus 10 degrees of the set temp so Recteq says it is correct because it takes an average of temps in different areas. The supplied meat probe and independent probes will show the large swings and high temps. People started testing temps when they noticed their cooks getting done a lot faster than their experience on other smokers, or ruined. Almost thr
  14. I'd be very happy if I could keep it within plus or minus 20-25 degrees of the set temp. Best I can do is plus or minus 50-55 degrees of the set temp (100-110) swings after adjusting settings. Usually on the high side. Smoking isn't an exact science so I don't really care about exact temps, just thought it would be better at keeping a reasonable range. Still going to try different pellets before I give up. Will be great if primarily used as a grill and an occasional smoker. I was hoping to do the opposite. I live in northeast Nebraska so that might be a little long of a road tri
  15. @heckmanm Not sure what to tell you about this Recteq Bullseye. Completely depends on your intended use. Great for grilling (it will get very hot for searing), but not-so-great if you're wanting to do low and slow smoking due to the temp swings. I can keep the temps a lot more stable on a Weber kettle with minimal effort. I have more to say about it, but want to try a different pellet brand first. If you are somewhat close (I don't know where you live) I would sell you the Bullseye and official Recteq cover (very nice) for less than half of what I paid. From everything I've read,
  16. Haven't yet, but probably getting one in the next week or 2. It's a better grill than a low and slow smoker. A lot of talk online of it running a lot hotter than the internal temp probe shows. My experience matches that. There is an offset setting that is easy to change to get the indicated and actual temps closer. By design the lid leaves a gap, so even a light gust of wind can swing the temp. Everything I've cooked on it so far has been great so I can't complain. Just can't give it a glowing review because of the temp swings.
  17. Just checking to see if you ended up buying the RecTeq B380? I bought it and have used it a few times.
  18. Pretty great call by Nance at the end. "Gonzaga has time to do something! Suggs for the win!.. OOOOH!" I was having streaming issues towards the end of regulation and almost said F it. I would have been pissed reading this thread after the fact.
  19. I, for one, had no idea goats liked Sprite. That information could come in useful someday.
  20. Thought I read that way early in the reports. But I have been wrong before.
  21. I believe they mentioned that early due to lack of skid marks. And probably confirmed by the black box.
  22. I would have yelled. Those trees are probably dead. Check out the damage the next time you are in the area.
  23. The anti-vaxxers at my company are the upper management. Then our largest client came out with new guidelines for being on their property including "strongly suggesting" getting the vaccination. Now some in upper management are saying they will get it if "forced" by that client or needing it for international travel. We have one other employee that isn't anti as much as a worrier and wants to wait to see how it affects others.
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