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  1. Squirrel vs Crow. Squirrel steals crow's peanut (squirrel wins) Squirrel vs Crow II. Squirrel chases crow off feeding platform. (squirrel wins).
  2. To the death, I would take the squirrel. Just a fight over a bird feeder or something, I think the crow could chase the squirrel away.
  3. I'm a single guy and it's never phased me, but I understand why others can feel especially lonely at this time. I always got the ex a little something when we were married. Still friends with the last girl I dated and texted her this morning. My daughter is 22 and I've never missed sending her flowers. Went a little bigger this year with it being her last year at college.
  4. I will say this about the lack of wind. I was dreading going out to shovel for the 7th time this winter (new record). But despite it being 3 degrees out, it's actually "pleasant" due to the lack of wind. The cold for sure helps keep the snow a nice light powder.
  5. Wasn't Butch the clever one in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? I thought Sundance was more the muscle than the brains.
  6. I'm good with whatever. I'm seeing we are up ~71% on BAT. What are you seeing? Of course I sold all my BAT when it was half of what it is now. Doing whatever I can for the team.
  7. Supposedly the worst cold spell we've had (eastern Nebraska) since 1983. I think I remember that time only because I remember being outside without a coat when it finally broke and got into the low 30s. Current forecast has a low of -25 on Sunday and -21 Monday. 🥶
  8. I mean, there's the whole no gloves thing also.
  9. I don't mind Subway, but don't really have better options near me either. I like their "tuna", but may not eat it again after I find out what's in it. Oh well.
  10. Isn't it a door? Does anyone knock on a gate?
  11. I posted about this in the Netflix thread. I'm very good friends with a couple who got to meet and party with Tarzan and Juan in all their 90s glory. I texted them after watching the doc because they talked about Tarzan when they got back from their trip. They watched the doc with their teenage daughter who was freaked out that her parents knew these people. They sent me photos of brochures they brought back from Juan's luxury rental car business.
  12. Well damn. I need to find a girlfriend before I do this. How do you think, "needs someone to drive them to and from Lasik appointments" sounds on an online dating profile? I do have a retired buddy that might be willing to drive me I guess. I used to stay at this place all the time, so that wouldn't be anything new. Would cost me quite a bit of beer though. Probably worth it.
  13. I thought I saw somewhere that they have these clear plastic shields now to prevent you from scratching your eyes, but I'm sure that depends on the place you get it done. ETA: I can see being alone could be an issue if you're basically blind for a while.
  14. I thought we had a Lasik thread but I couldn't find it. May have been Lasik discussion in other eyesight/glasses threads. I'm going to get Lasik this year, but have a potential travel logistics issue. I'm a single guy with no current SO. The Lasik procedure would take place about an hour away from home (Omaha), but I work in Omaha. Nearest family members are also an hour away from Omaha. I know you cannot drive right after Lasik, so here are my thoughts/options. I've been reading there is a next day follow-up visit needed also. -Get a hotel room for a couple days near where the
  15. 25 years old. Almost exactly a year younger than my son. I just texted my son that factoid along with, "and what have you accomplished?" j/k. I didn't really do that.
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